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What are some decent quality brown boots cheaper than these yeezies?

>> No.14943352

bump. does anyone know anything with a similar design too

>> No.14943460

poorfags need not apply

>> No.14943473

No, I'm serious. Army style brown boots similar to these Yeezies.

>> No.14943581

buy Sneedzies, formerly Chucks

>> No.14943709

Thursdays :)

>> No.14943712

post em own play that shit

>> No.14943715

Look into Wolverines

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I'm gonna go right ahead and post my meme

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>not posting the one with the austrian para boots

>> No.14944649

that's the one posted, downie

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Why do you wanna pretend that you're a soldier? It's not cool to larp anon!

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Why do you wanna pretend you're a poor worker wearing your classic leather boots?

>> No.14945066

they sell $1000 "service boots" larping as soldier boots

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Why do you ask low IQ questions

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Upper picture is what I ordered for 16 euro bucks. Lower picture is what I received today. I am still dealing with the emotional fallout.

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