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i don't know shit about fashion, but to be honest fashion knowledge seems gay anyway. but for me, it's these big crew neck hoodless sweatshirts that kanye wears often

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what the fuck are you even trying to say

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that i like the look of these plain oversized sweatshirts

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>fashun gay but me likey!!

Congratulations on coming out I guess.

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nono 'deep' knowledge of fashion which leads you to be a twig in tight jeans with boots that have 18 rows of shoelaces on them is what is gay

these sweatshirts just look cool and feel good to wear

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god /fa/ has fallen so far

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ebin :DDDDDD

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so what

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Do you hear how dumb you sound? Please ask what your parents think about this nongay oversized clothes. They'll tell you its gay hobocore.

Its all the same shit, just different depths. You're not just gay though, you are stupid and ignorant as well.

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Ok boomer

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what the fuck is OP smoking

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I like that sweatshirt, eat shit fag

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i like the loose top look too because it hides my skinnyfat

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You must be over 18 to post here.

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post your fit oh thats right, your a little ugly faggot who has no fucking clue. go back to trad cringe

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imagine seething this hard

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This is the most pointless and useless thread I've seen the whole week. I was expecting some nice strokeposting, but you're just legitimately retarded.

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more useless than bustwave spammer?

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