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When is it okay to wear a suit nowadays?

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Office work, formal events, job interviews, business meetings

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Depends where you live.

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You can wear whatever you want nowadays it really doesnt matter anymore ive seen terrible things a suit in walmart would be a pleasant change of pace

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Just think of places you would go where everyone else has a suit or at least is very well dressed. Tragedies such as funerals and weddings, fancy dates/restaurants, certain interviews, and if your job requires it. I know your feels, dont wanna look bummy but dont wanna look weird

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Suits are becoming much less common in North America whereas in Europe they are still more widely worn.
Also there are situations where you might get away with wearing a suit in a big city but in some small town you'll just look like the biggest autist in the room.

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everyone looks ugly as fuck these days, they wear pajamas and tracksuits everywhere. i think you "can" wear a suit if you want to

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my frame of reference is new york city, as that is where I have lived and spent the majority of my life. honestly, I feel like suits are more accepted in the youngest generations, I see a lot of people in the 18-30 age bracket (zoomers and millennials) wearing suits, or at least outfits that are basically the equivalent of the idea of one with far more frequency, far better style, and most importantly, far more enthusiastically than I see the older generations wearing them. I think a lot of the older millennials and gen x/boomers are the ones that hate suits and would give you side eyes and shit talk w/r/t to wearing one. a big part of the proliferation of suits I've seen in younger people has been more casual suiting fabrics, softer construction, combination with more casual pieces, etc etc. if you google this sort of stuff you'll find 1000s of articles from the past two years discussing this, so I won't go into it further.

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this documentary was depressing. those dudes literally sold their sisters for suits lmao.
A good amount of proof that all races arent equal.

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