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The perfect female body and style all in one package

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Hard meh

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bad face shape: big forehead, bad eye area, crooked nose.

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post counter-example

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not going to catalogue everything, but come on
she's fine, but if you believe she is higher than a 5/10 without makeup, you are blinded by other factors

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weird ig filters on face, eww
they don't look prettier with that shit, they look uncanny valley and weird

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Nice body. Very average face. Cute while she's young but will look like the average mom that has a cheeky glass of wine after a hard days work at her min wage admin job.
>having a good body and form fitting clothes
Sure, we'll call that style.

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Damn that's some big hands, though

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Really good body

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katy perry is so trash....
she remimds me of what dutch call tokkies

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>staying involved with any woman once she hits 30

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"Nah dude she gotta big forehead 2/10, wouldn't fuck"

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I've got the jungle fever so blonde definitely isn't doing it for me, neck down though I concur.

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8/10 for a street thot 5/10 for an insta thot.

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From the head down she's a 10/10.
I personally prefer redheads and brunettes though.

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what the fuck is up with her hairline though
egghead lookin ass

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your gf is pretty op, good job
her style is nothing new or original, this is basic tier stuff, nothing wrong

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Would've been better if the shirt covered her tummy
Now she looks trashy

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Post things I desire but cant have

t. 4chan

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disgusting 3/10 on the left and 1/10 on the right

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All women have flaws, it is how they dress and put makeup on in order to conceal them

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wrong, it's rare but there are women who reallly have perfect bodies.

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jawlet and probably chinlet as well

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dat her?

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is she lauren southerns sister?

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Tfw my South Korean coworker has this body type but I can never have her

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I like brunettes

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She looks like that crazy chick from friends

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xin chào

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The OP picture is. She's Laurens older sister Jess.

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