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why the fuck do girls dress like this when they go to raves

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they want attention

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What would you wear to a rave?

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Islam is right about women.

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Full Rick

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Aren't such girls known as rave-sluts?
But I would guess, maybe because they take ecstasy and get super horny and shit.
Also, nudity is quite common in the techno-scene.

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Why do these women fail so hard at being sexy?

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they are bugs trying to be white people

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raves are boring. nobody there actually wants to have fun. they’re just there to take pictures.

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why do girls pose with one leg like that, guys?

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man that looks like some kind of a creepy monster from Naruto

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why do girls love muslim men?

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raves are for sex and drugs. girls dress like that because it makes getting those two things easier.

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cause they wanna be fucked

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Depends if it in America(slutcore) or EU (like a normal person)

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Are they all comfy on that pic or is it artificial? I already forgot

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Here's an idea: at raves girls are tested for birth control. If you're using birth control they do not let you into the rave.
They're also checking to see if you're ovulating. If you're ovulating you get free drinks tickets.
So inside the rave Chads are knocking up sluts left and right. All the degeneracy actually becomes eugenic.
Here's another part of it. You remember that old facial recognition thing that would measure the proportions of a face on a photo to make a ruling about how attractive it is?
Men have to pay at the door based on how attractive they are. So really ugly guys get really steep entry fees while handsome guys are getting in cheap.

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what exactly does islam say about women?
I might agree with you.

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this shit synced with my music perfectly lmao

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I think it would be easier just to round the good genetics up in camps and breed them there.
Then the babies will be sent to indoctrination facilities where they're taught their place in society and assigned a job that suits their skills.
It would be eutopia it only looks bad to us because it is not the life we live. This situation would actually ensure purpose in the people's life, good genetics and the partner picked for them will be extremely compatible with them also having the key selected genetics according to the state's standards.

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This is what I get for going on /fa/... a bunch of fairies who think that men's reproductive opportunities should be based on how pretty their face is instead of on something actually useful like IQ or powerlifting total. Faggots.

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*good-looking people are smarter than uggos
*good-looking people have more physical potential than uggos
*we don't live in your gymcel world but we do live in a world with rave sluts. my proposal works with what we have and tweaks it slightly to make it eugenic rather than dysgenic

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for fun

though with the matching outfits they look like a (semi) professional dancing group

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and why the fuck do you give a shit? lol

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Genuine question. I have fucked a lot of women. Like a LOT of women.
Rave sluts NEVER put out in my experience. All those attention whore Asian girls probably have boyfriends that they're actually committed too. They go all naked to raves (if you think this is bad look at Caribbean carnivals) but what they're wearing truly does NOT signal their intentions. I wouldn't be surprised if some of these chicks are virgins.

Meanwhile, the cute girl with a thick cable knit turtleneck sweater reading a book in the corner of your coffee shop will gladly lick your balls and fuck you for hours no problem at all

Fuck ravers

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So what you're saying is that the "sluts" are actually pure and vice-versa?

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Not to whom you're replying but my take would be women are sluts more for attention than dick and a skinny cute Asian doesn't need to put out as much for attention as a frumpy white.

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all women are whores
if there wasn't social stigma they would dress like this normally

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That isn't at a rave though. Musical festivals are not raves.

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I'd get in, fuck chad and get free drinks, then bounce when I'm satisfied but avoid unwanted consequences via a non hormonal IUD. It wouldn't show up on any screens and I'd still ovulate no prob. Even if they partied for 3 months straight and I couldn't leave I'd still be good and who ever is running the thing would just think I'm infertile or unlucky. A few choice STD screenings and I'm in the clear. You gotta up your game anon

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Are these actually girls? Second from left in particular looks dodgy.

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You’re an idiot but a lot of asian girl groups usually have a tranny with them.

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A large part of my plan relies on sluts being dumb.

>> No.14943196

They always are

>> No.14943198

because they've seen other girls with more likes on ig do it

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there are a lot of leg stances girls do to look more feminine. I'm not sure the exact reason but I always just thought it's so they look more timid.

>> No.14943245

Get into the mosh and jump around a bit anon. Raves are super fun.

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super slutty clothing is a huge turn off for me

inb4 "have sex incel"

>> No.14943271

makes your legs look thinner and longer

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based and correct answer

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look at my tits and ass
dont look at my tits and ass

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Cos they’re hot? Go outside cunt

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imagine you were hanging out with a group of hot asian girls and they steer you towards going home with a particular one and then she unzips dick

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The fucking happens on the spot. They bait chads who are blasted of their minds.

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you're the guy at the back of the stage with his arms crossed muttering to himself about "this isn't real music"

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Let's make things clear. There's warehouse raves and then there's commercial raves (EDC, Nocturnal, etc). I've only gone to warehouse raves and from what I've seen there's a wide variety of fashion trends. There's a lot of sports ware, street ware and clothing inspired from the early 2000's and mid to late 90's.

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>why the fuck do girls dress like this when they go to raves
good question

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how do i find raves nearby im new to this

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and all men are pedophiles
if there wasn't social stigma the would all fuck children

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lel@americans thinking attraction to fertile women is an evil paraphilia

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>genuine question
nice digits but there isn't a question in that rambling blogpost I'm afraid

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Nice trips, but from my experience it depends on how good you look. These girls take the least effort in my experience, but I see them rejecting the majority of guys. I think it's because they can afford to be as picky as they want with no real drawback, while shy girls are starved for attention and take anything they can get.

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learn what paedophilia means, you have no idea

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I'd be mad if she didn't have a dick tbqhwyf

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>goes to a rave where he has to pay $50 entry
this isn't a real rave anon

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any more pics of the girl with green hair?

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it’s an excuse to dress like a thot, do drugs, listen to loud music, and get danced on

i go with my gf all the time it’s great

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Its perfectly normal to be with a whore just dont marry them

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This has to be bait. No one asks a question this stupid

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they are wrong about bacon and cutting dicks, but boooy are they right about women

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I'm not an expert on Islam (yet) an there are many branches but mostly the women should at least cover herself to the elbows and knees preferrably with nothing tight and a skirt and cover her head with a headscarf, not nesseceraly one of those tight ones that just shows only her face and covers almost her whole head, but I guess that also depending on where you are. But at least it has to be covered like in old school christianity. Kinda like that look witha loose headscarf and long skirt lol.

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it gets so goddamn hot at raves usually especially if youre doing drugs. wearing less is usually more comfortable. girls love costuming with their friends also so like getting ready as a group is half the fun.
i think u guys got it all wrong about these girls idk. who doesnt wanna look cute, feel comfortable and be a little hoey

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warehouse raves usually only word of mouth, but like some dope shit can be found if u join the right facebook group. depends on where u live i guess.

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raves are degenerate; you won't catch me there.

>> No.14944482

>and be a little hoey
was nodding approvingly up untill here.

fucking hell

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This is trashy as heck to the point where it ruins their attractiveness
I suppose it's fine if they want one night stands with Jamal

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You're out of luck if you don't live near a large metro area like Los Angeles, New York or Chicago.

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Thats what islam says women should wear, not what it says about women. Study up and get back to me.

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Do you find women sexy because of "useful features" like their IQ or because of pretty faces, nice tits and tight asses?

>> No.14944946

Blacks don't like Asians

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They were right about bacon back in the day, pork was pretty unsafe for them to eat.
Halal slaughter was also cutting edge animal rights shit back then as well.
It's just things like that changed over the course of hundreds of years but women are the same as they ever were.

>> No.14945085

if this were reddit I would give you gold rn

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They're supposed to be stay at home moms, take care of the kids, keep the household, they actually have a lot to say when at home but outside of home the mans word has more weight. But that's just my experience with them so far and a few books, mostly from Muammar al Gaddafi and as we all now he was more of an Arab-Socialist, or Baathist I guess so that might be more "liberal" than in some other muslim places.

>> No.14945211

Yeah its just costumes most of the time. Yoi can go up and talk to the ones dressed like sluts but they only want to hang with their friends. They also get quite uncomfortable when bunch of guys are staring at them.
Rewlly its just done for the photos. An experience where you can dress down like that and discount the sluttiness as "its a thinf everyone does it", like halloween.

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something about fucking and stoning - or the other way round

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my body count is 3x hers lol so ig i’m the white

>> No.14945358

my body count is 3x hers so ig i’m the whore
this is pretty much it, i like dressing lime a hoe just as much as she does lmao

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>my body count is 3x hers so ig i’m the whore

The point of avoiding women with high body counts and getting one with a low/no body count is to help maximize your odds of long-term relationship success.
So your own body count is kind of moot since even if it does impact male psychology in the same way (I don't think it does) you have the choice whether or not you initiate the divorce/break-up: you can just choose not to do it.

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Heres what some people that could pass the exclusive access to some VIPblugepingpong or whatever*enter nazi name club here*
you need to be so fa that arent fa anymore

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not that anon but raves are just not fun.
concerts, shows parties,all that stuff
ive never gone to one and had what could be described as 'fun'.
I'm not sneering I'm just saying these things arent enjoyable.
I dont listen to music in general so I guess you got that wrong

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Raver and general slutty chicks are slutty but you are absolutely right about the innocent looking conservatively dressed ones being the biggest whores
I'm fucking an indian bitch right now who I got into calling me daddy and she's legit into role playing older man younger woman forced sex

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>Neither for music, nor for poetry, nor for fine art have they any real or true sense and susceptibility, and it is mere mockery on their part, in their desire to please, if they affect any such thing.
>This makes them incapable of taking a purely objective interest in anything, and the reason for it is, I fancy, as follows. A man strives to get direct mastery over things either by understanding them or by compulsion. But a woman is always and everywhere driven to indirect mastery, namely through a man; all her direct mastery being limited to him alone.
>Therefore it lies in woman’s nature to look upon everything only as a means for winning man, and her interest in anything else is always a simulated one, a mere roundabout way to gain her ends, consisting of coquetry and pretence. Every one who can see through a sham must have found this to be the case. One need only watch the way they behave at a concert, the opera, or the play; the childish simplicity, for instance, with which they keep on chattering during the finest passages in the greatest masterpieces.
>Individual and partial exceptions do not alter the matter; women are and remain, taken altogether, the most thorough and incurable philistines.

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i dont understand correlation starter pack

>> No.14945888

>Sub 8 women are easier to fuck
Say it aint so!

>> No.14945889

You keep believing women with double digit body counts are good wife material then.

>> No.14945891 [DELETED] 

>muh arts
Man what an old fart

>> No.14945892

ive raved in geobaskets once and the next day my calves and hips were sore af

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You would be one of the first ones up for euthanasia.

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i don't get it

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>ive never gone to one

Well, there we go.

>> No.14946084

based and greenpilled

>> No.14946085

>still not asking for it

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>> No.14946092

You know one of the reasons it was taboo to dress like this back in the day was these girls are encouraging you to become a coomer.
Imagine you keep offering heroin to a recovering heroin addict just because it amuses you to do that. You'd be a massive cunt to do that even though you can say
>lol, not my problem he has trouble with heroin, it just makes me feel good to give heroin to people so it's my right to do that

>> No.14946093

really confusing body fat distribution

>> No.14946095

Probably had injections.

>> No.14946105

wrong no one gives a fuck about guys being cumbrains. men will always be cumbrain retards. women are shamed into not being whores bc the cum brain retards don't want to raise children that aren't theres and get cucked.

>> No.14946153

Okay, you're just being a general dick here by saying "fuck ravers". So what if people dress how they like to a rave. Are you just salty because despite all your efforts you've gotten none raver girls, is this what it's all about?

>> No.14946251

I'd use her ass as a pillow

>> No.14946266

You deserve to be raped just with them, degenerate.

>> No.14946282

Try it, subhuman.

>> No.14946298

those here who have fucked and are not virgins, what is your length and girth of pp?

>> No.14946629

>I'm not sneering I'm just saying these things arent enjoyable.
Different people enjoy different things I guess. I like dancing to begin with, add in live music and an energetic crowd and I'm on cloud 9.

>> No.14946758

t. pedo

>> No.14946764

Literally all of those sluts are ugly af.

>> No.14946767

Do they have an equivalent set of charts for men?

>> No.14946786

not true
t. muslim

>> No.14946788

to have raw sex with Chad you dumbo
all women are like that

>> No.14946795

the good ol "it's sooo hot tehee" excuse. same shit with the whores who go to skateparks in summer, dressed in bootyshorts and a bra, while all the boys are there with black Dickies, knee long socks and an oversized t-shirt.

>> No.14946884

dudes skate shirtless all the time scumbag

>> No.14947487

And good looking guys wear just their neon colored tiny shorts. What's your point? It's comfy and you feel good looking good. That's the beauty of raves, you can wear whatever the fuck you like and nobody cares.

>> No.14947492

but i have though

>> No.14947495

yes exactly i agree
its just annoying when people insist and if you dont enjoy yourself its somehow your fault because you arent 'letting loose'

>> No.14947595

>girl wears literally nothing
>girl shows her reproductive organs in a seductive manner
>in the general public
>this low-iq ameritard thinks girl is not asking for it
>even gets salty about it

>> No.14947631

God damn, have you guys ever been to a rave or any other social outing? Why even complain about women being half naked? You guys gay or something? Does the nudity offend you?

>> No.14947638

What is she "asking for"? Is it normal behaviour to just rape women who are dressed provocatively? Do you just go full fucking retard whenever you see a little too much flesh? What the fuck is this autismal mindset...

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>pic related
Is it lame?

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File: 2.17 MB, 4208x2368, DSC_0565.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14947686

>moshpits at corporate-sponsored "raves" full of frat bros and stacies
no thanks

>> No.14948050

You don’t like being around “Stacies”? Your dad should be ashamed for raising a faggot

>> No.14948054

>dude!!! pussy!!!!

>> No.14948075

Idk, I enjoy grinding with art hoes/stacies. Just beeee urself bro :)

>> No.14948088

>obsessed with commiting acts of violence
>not a degenerate
pick one, rapist

>> No.14948093

Hes an inbred middle eastern pig rapist worshipper, thats why he thinks western women showing skin deserve to be raped. Anon is nothing more than a nigger muslim.

>> No.14948165

if rich man visit bad ghetto wearing luxurious clothing and driving some expensive luxury european car and he exits his car in the middle of the ghetto(passing the piss soaked shirtless man staring at him)

Anything bad that happens to him, is that just completely unasked for, out of nowhere. And there is absolutely nothing that rich man could have done to prevent such an outcome?

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>> No.14948198

actually you'd be surprised how often it's harder to fuck a 6 or a 7 than an 8 or a 9.

>> No.14948204

Did someone say digits

>> No.14948259

post tag pls

>> No.14948260

they still want the attention dipshit, they just wont follow through. Plus, festivals are just excuses to say you went and post online. Actual rave girls dress crazy because they're on a cocktail of drugs at whatever 200 person warehouse venue their at.

>> No.14948262

>and an edm fest fag to boot

>> No.14948301

1) La Carnosa
2) La Gorda
3) La Rara
4) La Linda (Alfa)
5) La Linda (Beta)
6) La Fea

>> No.14948389

nah it's sick

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Because women want attention. Don't tell yourself that if you were born a woman and only knew yourself as a woman that you wouldn't do the same thing. Men want attention just as much as the average woman does and if we could get that attention from showing our bodies, we would.

>> No.14948420

Don't be an asshole, suck the nice gal off!

>> No.14948429

Usually jeans and a t shirt.
Shorts if it is somewhere hot.
I just go to get shittered and move around.
Its actually an insecurity thing but nice try.

>> No.14948445

Got a lotta girl friends who rave, so do I, usually goes like this:
>c'mon gurl come home with me now I wanna fuuuuck
>ummm no I'm planning to stay here for another 6 hours and my fav DJ is on soon so again, no

>> No.14948450
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well if stats don't do it for you, roastie, maybe some rhetoric will.

>> No.14948458

Speak for yourself faggot.
But Id rather be with a chick who knows what she is doing. Besides Im 24, not 17 so If Im dating my age, Id rather not date Femcels.
Also correlation=/= causation. A large explaining factor is christfags. Death cultits dont do premarital sex and also don't leave shitty marriages. Similarly death cults are happier by virtue of being simpletons.

>> No.14948467

You do realize that saying "correlation does not equal causation" isn't going to save you, right?
You might have some credibility in your POV if divorce rates were not out of control but they are so you'd be a bloody fool to ignore a red flag like a high body count.
But I'm guessing you're actually dumb enough to argue with me about LTRs when you just want to cum and don't even care about LTRs right now.

>> No.14948475

>divorce rates were not out of control
Divorce rates are on the decline... Millenials get divorced at lower rates. regardless, your lack of understanding and simply trying to fit your narrative is sad. You will die sad and alone, projecting that onto women wont make the sadness go away anon.

>> No.14948477

>being permissive of women and ignoring red flags is what makes you successful with women


>> No.14948483

lolwhat? im not condoning cheating. I am just saying women are probably gonna have sex in their life. Which makes sense, sex is fun and can communicate intimacy. It is also important for testing out relationships. I really don't care what a girl did before she started dating me. And the out of control "divorce" rate is a boomer thing that has been on a steady decline since the 80s. Sex isn't some mystical thing that needs to be saved for child creation to appease the sky jew or some shit. It doesn't make women lesser cause they are having it and you aren't. It is literally just dick in vagina.

>> No.14948876

First off, I´m german.

Secondly: Clothing never means she´s ASKING for it. No woman ever is.

If I ever hear anybody talking about girls "asking for it" due to their clothing irl, I´ll castrate them on the open street.

>> No.14948887

soi overdose
thank god arabs are rapidly outbreeding you, germancucks are a dying breed and that's a good thing

>> No.14948905

kys my dude

>> No.14948983

Does the girl who sits quietly at the back of my uni class too?

>> No.14949005
File: 132 KB, 1000x735, EMoc3QfXUAAr3Z1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

opinion discarded

>> No.14949010


>> No.14949011

American EDM raves seem kinda fun. I'm eastern yuropoor and the raves here consist of ugly arthoes and their orbiters bobbing their heads to ~minimalist~ berlin techno until the K or MDMA hits and then they go really """wild""" and maybe run fingers through their har lmao

>> No.14949041
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you know the answer, you just don't like it.

>> No.14949213

>grr women don't like me >:(

>> No.14949262

really NICE

>> No.14949287
File: 96 KB, 749x694, 1574027243508.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kind of. It's much more that young women that are extremely attractive and have any sort of intelligence are extremely selective. Whereas normal girls typically have to be worth pursuit... and the older they get the more willing to accept they are.

Let me explain it like this
>Have a cousin that became a new money billionaire at age 45 from tech memery.
>Has a ridiculously expensive penthouse that switches every 4 months somewhere in Hells Kitchen/Chelsea/SOHO, whatever.
>Is pretty unassuming looking
>Goes and fucks 10/10 whores at stupidly expensive places every night
>Girls go along with it because hey, I have to put out, but I just ate a $1000 per person meal, drank wine worth more than my rent, and got fucked on a yacht or something.

>Have a very Chad childhood friend.
>6'2'', works as a model, doesn't manage to make a lot of money, side gigs as a personal trainer
>Essentially can go to a club, and any girl looking to hook up he can hookup with.

I'd say the major difference between the two is that if the billionaire wanted a sweater girl, he could get one, but why bother? And for Chad, he'd accept a sweater girl, but he can do better if there is better available.

It's interesting just seeing the mentality difference. Like I doubt I could get time of day from most of these women, but y'know, if you're top tier, these girls realize they have 5-10 years of milking this for all they can.

>> No.14949299

mind your business and let them enjoy themselves?
but i understand, its because they are whores.

>> No.14949303

mmmmmm where?

>> No.14949368

whitoids are cuck

>> No.14950634

Because it makes us feel sexy

>> No.14950928

into the trash they go

>> No.14950952

as if that's an argument

>> No.14950966

extremely based
and why do you give a shit that he gives a shit, preschooler?
twittard spotted
>Its actually an insecurity thing but nice try.
the imbecile will deny the facts even if confronted by them directly - is it sad or funny?
great arguments, 10/10
>who doesnt wanna be a little hoey

>> No.14951051

>If I ever hear anybody talking about girls "asking for it" due to their clothing irl, I´ll castrate them on the open street.
You'll do no such thing fagot.

>> No.14951197

>be german
>be cucked
well, i can't say I was surprised

>> No.14951242

>No woman ever is.
Not from you.

>> No.14951315

Because it's fucking hot and you're an incel or gay or both.

>> No.14951326



fuck american wiggers, niggers and beans who don't know how to behave

>> No.14951386

Look, you're right. But the way you get so mad over a comment on the internet is pathetic. Also your soi arms wouldn't hurt a girl you must be 135 lbs wet. The only one castrated here is you.

>> No.14951390

it accentuates curves they like/want and can help hide curves they don't like/don't have

>> No.14951576
File: 1.27 MB, 2368x4208, _20200121_185557.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry, I'm as new as it gets. You mean this? Other sides of the tag don't have important informations

>> No.14951580

im an incel and i seriously wish it were like this. its better than the constant charade we maintain.

>> No.14951599

I love imagining your spindly ass getting dropped by some burly redneck with the boys in the back of his pickup lmao. Please do go and do what you said you would

>> No.14951609

E makes your core temp rise and being surrounded by people dancing is already hot as fuck, so if you're wearing anything but the bare minimum you will likely die of heatstroke. You'd probably know this if you went to a rave, talked to people face to face, or went outside.

>> No.14951610

Correction: The MOST fertile women.

>> No.14951627

>Id rather be with a chick who knows what she is doing.
This is the biggest lie of all. From my experience most easy chicks will just lay there expecting you to do all the work, without giving a shit if they please you or not, because they know getting sex is like shooting fish in a barrel. Literally the most dedicated fuck-bunny I've had was a girl that had slept with a single guy before.

>> No.14951644

I've never heard of someone thinking that. Yellow fever is worse with blacks than with whites.

>> No.14951671

Most epic comment of the year??

>> No.14951691
File: 147 KB, 268x264, cat dissapoint.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because we live in a liberal hellworld

”But the persistence — or at least the resurgence — of the term [It girl] in the mid-’90s also aligns with the rise of postfeminism, an ideological attitude in which the advances of second-wave feminism are traded in for the rhetoric of “choice”: freedom through self-objectification and consumption of goods, empowerment via the capacity to attract the attention of men, “girl power” in the place of systemic progress against patriarchy.” -The Trouble With “It Girls” by Anne Helen Petersen

>> No.14951698
File: 31 KB, 640x427, 1338770309291.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

u deserve nothing

>> No.14951749

Raver girls in my experience are extremely frigid and ball-busting in daily life. They are very slutty, but in very specific situations and conditions. Used to have lots of girls like this in my class at university, middle-high class stacies who lived going from club to club, festival to festival, and dressed much like that. Outside of those events they had an even bigger "sealed-tight vagina energy" than traditional most Christian spinsters, they pretty much only put out at the club to dudes with vip rooms, 400$ bottles of vodka and loads of coke.

>> No.14951751

It's ok, if you don't know how to please a man, but to get better you need to be honest to yourself first, sweaty.

>> No.14951762


seeking validation

>> No.14951780

I unironiclly cannot understand the appeal of these. Any description of it sounds boring af. Just stand in a packed, sweaty crowd for hours as you blow out your eardrums to music you can hear better with headphones? I'm not a virgin either this isn't because of any loser seething I seriously cannot understand this stuff. I also do not understand enjoying any nightlife if you aren't trying to fuck sluts. Like if I had a gf I would never go to a bar or a club. Ever since I was old enough to get boners I always associated parties with fucking and never understood any other reason for them

>> No.14951790

Raves specifically usually involve drugs. If you can't have fun at parties in general, you are probably just seriously autistic.

>> No.14951801

I like drugs but I never had the urge to get high af around hordes of strangers. Usually just like to go on hikes, the beach, or art museums. Way to much overstimulation and overthinking in that kind of environment. I might be autistic but I'm a good conversationalist in low key settings. Oh well, just not for me. Hard to shake the feeling that I'm missing out on something that's so many people my age enjoy

>> No.14951822


People have different temperaments bud. Whenever I've had a long term girlfriend I've seen legit no reason to go out to clubs, although I still love a pub/bar.

I went through a phase of being an alcoholic who would go to clubs every weekend about a year ago. Was just an escape from the fact I was so unhappy at the time. Being surrounded by people I -might- be able to fuck was better than not, in my mind.

I do genuinely believe though that raves/concerts/clubs are made exclusively with young women in mind, and predatory fellas capitalise on that, similar to social media.

>> No.14951832


Sometimes I hate middle-class women. I don't even care at this point if a girl is/has been a straight up whore as long as she's from a working class background and knows the struggle.

>> No.14951848

we need purdah in the west. islam stayed woke on the power of female sexuality and kept it in check. women's liberation is a civilizational self own.

>> No.14951861

i'm a misandrist

>> No.14951873

Yeah. I try to not bitch about it too much because I'm middle-high class myself, but it's hard to relate to these girls, they live in another world. All the women I've actually liked were slightly lower in class. It's the sweet spot between being in touch with reality without the crudeness of working class people.

>> No.14951886


>the crudeness of working class people.

Fack off cunt.

>> No.14951897

Yeah, sounds like legitimate autism.

>> No.14951947

bad reading comprehension

>> No.14952022

In my experience all the chads go shirtless with shorts and all the Stacies dress like this so im gonna guess sexcore/attention/it gets hot/normie shit

>> No.14952035
File: 1.05 MB, 808x809, EDC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's just not fair. I wanna tear into this like there was a gun pointed at my head.

>> No.14952448

Control yourself, faggot

>> No.14952459

I tried to start a pit but everybody there was just like "don't touch me bro" or trying to fight me because I knocked somebody into their girlfriend or whatever.

>> No.14952580
File: 47 KB, 630x630, 1236123123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>powerlifting total
ya almost had me, well-played.

>> No.14952590
File: 221 KB, 627x804, IMG_9300.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

desu i thought i would hate it but its fun af, definitely would not go sober though

pic rel lol
usually open shirt, shorts or thin pants, and sneakers

even if it was everyone is too fucked up to care

>> No.14952685

not true
Im muslim and incel

>> No.14952796

Same here anon. I have sex regularly but when I see a woman at the grocery store with her tits out or flaunting her ass it’s gross

>> No.14952798

What about Denver? Are we big enough?

>> No.14952852

try income, faggot.

>> No.14953099

Muhammad having porn fantasies again.

>> No.14953187

Men really aren't that sexist. Women just objectify themselves but put the blame on us when they don't want to feel guilty or gross after being "used" (Even just looked at or cat called, not even sex)

inb4 "incel" but promiscuity is just nasty

>> No.14954289
File: 229 KB, 891x1024, 1575550659994.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14954301
File: 305 KB, 495x335, theeyesofcaesarareuponyou.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He is always watching

>> No.14954323

Going to bonnaroo again this year with my gf, gonna try to pull a threesome, pray for me bros.

>> No.14954344

>pray for me bros

>> No.14954371
File: 346 KB, 599x593, 1579557939155.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you have the right mindset about it at least

she'll find two chads to fuck while you watch, it'll be great

>> No.14954396
File: 12 KB, 238x212, F241729B-7660-4562-A4DA-799EC2254F99.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>seething poorfags can’t go to cool festivals and fuck rave bunnies

>> No.14954409

lame af, get with the 21st century

>> No.14954454

Hahaha you people are so pathetic and stupid

>> No.14954462

Post best fits for girls

>> No.14954803

Of course the graphs show correlation with unknown factors, are you fucking retarded or something? There is nothing inherently about promiscuity which leads to martial dissatisfaction, we infer from the correlation however that promiscuity is connected to circumstances that lead to less happy relationships. For example the fact that you compare and measure your partner to past experiences, that you gradually lose the ability to pair bond, that you display lack of commitment and loyalty, that you engage in narcissistic tendencies, that your partner does not find you as attractive for it etc.

>> No.14954824

we won't catch you anywhere but mom's basement

>> No.14954841

All the research they did with men suggests that promiscuity has no effect on the male ability to pair bond.

>> No.14954849

>If you can't have fun at parties in general, you are probably just seriously autistic.
drugs literally exist because nearly half the entire population are not extroverted and don't actually enjoy parties full of randos.

>> No.14954874

So what's the issue with using them then?

>> No.14954920

>If you can't have fun at parties in general, you are probably just seriously autistic.

Fucking omega delusional. Intro/Extroversion has nothing to do with a genetic mental illness. You throw around made-up slurs like you're trying to feel better about yourself. Maybe, if you weren't such a faggot purist, you'd understand why drugs have very unique properties and it beats the fuck out of pretending like you care about fantasy football while you suck down another Bud Light.

>> No.14954978

stress, worklife balance, proximity to cities are all things that are increasing and correlate with permiscuity and easily explain the correlations in the image

you have a very small incel brain

>> No.14954987

Would this be considered a "shy slut"? Asking for a friend.

>> No.14955078
File: 792 KB, 2160x2160, 20191211_235442.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I agree, raves and festivals are gay as fuck.
But few things in life beat out seeing your favourite artists with your best bros in a small venue.

>> No.14955100

Those are their only useful features

>> No.14955107
File: 131 KB, 500x600, vsco5e20ebee82868.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14955146 [DELETED] 

But from who, meathead chad?

>> No.14955159

But from who? Meathead chad?

>> No.14955219

from every man. we see girls showing skin and we look. simple as.

>> No.14955327

brown hands typed this post

>> No.14955365
File: 1019 KB, 1500x2221, ukraine rave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14955662

enough to thoroughly please your mother and sister

>> No.14956822


Is no one mentioning they are ABGS?

>> No.14956866

It's kind of like this. They're doing it for fun and for pictures. I think these girls are proud of their bodies but society shames them for getting naked most of the time so they get in a big pack to fee more comfortable, get all dressed up for the "event". It's not how they really are. Maybe they like the idea of meeting some charming guy, but they probably won't.

It's just normal social life stuff. If you don't like it, don't date a rave hoe. But honestly they probably aren't THAT bad. Even from a conservative curmudgeon incel point of view. I've heard bad things about ecstasy, I don't think it being normalized is good for people.
This guy is probably right.

>> No.14956873

>"cool" festivals
>fuck HIV fleshlights
I'm seething alright

>> No.14956902

>wanting to have sex with anyone other than your girlfriend

>> No.14956921

>tfw my ex cute slutty gf is probably sucking a ton of cocks at the other end of the globe

>> No.14956929


>> No.14957019

this is pure bullshit. I don't have sex a lot and I've fucked 2 rave chicks

>> No.14957027

And you think your anecdotal experiences of like 2 sexual partners is somehow the norm?
>easy chicks expect you to do all the work
Easy chicks are easy because they like sex. Your girl was either a virgin, has no idea how to have sex or she just let you fuck her out of pity. 9/10 times virgins are fucking useless, unless you get the super eager one that watches too much porn.

This autismal tradcon boomer ideal of a virgin girl who aims to please her strong man is a fucking fantasy my dude. Neither one of you knows how to fuck, so why the fuck would you expect a good results?

>> No.14957110

This is something Slavov Zizek talked about: the upper classes get spiritually drained by living the frigid lives that cultivate wealth. They then cultivate lower class culture, and suck from it like a vampire to reenergize themselves. See: modern rap, middle class chicks fucking exiting criminals, you dating below your own class (so long as they aren't the crude working class, as you put it).

>> No.14957185

Spoken like someone who has never had sex

>> No.14957204

I've fucked one of these ABG rave girls, sex sucked ass, and she was the definition of cold chink robot bug. Yeah most of them dont put out or have a very committed bf, and are totally vapid anyways.

>> No.14957825

shooped as fuck
the mass of her ass literally bends shadows

>> No.14957889

Why don't these bitches just go to a nudist beach

>> No.14957899
File: 768 KB, 958x1037, 1579511300407.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>And you think your anecdotal experiences of like 2 sexual partners is somehow the norm?

I love how your whole argument is based on the assumption I haven't fucked enough women. I won't ruin it for you.

>> No.14957952

>It's sooo hot, better wear some lingerie

>> No.14958246

If a rave isn't 'underground', is it really a rave?

>> No.14958357

>I’m German

No surprises there.

>> No.14958401

Lol, L

>> No.14958442

This comment is very confusing, so what can women wear to not get attention and not be seen as "asking for it" and hypersexual??? This is not sarcasm I'm really wondering.

>> No.14958666

How are the tight dresses which are a whole thing from the top to the legs? I'd like to make a gift for my gf

>> No.14958675

dancing gets hot you dumb fucking monkey boy coomer

>> No.14959435

>Meanwhile, the cute girl with a thick cable knit turtleneck sweater reading a book in the corner of your coffee shop will gladly lick your balls and fuck you for hours no problem at all
>tfw have a fuck buddy that's exactly like this
We're all gonna make it bois

>> No.14959920


>> No.14959922

My test levels went down after reading this.

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