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Is Uniqlo an acceptable starting point for building the foundations of an /fa/ wardrobe?

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yes for your underwear

>> No.14878671

but stick to basics or use it to get a few items for your capsule wardrobe

>> No.14878773

this. uniqlo u tees are decent also

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uniqlo makes the best basics for their price and it isn't even close

>> No.14878971

agreed. have a couple of their basic items. prefer it over other fast fashion brands.

have a pullover sweater and fleece top that are holding up nicely 2ish years later.

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yup, you should also look for the collaborations they make like the U line with Lemaire, JW Anderson, Engineered Garments. It's basically a gateway brand to higher /fa/ism

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I really like their stuff.
They have comfy socks and nice t-shirts.

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if you are a poor 18yr old, yes.
if you are have any sort of disposable income I would not buy anything other than socks and underwear on Uniqlo. When building a warddrobe its better to focus on getting a few high quality pieces that all work together. I wish I learned that a lot earlier than I did.

A lot of times I’ll shop and see something I really like but know would not work with the majority of my clothes— I pass on it.

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uniqlo pants are pretty good

>> No.14879166

uniqlo is perfect for essentials

>> No.14879180

the fucking socks develop holes really easily i find.
very annoying but at that price they're basically disposable so w/e

>> No.14879229

any recommendations for sock brands that'll stand my 4 hour waiter shifts then?

>> No.14879278

H&m lasted me long. Don't wear socks without shoes though and wash them regularly

>> No.14879294

Not anymore. The inseam on their slim chinos is low as a baggy.

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I just got my first office job after being a bartender for years. Bought a week's worth of dress pants and shirts there to start, just so I wouldn't have to stress about it.

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Pants/jacket from uniqlo is absolutely fine. Everyone else that days no is a retard

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Where do I move on after I'm done with Uniqlo/gathering basics?

>> No.14879498

Rise on their chinos doesn't work that well for me. I mean it's okay on their fat cunt 36w which I am wearing now but last time I dropped down I noticed the rise on the smaller waist made for less comfortable pants.

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>Capsule wardrobe

You absolute fagot

>> No.14880266

I guess you should Hope you’ve developed enough of a personality to choose yourself dumbfuck

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Your basics are the items you are likely to use the most. With this in mind, the cost per wear of these will be considerably lower than other items of your wardrobe. If you do the math, it would make sense to buy good quality basics that will be even more economical in the long run due to higher longevity and buying gimmicky pieces from brands like uniqlo and H&M.
So, no. It is not acceptable unless you literally cannot afford anything else in a long time span. The foundations of any building need to be solid as stone, not shitty chinese steel.

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I'm looking for recommendations of higher quality stores. I'm tired of /fa/ggots saying "just get quality pieces lol" without actually giving a hint of whats good or not

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Well, shit. If you actually told us what you actually want to buy, maybe we could answer. "basics" and "foundations" can mean 50 different pieces from 50 different stores. T-shirts? I buy mine from Isto. Shirts? Either Finamore or Eton. Jeans? Tela Genova or japanese selvedge. Underwear? Anything made out of 100% micromodal.

>> No.14880501

Underwear, knitwear, for outerwear mostly only their collaborations.

>> No.14880542

What higher end brand resonates with you? What do you like as a person that some designer and not some conglomerate puts out that speaks to you or atleast adjacent enough that you wouldn’t mind paying x amount on something that you understand and enjoy

>> No.14880784

Athletic/running socks should stand up to more abuse.

>> No.14881005

Uniqlo will always be acceptable

>> No.14881256

Ascolour is better place for basics in my opinion

>> No.14881792

How are their pants?

>> No.14881804

Uniqlo under wear is the worst. Get the t shirts

>> No.14881807

Fuck you their sweatshirts are nice and I don't see the point being some faggot who pays more than 50 dollars for lounging athletic wear

>> No.14881831

Money is relative.
I once rented a beach house for $10,000 a day.
It was a pretty good deal at the time.

>> No.14881847

please stfu

>> No.14881922

Oh good. Did you suck your own dick in it real good Mr too much money faggot?

>> No.14881931

Thing's I'd consider
>comfy sweats (pile lined are my favorite for lounging but okay for a snack run too)
>some button ups
>some sweaters

Not as happy with:
>basic tees
The latter might be more me getting the wrong fit and getting away from v-necks now. The quality does seem as decent and solid as their other products.

>> No.14881940

Yeah. Unless you're some weird larper incel who only wears designer clothes and walks around looking like a goofball.
Uniqlo and weekday are pretty solid, fast fashion retailers. Just beware wacky clothes unless you're alpha enough to pull them off.

>> No.14882207

The Suprima Cotton Tees are still the best T-shirt I've ever found. The cut is still great even after the tragic 'Americanizing' of sizes.

>> No.14882806

all that money and you're still on 4chan begging for (You)s

>> No.14882880

Anyone own their Cyrus windbreaker? I used to want carhartts Nimbus but the price is a little too steep for me

>> No.14884113

uniqlo is THE homie for basics

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