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Girls with hair are /fa/.

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hair? yes. armpit hair? no.

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>Head hair

hot af

>armpit hair
Cute on most grilles.

>arm / leg hair
Can be cute on some grilles.

>beard, hair on nipples, etc.

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>g-give me attention you sexist swine

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Only when they're already very attractive.

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Body hair is disgusting even as a male I shave everything’s besides arms and legs. These women are truly disgusting to allow their body hair to grow out that much.

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This is true. Especially when its lightly colored tufts like pic related

Though a nice thick dark bush is quite nice too

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Faggot. Shaving is unhygenic and thats a fact, trimming has been proven to be better, but unless you are from the middle east or india it is completely unneeded.

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I don't find laziness and unkemptness attractive so no thanks

>ooo check me out with my underarm hair I'm so unique and boundary pushing

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>shaving is unhygienic and thats a fact!

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God I love her. Is she still a lesbian?

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it hasn’t stopped anyone from pursuing me and i save money and time in not shaving so it works out. :^)

it also helps reinforce others to think i look less underage so that kinda helps.

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i hope so

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post bush

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Small peepee energy

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Bro you shave your body fuck outta here ya fucking homo

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geezuz!!! lose the armpits!!!

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>>>beard, hair on nipples, etc.


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patrician taste

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What if a guy asks to shave you.

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thanks boomer king

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Dump that loser immediately.

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>the absolute state of /lgbt/ tourists

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You have to go back

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>Shaving is unhygenic and thats a fact
Go ahead and cite all your sources.

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Washed hair is hygienic.

Shaving can lead to irritated skin, cuts or ingrown hairs, which is potentially less hygienic.

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Thats so fucking gross

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Amazing how your reading comprehension is so terrible that you literally don't understand what I stated.

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I don't like leg hair but light arm hair looks good with bohemian.

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>still a lesbian
sauce? thought i heard some lyrics implying a bf but idk- i don't follow her

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Leave my peepee out of this trumpet

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disgusting only poor or mentally ill people dont shave

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>tfw no qt hairy girlfriend

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>leg hair

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ITT: Fags who are so emasculated they need their women to be hairy

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>I don't find women naturally attractive. I can only have sex with a woman if she alters her appearance so she no longer looks like a real woman.
yeah anon we're the gay ones.

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holy shit, I got hard so quickly that I got dizzy. If you wouldn't lick her pits while putting her in a mating press you are terminally gay for dicks.

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Highly appealing. Arms up breasts have the perfect shape. And you can pick them up by their torso like this.

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>look less underage
wasted potential

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Ok now we talkin

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Image the smell

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right on

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are girls with chin dimple /fa/?
I know guys are

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nop, but here in the words of mr t “i pity the fool”
depends, who is this guy? am i riding face? i’ve let boyfriends do it but now i’m not shaving unless i really feel like it.
it’s a struggle of mine desu

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Not sure about 3, but 1 and 2 are straight on

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Pits: prefer shaved but if it’s not gross or out of control it doesn’t turn me off, a tiny bit of stubble is weirdly hot
Arms: hot, again either way
Bush: very hot if clean and not too far onto the inner thigh
Legs: gross and absolutely homosexual

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Lol or ppl who just dont care. My leg hair is basically non existent. I dont bother to shave it and i aint some nasty hippie lesbo either.

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for your viewing pleasure.

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4chan gave me an appreciation for this.

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God this site needs a "see image posts only" feature.

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That is too much. Girl needs to trim that shit

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Disagree, but what can you do.

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I don't shave anything all that much, except for my armpits. That is a must shave everyday zone if I don't want to smell. Remember people: shaving decreases the bad odor caused by bacteria who nestle in the hair. Using deodorants just masks the smell by mixing the smell with another smell. I always shave and use deodorant to be 100% smelly arm pits free.

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Fully agree. This thread honestly makes me wanna throw up

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cute girl, ruined by ideology

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those who like shaved are pedo sympathizers

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Based and dare I say, redpilled.

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Little too much on the pits really. Could do with a trim. Other than that I can fuck with that.

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I'm on this anon's shit.
The bush peaking out from the underwear? Diamonds.

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Yep this is it. The most based take ever.

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I can only imagine how hideous and desperate you all must be to have such low standards.

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1- it's annoying as fuck that these girls think they're being edgy and subversive. they're not. this is an old trope, nothing new to see
2- hair on head is always /fa/.
3- pubic hair is legitimately in, and therefore /fa/
4- leg hair and armpit hair? not really

mostly this is an excuse for lazy bitches to avoid basic hygene so that they can scroll their instagram longer. see >>14870235 which is fine with me if they want to weed themselves out of relevance

meta commenters have the smallest pee pee energy of all. no balls to state your own opinion. weak sauce

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So THESE are the kind of guys attracted to women who don't take care of themselves.

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i literally want her to peg me until i die of exhaustion

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What about girls with a receding hairline?

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Am grill

Did No Shave November for pits and legs as a hilarious joke and then out of laziness never shaved anything again. It’s been 3 years. I actually have more time to go to the gym and am far less self conscious about my appearance there also.

Don’t shave, it’s a time wasting capitalist trap.

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why does every edgelord girl anti-capitalism? It's as predictable as the sunrise. The irony of women who are inherently materialistic by nature acting like the very mechanism of production that makes their material dreams come true is somehow bad. And this on a fashion board, which is the definition of surplus wealth. How is this level of irony lost on you, every single time?

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>women inherently

ok retard

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savage use of character attack. your intellect stuns

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Maybe we define 'edgelord' differently, but most of the edgelord girls I've come across are either libertarians or politically amorphous (but prides themselves for not being like other girls with their womanly bleeding-heart politics).

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>what is nesting instinct?
>what is the need to make sure babies are provided for?

>> No.14875773

>goes on instagram

nope, women aren't materialistic AT ALL, are they?

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I don’t crit parts of capitalism that I like, but when companies are advertising something so heavily it changes culture and makes not adhering to something completely subjective “unclean” and “not healthy” I will call it what it is. A capitalist cash grab, and a stupid one at that.

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lmao what

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Question for straight men of /fa/
Why is it that when I had long beautiful healthy hair that made me look fairly feminine I wasn’t pursued directly as much by men. By that I mean when men did take an interest in me they would either delay telling me themselves or wouldn’t tell me at all and I’d hear about it later. While now my hair is cut short, and I look androgynous to the point I get misgendered quite often, I am getting male attention right and left with direct intentions? Are you all gay or something? I went from being a perfect house wife to a scrubby rat boy.

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unfortunately "capitalism" in general has become the criticism lightning rod for the fucked up corporatocracy the united states has. when people, especially younger ones, shit on capitalism, they're almost always shitting on that instead. but i have seen some loonier ones that legitimately try to discredit things like currency, private property, etc.

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idk i have a huge fetish for girls with short hair though, get @ me

>> No.14875793

it's different, sexy, rebellious. Catches my eye immediately. But i've always liked short hair on girls

>> No.14875796

it adds more personality and maybe it made you more likable to them but hey thats just a theory a game theory thanks for watching

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are you bi curious by any chance? Most of the guys who have been interested in me have either been bi or closet bi. I have a feeling me looking male now but actually being female is somehow connected to this.

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I'm a clean 1 on this scale
like i'll think guys are cute and stuff and can tell when a guy is handsome but i dont really want to kiss one if that makes sense

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>T. >>14875793
I find the thought of homosexuality intuitively repugnant. on the same level as scat or genital mutilation.

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you're probably mistaken that you look male. short hair =/= looking male, i've seen plenty of ultra feminine girls with shorter hair, if anything it enhances the effect

>> No.14875807

I think we can chalk this one up under "closet bi" at the very least

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This is the natural state of heterosexuality. Ask strictly homosexual men how they feel when imagining tongue punching a vagina. It disturbs them immediately, like an unpleasant taste or smell. I don't hate homosexuals.

>> No.14875817

lmao? thinking something is kinda gross is not the same as comparing it to scat or genital mutilation. also a ton of homosexual men wouldn't have that reaction to vaginas, anyway, on top of that

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>confusing the organic growth & standards of culture over time with corporate influence and advertising
yup, you're a walking meme. It's confirmed. I bet you don't wash your hair either. Septum piercing?

you know what is twisting culture more than anything else ever has? This. The internet. Social media. Meme culture. Literally every large corporation is impacted by it. You've got it backwards. the corporations aren't telling us what to do, WE are telling the corporations what to do. They are scrambling for our attention and dollars. And failing, and losing billions. Look at Hollywood. Look at the music industry. They put out what they think we want, not what they think has integrity. Same with big Pharma. Same with media. They make headlines that get clicks and eyeballs. Its the attention of the people that dictates what gets made. If there's demand for razors, then razors get made.

Corporations are good enough at making money that if we all decided to stop shaving, they'd quickly get out of the business of making razors and make something else. They get made because people use them. because people prefer being shaven, on average.

And I'd wager that whatever messages you've gotten about body hair being "unclean" and "not healthy" is probably more implicit than explicit, more a case of what you've inferred than what you've been told. Men prefer shaven women, on average. Most, not all. Do corporations appeal to a woman's desire to be desirable? of course they do. Is it a dirty thing to do? I think so. But it's the best way to get women to buy. I've dated enough hipsters and hippies to know that body hair -can- capture more oils, sweat, and juices. And that can end up smelling, sometimes unpleasantly so. Running your hand along a hairy woman's leg is a less sensual experience than running your hand along a shaven one, if it's freshly shaved.

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admittedly, perhaps i was being too hyperbolic. point being, at least one heterosexual fella finds short hair on a lady attractive.

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my n1gga out here writing essays

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As much as I love the aesthetics of a bush, going down on a girl who doesn't shave is a nightmare in terms of hairs getting stuck on your tongue and on the back of your throat. It's very distracting and annoying to deal with. These are just functional truths of what makes a woman more pleasing to be intimate with, for most men. So for women who desire to be desirable to more men, they accept that managing body hair is part of the package. If that's not you, more power to ya.

Yes, I understand the nuance and you're absolutely right. Confusing Corporatism with Capitalism is baby's first step at trying to understand economics, right up there with thinking Socialism is a good idea. I've certainly been that person. I was the extreme, liberal idealist at one point. But I outgrew it as I began to refine my understanding and ask better questions. It's fair to call out all the flaws in our system, and to name all the terrible, disastrous consequences of the way corporations get things done in our current world. But to confuse that with the best system we've come up with yet, and to ignore all the benefit that we've received from it is just incredibly short sighted and laughable.

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someone's got to ;)

>> No.14875857

I've always had a thing for Art Hos and girls with short hair, for decades now. I think short hair can actually exaggerate a woman's femininity. I find it very, very attractive.

Some of that could be that girls with short hair are relatively rare(er) and can be seen as a little bit of challenge. Or as someone with some personality. Unless a girl with long hair does something with it, she can appear much more vanilla and it's easy to tune her out unless she's striking in some other way. It exaggerates a girls cuteness, which appeals to the male preference for more youthful appearances (make of that what you will). We are suckers for Neotany, and short hair exaggerates that.

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If i don’t shave what makes you think I would do additional unnatural bs like a septum piercing

Lush shampoo bars 5 life

>> No.14875924

>never shaved anything again. It’s been 3 years.
Spare coochie, ma'am?

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corporatism is the logical conclusion of capitalism

the sole driving force behind capitalism is the generation of as much capital as one can. to conglomerate, monopolize, and expand into a vast corporate entity is to achieve this to the highest degree

eventually capitalism will always arrive at corporatism. the distinction made is obligatory, but ultimately useless

>> No.14876168

you sound like you’re projecting.

>> No.14876447

based and hairpilled

>> No.14876551

>If i don’t shave what makes you think I would do additional unnatural bs like a septum piercing

it's all part of the meme™
>no shave
>no shampoo
>messy hair
>shitty tattoos
>large glasses
>thrifted clothes
>septum ring
>mildly to moderately overweight

>> No.14876562

>corporatism is the logical conclusion of capitalism

no, it is *A* logical conclusion, not the only. It depends on scale, and other factors.

What is capitalism without corporate entities to protect bad practices? That's a legal distinction, not an economic one. What is capitalism without the government favoring of large corporations? What is capitalism without engineered disposability? What is capitalism in a small scale environment where the buyers know the business owners? What is capitalism where brands are built around quality and durability instead of novelty and disposability? What is capitalism without Globalism? What is capitalism without FIAT currency? What if the government threshold for monopoly was much lower and more sensitive to conglomeration?

It's possible to have other forms of Capitalism without it having to necessarily result in corporatism. Really, if you want to the think of it the way you described, the logical extreme of capitalism is corporate monolith that controls every aspect of your life, which is basically Communism. And Communism fails because a number of very human factors

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They crave financial/material security, while lacking the emotional development needed to commit to mate.
The logical conclusion is to blame "the patriarchy" for their personal shortcomings, while adopting the state as a surrogate husband.

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Yes, armpit hair is fa. So is nobra.

>> No.14877258

also hairy legs
ooga booga
moustaches okay

>> No.14877280

Popular media tells us that girls with short hair have fun personalities and are dtf, while those with long hair are more often aloof and difficult to approach.

You asked, so there's your answer.

>> No.14877283

based sandy duncan poster

>> No.14877295

w*men cant be effay

>> No.14877384

Finally a based take

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Goddamn disgusting. Hair traps sweat, which results in stink.

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>not enjoying the scent of a woman

>> No.14877907

Bro that smell resonates from where they piss daily, bleed once a month and produce copious amounts of sweat

>> No.14877909

It'd be easier to just explain how much you love cock.

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