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>Use Google to obtain the maximum discount code at fragrancenet (35%).
Eat shit

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FUCK YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT BR 540 IS FUCKING DISGUSTING. It smells synthetic, clinical, latex, fluoride, exactly like the dentist office. Not even lying I almost gagged when I first put it on, felt like someone was about to drill into my teeth.

by far the WORST frag i had ever smelled. Fuck you cock sucking useless aids infected asshole fuckacum butt

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For me, it’s Chance by Chanel

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Sex, have it.

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The steak looks good. Which frag to use when going to a barbecue?

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Based roastieposter

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Hot take: this meal consists of the bunny, dear, and bird animalthot is always posting.

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mayb u rayp?

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someone TELL ME why this is the official scent preferred by every 2 out of 3 rapists

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AQposter here. It basically smells like old money, or like a pacific northwest freemason lodge or something. Those connotations of power and primal nature translates to rapism for zoomers.

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awww poor zooms

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I looked at a zoomer on the subway the other day and he melted. True story.

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Zoomers are just lost kids looking for a daddy

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10 sprays of Tuscan Leather

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Red pill me on penhaligon anything in particular i should sample?

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I've only tried Sartorial its a great barbershop

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What's a good soapy patchouli fragrance?

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What does /fa/ think of traditional Arab fragrances? Talking about Arab-made shit. Any ideas and recommendations?

>pic related is a type of very strong perfume that when you buy em they'd put in small bottles for you

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Frens, what do you think of Arab fragrances? Talking about ones made in Arab countries. Any ideas or recommendations?

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Amouage is arab, and it seems to be high quality. There was another one I can't remember right now.

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Take the Guerlainpill

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I already have. Love this shit to death, it's my go-to date scent and it's even gotten me a few compliments. What other Guerlains should I try?

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Is this a meme frag or actually nice?

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Just got my 50 ml bottle of Interlude, was $120. I did a tiny spray on my wrist, same smell as i remember and decent projection, but not nuclear imo.
Magnetic cap, made in Oman, made in May 2015 if people's assumptions about the code are true. How did i do?0

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which one should I choose?
>YSL Opium Pour Homme EDT
>Bentley for Men Intense
>Al Haramain L'Aventure

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Why do people shit on kouros here?
It's a classic and art hoes love it

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I can’t imagine someone going through more than 10-15 mls in a year of interlude.

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No one shits on it here, it is a classic, and art hoes are fucking nasty and obnoxious and are pretty much at the bottom of the totem pole in terms of desirability anyway.

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What you don’t like hairy armpits and pretentiousness

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I've read that it doesn't last long, is it true? I don't have money for EDP version

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Don't know to be honest wy lad, but I've smelled it on a friend and its the only designer oriental I've smelled that comes across as oriental. Seems like a great date night fragrance, not so sure about the day.
Edp is better than edt as well from what I've heard

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what other cheap fragnances would you recommend?

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Kill yourself

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Sam may be the best tobacco i've ever sampled.

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Armaf ventana is a cheap sauvage clone which is pretty close to the real thing, If I were to buy something cheap as a daily driver it would be encre noir sport, paco rabanne PH, or rassasi hawas/ azzaro chrome

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Imagine using a pic of the woman's Opium kek

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It’s not a sweetbomb bro frag. Everyone here eventually sees the error in their ways and comes around to enjoying unashamedly masculines. If I had tried rhino/duro/tobacco oud/etc a year ago I would have gagged. Now it’s immensely pleasurable and preferable. I still keep a decant or two of some bro frags when I’m going somewhere I probably need to leave my autism at home for. But any bottle I buy is for me and my tastes.

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Good shit fren I'm looking it up rn

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Isn't Roja brittish?

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Nishane is Turkish and they make some pretty good frags. I hated Ani, though.

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Yeah but lately they’re appeasing mudslimes with their releases, so I’ve heard. Personally I haven’t gotten into roja yet

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Not a clue I'm just throwing shit at a wall and seeing if it sticks

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I need a summer clubbing fragrance. Should i go with Le Beau, Club de Nuit, Invictus aqua or what? I would just stick with Ultra male, but it is probably overpowering at 30ºC parties, same for Eros and the other usual curlprits.

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Fougeres Marine

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Phero/nasomatto shill here who did the zoologist bee review. I wouldn’t be being honest with you guys if I didn’t say my final samples wearing of bee grew on me more than it did initially. I am feeling stronger conviction now. Fuck I already spent too much money fuck. I have to stave off until spring. Look guys just be careful when you get your samples. I’m going to jump ship to my other samples to take my mind off it. I’m spraying something new on tonight. Let me know which you’d like to hear about: Norne, Kiste, 1805 tonerre, papillon Anubis, desert marocain, masque Milano Russian tea. I’ve got a full bottle of masque tango which from the sprayer is fucking snice. Hummingbird as well if you’d like to hear it. I enjoy write ups. So you if you have a request let me know

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I already have Sauvage and Cool Water, and am also courting Sel Marin, so I don’t really feel like acquiring another aquatic fougere. I was thinking of either a oriental or a fresh fruity fragrance that fits the criteria, but thanks for your input.

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Eau des Sens

>> No.14854002

My favorite strong male fragrance is Guerlain Cuir Intense. A old good leather smell try this one

>> No.14854009

L’air or Cour du Desert Marrocain? Either way, I would like to hear from it, 1805 or from Hummingbird.

>> No.14854013

>desert marocain

On a related note, I'm flying though Zurich next week, have about 4hrs layover there. Are there good frag shops to check out at the airport? Will I find Tauer somewhere there?

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Would definitely read/watch regarding Norne. Hummingbird too.

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Ahem, fuck aquatics and fuck AQcuck

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I can’t even get one sample from Sephora without buying...
Please share your powerful knowledge with us.

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Are any of the Bottega Venetta worth checking out? And whatever happened to that anon that was working on fixing the OP's chart?

>> No.14854067

T. Eros pajeet

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delete your cookies and try again

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Ok, it's "generic" but Spirit of the Brave could very well be my daily driver for winter this year.
It's just perfect with a sweater and puffer jacket on a cloudy day

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It’s L’air. Two votes

Two votes hummingbird. How about I do L’air tonight so I’m not influenced on hummingbird by bee (the two have definite similarities). Hummingbird tomorrow, then norne, then 1805. Really curious about 1805, wafts called it challenging and had a visceral “HOOOOOH” smelling it. They shilled me into a hyrax (sun caked turd) sample a couple months ago and it blew my nose out so I’m saving it for the end of the list in case it wrecks me.

>> No.14854105

CDNIM is insane big chad fragrance with massive sillage, great for clubs.

>> No.14854110

Pherofag I have some more respect for you now that you're putting yourself out there and actually making vids. It's more than I can say for myself. You should do a video on L'HOMME INFINIMENT. You seem like you have a good nose desu and the vast majority of youtube reviewers have no fucking idea how to even talk about the frag let alone dissect the notes. Pretty much every video on Fahrenheit fucking sucks.

>> No.14854134

Do it. I’m considering buying L’air as well to be my new riding fragrance.
Is it suitable for summer, though? The citrusy top notes may indicate so, but it’s powerhouse fame makes me worried. I can’t sample it either, as there is no deep store here that sells it nor any sampler here in Europe.

>> No.14854186

Yep, great for hot summer nights - probably not during the day as it will be very cloying. The top notes are pretty horrible anyway, it's only when it really dries down it becomes a decent frag.

>> No.14854199

It's not hard.
Just be polite and try to present yourself well in the conversation.

My cop out is, "I wanted to know if you guys do samples by chance? I have sensitive skin and need to see how my skin reacts to the scent." or whatever.

Take some time and ask for their recommendations, and then when you want the shit you came in for. "I've read alot about XXXXX online, I was curious about that".

>I've worn Tom Ford almost every single day for the past 2 years, I've never bought a bottle.

Every time I happen to be by a store that sells it, I spend 5 minutes in there getting a couple sample bottles. Sometimes they'll hook up with doubles of each scent. One of those little meme sized samples lasts me 2-4 weeks.

>> No.14854223

Yeah, the SAs at Selfridges have been generous when I've asked politely. I had asked if they had a sample of PdM Oajan and when the guy couldn't find one he said sorry and just loaded me up with 6 others from the house.

>> No.14854278

Thank you for the kind words anon, I’ll put it on the list for you and other /frag/ memes. I just do all my videos in one take with no script. I’ll maybe have two bullet points written down if there is a specific point I want to make. I don’t edit and just do it all on my phone. I’m too fucking bald to ever be a YouTube pretty face so I’m not going to all the work and trouble to make the channel and videos elaborate with editing. Just straightforward honest reviews.

Anyways I’ll have the l’air impressions up in a little

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Will you ever do kouros or yatagan?

>> No.14854427

just casually mention you are gay, but also add that you don't know if it matters

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If I go one spray on the wrist is Floriental ok to wear on a hot British summer's day?

>> No.14854470

One whole spray? You’re gonna gas out the whole town, m8! Don’t you know oversprayers are complete scum? They make people physically ill and don’t even care! So antisocial! You’re worse than Hitler for even considering this!

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Tauer L'air du Desert Marocain

I was immediately greeted then deserted by a date note. Date isnt listed but it is there to my nose, so maybe it is a combination of things tricking my nose or intentionally acting as it. Like it lasted 5-6 seconds. Really bizarre. I can still smell it in the back but it was the first thing that came to mind. I agree with the fragrantica assessment that amber is the main note/base. But there are so many spices going on it is just grounding, a base for everything else to sit on. Not an especially sweet or rich amber. It has a fecal note. Hyrax came to mind immediately. It is tolerable though, but it is "poopy" animalic. Not pissy or musky. This is actually a strange combination of camel and hyrax in my mind. This is unmistakably a scent of the middle east. Lots of spice, almost like your spice cabinet at home if you are an adept cook. There is that stewed date and amber working to try to keep it somewhat sweet but the amber isnt rich, present but not loud. Or everything else is just louder. Kind of has a soapy floral to it not unlike kouros. Its not a fresh cut stem or green floral (carnal flower being an extreme example). The "woods" notes to my nose are mainly just vetiver. I would classify this as an oriental but there are some strangely fougere aspects to it. It is overall a dry desert smell, kind of how I expect lonestar memories to smell but without the leather. I dont want to embellish to try to write more than I am actually picking up so that is my first look. Not a safe blind buy. Challenging fragrance. Normies wont be complimenting this so coomers keep looking elsewhere. This is a fragrance for a real enthusiast of middle eastern orientals. Not a buy but glad I sampled, I do want to try lonestar memories.

>> No.14854485

This. I would spray at most 1/16th of a spray on my skin even with a summery scent. If i were to use a strong fragrance like you i would apply AT MOST 1/4 of that.

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You inconsiderate incel. You're supposed to spray into the air an entire arms length away from you, wait 10 seconds, and then walk in the opposite direction so you don't get any on you.

>> No.14854494

Fucking nordstrom is unbelievable, some guy literally offered me samples on a spray paper then asked and took them back to throw them out, are these autists insane?

>> No.14854497

You idiot! Walking backwards creates an air vortex that pulls the scent molecules towards you! You have to spray in the air in front of you, then stand perfectly still until the scent has entirely faded. Spray, stand for 8 hours or so, then you’re ready for your date!

>> No.14854524

You fucking racist bigot oversprayer scum. Everyone knows that if you just stand still the cloud of fragrance will dissipate through the air and reach you. What you should do is always set up a vacuum device in front of you in order to suck the molecules of fragrance that you spray into the air, and THEN wait a minimum of 8 hours to go out.
If you don't do this you are literally going to choke everyone around you to death.

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>> No.14854534

Back of the knees is the only way I will wear Interlude Man outside sorry.

>> No.14854603

Got my birthday party coming up Friday. Evening minimum is going to be a balmy 11 degrees. Going to end up clubbing but with my mates so I don't care about a man thot frag but do want to try something on with heroic longevity. I really like vetivers but I've been branching out lately.

>> No.14854633

I try to keep nasomatto shilling to 1 post a thread guys I’m sorry but my fingers are just moving on their own. This post screamed absinth to me. It’s got vetiver but it has sweetness and has major balls. It’s a little sultry. It’s somewhat bitter but has a sweet tart effect to keep it balanced. It’s strange and different. It’s also not exactly cheap but maybe you can get a decant and try for yourself. Not a blind but obviously and absinth is never my first recommendation but it could be a fit for you. Vetiver is kind of a so-so note to me and this frag really makes it interesting

>> No.14854646

This may be unironically true, did half a spray on my wrist this morning and only 4 hours later started getting regular whiffs of it, presumablybecause i went noseblind to it for the first while.

Will try back of knees tomorrow and report back. Might be the thing to do if you wanna smell it from application

>> No.14854662

Ok, but the problem is that the vacuum device has to have some sort of disposable container (probably made of plastic, you rapist!) to hold the fragrance molecules. When you throw that container out and it arrives at the dump, you’ll be assaulting the dump workers with your evil fragrance. What the fuck is wrong with you, you actual Nazi?!

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What would you wear to a rooftop bar during Christmas or new years?

>> No.14854718

For me, its 5 o' clock gingembre

>> No.14854721

I wasn't one of the anons that asked for it but thanks for the write up. Another Tauer frag I'm interested in is Au Coeur du Désert that seems to follow the dry desert theme.

>> No.14854727

Unfortunately I haven't seen any Nasomatto stockists in the city I'll be at (Adelaide). Melbourne has one, but Adelaide is basically an oversized country town and there's only "normie niche" available from Mecca as far as I'm aware.

>> No.14854733

Alright so ive been told that chypre palatin has been reformulated which is a shame since i have a sample of the dark orange juice and it smells fantastic but i cant justify the cost of a bottle right now, is the reformulation atleast comparable to the original? I might just sell stuff to afford an original bottle

>> No.14854754

Good choice. Might go with CK Intense Euphoria

>> No.14854768

Homme L'eau Boisee and Homme EDP/Intense are both good fragrances if you're after something fresher. L'instant is a great creamy cocoa/licorice fragrance, but it needs to be left to settle for a while as the top notes clash with the rest of the fragrance. Vetiver is a great fragrance too, although I find it too dated to wear regularly.

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Step aside, plebs.

>> No.14854787

scents that remind you of walking in a meadow with an overcast sky in an air of melancholic contentment

>> No.14854806

Don’t break your neck over it, nothing life changing. Just one to keep an eye out for next time you come across somewhere that stocks it

>> No.14854813


>> No.14854814

Sauvage Eau de Parfum. Well, not exactly a meadow, but a mountainside path in a subartic pine forest, either in southern scandinavia or in the american pacific northwest, in a slightly overcast day, but where the golden rays of the sun are still visible through the gloom.

>> No.14854816

I shilled it last thread, Dragonfly. Has a “rain” note. Some florals and greens. Aldehydes kind of give it a metallic before a storm smell. It’s not bright and cheerful, more like tranquil pond. But that’s practically a synonym for melancholic meadow

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What kind of frag to attract one of these?

>> No.14854877

Yeah, just nothing I have will either be decent if I heat up dancing, or will survive from when I leave the house. Organised a meeting that afternoon and from there I'll go straight to the restaurant, I'll probably be out 12-14 hours total. Unless I wear something good for the afternoon and put a travel atomiser with a mL or two in my back pocket of something better for later in the evening.

>> No.14854891

this used to be one of the better generals but half the posts are meme recs or shitposting, but its all the same people so what are you even doing anymore

>> No.14854911

Only an extrait or oil will have the balls to last that long on skin heating and cooling. Your best bet is to just keep an atomizer in your car and top it off switching locations. If you are dancing wear something not as heavy. Lighter notes. So it’s kind of a catch 22. I would top up something lighter as the night goes on. Despite being a nichefag my weapon of choice for a hot night of clubbing that won’t gas people out but last is BDC edp or parfum. I’m not too proud to admit the parfum is snice, I’ve got a decant just for that

>> No.14855176

How do you guys store your fragrances? I feel too autistic leaving them in my dark cabinet

>> No.14855184
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>> No.14855194

worrying too much about storing bottles autistically is a massive waste of time, if you use them regularly it doesn't matter. i store my 2 creed bottles that i use heavily on my bathroom counter, they both get a lot of light and it gets really humid in there. some other designer bottles i use less often i store in a darker cool place though, but i honestly don't think it really matters.

>> No.14855274

Is the current Chanel egoiste forumation worth getting?

>> No.14855292
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Kek, I love how people in here realize that underspraying is a thing characteristic of meek reddit types afraid of making anyone uncomfortable. Take notice of your fathers. Do you think they were giving a single fuck when they were applying 10 sprays of Brut after taking a shower on Sundays mornings before going for a mass to your local church? You could smell their scent from your room downstairs. You should realize that it'll never be the case that you will be liked by everyone anyway. Spraying enough to be noticed is a sign of confidence and internal integrity. You faggots spend hundreds of hours researching and posting about fragrances on an anonymous polish carpenter bee keeping imageboard and then are afraid of not appealing to some randos in your office or on streets, meanwhile every Stacy goes around with a cloud of sickeningly sweet la vie est belle. Man up and wear your scents with confidence as I can confirm that most of you really have some taste here comparing to what I can smell on other people.

>> No.14855313

Is your pic PhD Rooftop in NYC? Last time I was there I was wearing 6 sprays of Nicolai NYI, not even memeing here. Also absolutely mad hot bitches inside. Nothing less than 8/10.

>> No.14855325

u wot nigga?

>> No.14855332
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Rate my growing collection anons.

>> No.14855335
File: 3.50 MB, 3555x1960, NHl1h1U.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please rate mine as well, fellow four-channers :o)

>> No.14855345

Very nice. Many personal favorites. Try layering Aventus and Baccarat Rouge 540. I like a ratio of Creed 2:1 MFK.
Some good bottles, many average bottles, some cheapie trash. I suggest more quality, less quantity.

>> No.14855358

I love this reddit reposting of their collections. Despite having 55k users they always end up buying the same stuff and having less variety than we've got here with maybe like 20 regular /frag/ posters.

>> No.14855368

What is the general opinion on Stronger with You?

>> No.14855378
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>> No.14855381

Cut your hair also nice wife-beater. Did Encre Noire packaging change? I remember my bottle be solid black without any chance to see anything through it. Yours look quite transparent.

>> No.14855411

Help me complete my collection...i want 4 maybe 5 frags absolute max. So far i have
>Azzaro visit
>Occitane eau des Baux
>Amouage Interlude

What should last couple be? I need something fresh versatile and crowd pleasing. Nothing with orange or iris dominant plz

>> No.14855434

was wandering around the house in my underwear getting ready to go to bed, hair sits a bit better with some length to it.
It's a tester bottle of Sport.

I initially thought I got memed with the Giorgio but I'm warming to it, might wear it to bed.

>> No.14855440
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So Stephen's not even behind the recent trademark filing for "Navitus Parfums" despite giving some longwinded explanation of why he chose the name. Makes you wonder what other bullshit backstory they concocted after the fact.

>> No.14855478

Begets can't be choosers. The new one is still amazing, but if you can afford it, get an original. You can keep it and eventually flog it for a profit if you get bored of it.

>> No.14855486

Chanel Bois des Iles

>> No.14855496

so I'm the miasma Chad
Everytime I walk into trains or offices everyone starts to cough and cover their faces, it's hilarious. I usually go about 7-8 sprays overall

>> No.14855520

Fine, I'll wear a ton of Floriental to the races this summer in my Patrick Bateman get up and choke out some posh cunts

>> No.14855526

Based. What races?

>> No.14855537

It'll be Glorious Goodwood

>> No.14855558

I've had a really bad last few days, might cheer myself up with some inexpensive retail therapy by blindbuying discount frags.
Are Paco PH and Bleue Issey good mood lifters?

>> No.14855607

Hello gentlemen, my main scent for about the past year has been Givenchy’s Gentleman Only. I love it and I have little to no complaints with it, but I’m looking to expand, I love the very fresh top notes that blend into something more woody and intense. I haven’t tried anything besides your average mall stuff, though Bvlgari’s Men in Black and Issey Miyake’s L’Eau D’Issey I really liked. Any other recommendations?

>> No.14855641

>I love the very fresh top notes that blend into something more woody and intense.
New York Intense

>> No.14855647

>more quality less quantity

This and always this. You’ll never go through all that it’s a mess. Have 4 bottles of something you really want rather than 20 bottles of meh

>> No.14855651

>not having 20 bottles you really want

>> No.14855652

t. someone who thinks he'll find a gf if he will get noticed by overspraying but in reality all women think he's trying to compensate

>> No.14855657
File: 62 KB, 791x762, 98.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So is pic related a meme after all?

>> No.14855661

>YSL Opium EDT
>Bentley for Men Intense EDP
>Al'Haramain L'Aventure
which one for 18 years old boy?

>> No.14855667


>> No.14855672

sincerely want to thank frag general, I ordered a slew of decants and am excited.

>> No.14855674
File: 163 KB, 900x599, 1575961800430.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So can you wear Chanel Egoist if you're under 25 and wear it casually?

>> No.14855694

>caring what women think

This is a hurdle that holds you back. Once you stop giving a fuck and just being and doing what you want they will come. You might not like 10 sprays of (your fragrance) but you’re going to fucking smell it. I have physically affected you without even touching you, seeing you, or knowing you exist. And chad wouldn’t even think that critically over doing it because he doesn’t give a fuck

>> No.14855702

lmao bro, girls do not give a fuck about smell no matter what they say in nerdy seduction videos.
I never even wear deoderant and constantly get compliments on my literal BO from girls lol

>> No.14855711

I plow fashion models mate

>> No.14855783

What did you order anon?

>> No.14855786

#metoo i have like 13 scents to try. Im new to this and am a bit overwhelmed at the variety. Then you have limited, niche or discontinued frags that I think I need to try quick before theyre gone. Fragrance world is different, its such an ephemeral indulgence people seem positively spellbound to shell out piles of cash for. The designers and houses are like modern alchemists, selling you their spells and love potions. Its very dark and mephistophelean.

>> No.14855807

Most perfume brands work like that. You or your team are put toward as the “curators” of the brand and a well stabilished person on the industry handles the capital and operational issues.
Basically a capitalist thinks that you having a brand will make him money, he invites you, let’s you handle the overview of the product and makes sure it gets manufactured. (While keeping most of the profits)
Even designers resort to this by outsourcing to Givaudan or LV.

>> No.14855818

I know Burberry London is christmassy because it has that tobacco and port like smell that makes it comfy, but are there any other Christmas scents?
Maybe something like a minty candy cane? Just out of curiousity, since sweet frags are quite common nowadays

>> No.14855828

>YSL Opium EDT
>Bentley for Men Intense EDP
>Al'Haramain L'Aventure
which one for 18 years old boy?

>> No.14855832

YSL why live?

>> No.14855833

what do you mean?

>> No.14855839

It’s the name of the fragrance.

>> No.14855841

For a moment, I thought this was Jeremy.

>> No.14855843

Just blind bought versace eros, what am I in for?

>> No.14855850

too expensive

>> No.14855855

It’s the same price as the others, though. Do beware that it is an invictus clone, albeit a very good one.

>> No.14855871

A shitty, overpowering, sickeningly sweet street shitter frag. Cool bottle for the price though, just keep the bottle out for thots to mire, but just get jpg ultra male instead

>> No.14855874

This does not mean what you think it means, anon. /ourcuck/ may well have creative control and is simply being funded by this big company. Probably learn how businesses work, m8.

>> No.14855878

in my country it is mor expensive than these I mentioned

>> No.14855889


>> No.14855912

Back from the shops, went with 5 sprays of Bentley Intense, because I can :^)

>> No.14855914

>calls Eros shit
>shills Pink Sugar in a gayer bottle

>> No.14855916

Sorry u live in a third world shithole, anon

>> No.14855917

T. Pageet

>> No.14855928

Copious sex and (You)s

>> No.14855929

Eros is shit too, m8. Never said you got that part wrong. Just that Ultra Male is equally shit.

>> No.14855934

He’s right, though. Ultra Male is just another candy sweet fuccboi shitter scent. Might as well just buy Axe if you’re gonna wear shit like that.

>> No.14855935


I got :

Encre noire decant
Azzaro ph 50ml
Le male 100ml
Nautica voyage 100ml
Ck one shock 100ml
Kiehls musk 50ml
Aramis Havana 100ml

Wish I found out about decants sooner lol

>> No.14855947
File: 3.63 MB, 1238x1610, BB35FDED-DE73-48BB-8EFF-89FBC5EFA1E6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what are anons thoughts here about bentley as a perfume house?
mainly interested in bentley for men, majestic cashmere and infinite if anyone’s had any experiences

>> No.14855952

Kek Had the same thought when I sampled this fragrance. Clearly reflects the quality of the juice inside

>> No.14855965

Does it smell weird for people if i put it on my clothes? I just get allergic reactions to this stuff when I put it on my skin

>> No.14855967

>I'm the miasma Chad
You're autistic. One day i hope you realize you're literally no different than the sweaty unwashed nerd who reeks of BO, causing everyone in a 5ft radiyus to gag and cover their noses.

>> No.14855991

That’s fine stop overthinking

>> No.14856004

>And chad wouldn’t even think that critically over doing it because he doesn’t give a fuck
You intentional oversprayers are so cringe. The true Chad doesn't have to "try" to be the Chad, he just naturally "is" Chad. Hint, you consciously thinking "I will intentionally spray too much, th-that way the women will be forced to notice me and acknowledge my existence!! Hehehe" is the OPPOSITE of not giving a fuck, in fact it's a few steps away from the incel mass shooter thinking if you think about it. You're no different than the unkempt smelly nerd offending people with his BO, you could even argue he's more Chad than you because he truly doesn't give a fuck. Anyone with half a brain knows you're hiding your fears, insecurities, and extreme beta nature behind that so called Chad miasma.

The difference between the real Chad and the wannabe Chad is congruence. The entirety of the real Chad's being is such that if he over sprays a bit it'll naturally work, he will own it, people will like it and give him compliments. If people are coughing, giving you looks, moving away from you etc then you're clearly a wannabe Chad and people can sense that. This is what you fail to understand

>> No.14856008
File: 60 KB, 503x443, D0nNaU5WsAAbPn9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dior homme cologne sample just ran out
>full bottle not coming till mid day friday
fuck bros...

>> No.14856060

This. Sometimes i spray 8 times, sometimes i spray 16 times. I do not count and it is wholly dependent on how i feel about it at the moment.

>> No.14856065

>frag supposed to arrive today
>tracking still has it listed the next state over
Kill me.

>> No.14856093

Intense for men is ok. Bit too sweet, decent longevity, cheap as anything.

>> No.14856099

Dior Homme Eau or Prada L'homme?

>> No.14856105

Dior Homo for Men.

>> No.14856106

doesn't it smell like alcohol?
Would you recommend it for 18 years old man?

>> No.14856118

212 VIP for a younger boozy frag ideal for clubbing

>> No.14856130
File: 92 KB, 1280x720, 12321312.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is this good for a light and fresh fragrance? for summer or instead of showering

>> No.14856134

>released in 78, at the height of the serial killer epidemic
blatant pandering to a demographic, yikes

>> No.14856138
File: 38 KB, 375x500, 375x500.52224.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14856146

its the teen version of sauvage (so an obnoxious douchebag who's 15 instead of 25)

>> No.14856153

It is! For me I'll be in Seattle and couldn't find a good night time pic of the bar.

>> No.14856167


But Sauvage is already a teen fragrance

>> No.14856176

around here its the college chad/wannabe chad fragrance

>> No.14856181

>I never even wear deodorant and constantly get compliments on my literal BO from girls lol

The only truth to this statement is that you don't wear deodorant

>> No.14856192

too expensive

>> No.14856226
File: 152 KB, 1291x800, 15159809482989.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what are some blind buys fragrances(man fragrances) for this winter ?

>> No.14856233
File: 130 KB, 1200x627, 123123123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this happens when you use Yatagan in your entire life

>> No.14856253
File: 456 KB, 1335x834, Capture1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New imaginary authors

>Talc, lavender, black pepper, teak, amyris, vanilla powder, fresh linen

>> No.14856267
File: 29 KB, 225x477, decants.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I ordered these.
actually feel some excitement, I haven't delved into fragrances before.

>> No.14856269

worth it desu

>> No.14856270

actually laughed aloud
oh that rascally Joe!!!

>> No.14856275

WHY is Yatagan the cologne of choice for rapists??

>> No.14856301
File: 30 KB, 375x500, 375x500.13015.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have sex. This is my SOTD, nice for the office.

>> No.14856316

Lads, I want to scratch the decant itch so badly even though I know I don't even go out enough to make use of all the frags I have, and I have expenses coming up. I want to try New York Intense, eau sauvage, BdC, and tobbacco vanille.

>> No.14856325

I got seven decants for less than $30.

>> No.14856329

Just start whoring yourself out. Lots of fat, old, ugly, creepy men willing to throw you a 20 or so for a little mouth action.

>> No.14856330

I could grab a 100ml of Hugo Extreme for £37.
I'm really on the fence cos it's a nice fresh frag that suits me,yet I could spend a little more and get something better?

>> No.14856332

What's the best frag for selling your throat to fat old men then?

>> No.14856341

Versace Eros

>> No.14856345

Ultra Male

>> No.14856348

Anyone else use tai chi to forcefully shoot clouds of sillage towards people? I found it works especially with my underperforming orientals.

>> No.14856354

damn is frag general always this based&teeheepilled?

>> No.14856367

Where the fuck is chanceposter? Did she unironically run away?

>> No.14856370

she was one of the first posts itt

>> No.14856390

just a reminder that /our chad/ loves it

>> No.14856418

come back bby i miss u

>> No.14856436

CK Obsession for men or Bentley for men intense?
I'm 18

>> No.14856443

not bentley intense

>> No.14856450

Calvin Klein was Jewish, pass

>> No.14856453

Does Invictus Intense still exist? I got one for Christmas last year and I absolute love it, but it's almost running out and I've checked a lot of store and can't find it anywhere, only "normal", Aqua and Legend

>> No.14856484

/pol/ faggot

>> No.14856525


>> No.14856535

Pretty snice overall. You've got some very challenging fragrances in there. Pour un homme starts heavy on the lavender and evolves into a vanilla note, it evolves enourmously while wearing it. Can't talk for the rest from my own experience besides the memes.
Don't forget to report in any case.

>> No.14856553

Pour un homme was one I was going to skip, might end up with most of Caron's offerings in the end.

>> No.14856563

Good mint bombs for spring/summer?

>> No.14856569

You'll be good anon! I'm just not sure if blind buying fragrances will help you.

>> No.14856571

I just don't like it. There's something in it that is super cloying to me. A lot of people love it, though. Maybe go for it if you have a lot of frags and are looking to throw a dart at something but if you 18 looking for something you will definitely like and wear it is not a safe blind buy.

>> No.14856612

It helps the pain a little, gives me something to look forward to.
I mean I'm going to try out D&G Pour Homme soon too, I hope I like it.

>> No.14856614

Cool bottle it reminds me of fallout but the notes aren’t doing anything for me. May eventually sample because I think the brand is cute and fun.

Dasein winter nights and L’air marocain videos are up for anyone interested. I was working from home and a little scatterbrained doing them today but I am satisfied with them and uploaded

>> No.14856621

Let me take you on a journey, friend. You’re on vacation in San Francisco, you return to your hotel but have forgotten your room number. You walk into the room of another guest by accident. Immediately upon entering, you notice that a bunch of sweaty men are fucking on a bed shaped like a giant martini glass covered with sequins. YMCA is playing on a loop on the room’s sound system, a disco ball hangs from the ceiling, a large TV displays episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race. John Waters is sitting on a chair in the corner sipping a cosmopolitan.

Ultra Male is gayer than that room.

>> No.14856703
File: 50 KB, 828x431, AD6C8659-4CD9-40C1-82FF-C56ECDFBE659.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

also got the jsp sample set coming with pic rel.
i’m looking forward to seeing how well mfk measures up to the hype, so far i’ve been pretty let down by imaginary authors’ hyped up line, so hopefully this is better.
what are anons’ thoughts on mfk?
i heard grand soir is an extremely high class simple frag and i’m pretty interested in ciel de gum and masculin pluriel.
wasn’t planning on getting 540, but if it’s complimentary then why not for the meme lol

>> No.14856707

azzaro wanted by night

>> No.14856720

bull’s blood was actually one of the only imaginary authors’ frags that i found genuinely interesting and enjoyable, i can’t really tell you the notes i got from it since i haven’t worn it in a few weeks, but i remember it smelling like heavily incensed pews with a darker background, brought me right back to that church my parents always forced me to go to as a kid

>> No.14856721

you think they love you but all they want is someone weak to control...meanwhile they're getting side dick from Chad at work

>> No.14856735
File: 109 KB, 1049x560, 683.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love the dry dusty amber in LDDM
Winter Nights sounds good. Cape Heartache with smoke instead of strawberry is up my alley.
How long until Roja Dove starts sending you bottles?

>> No.14856748

I’ve got a sample of BR540 coming in tonight with my bottle of Baque. I promised an autism report of Hummingbird tonight but I’m stoked to get my nose on a level 10 meme like BR. Jeremey got his minions frothing at the mouth about it when he released his video a while back. You can tell when Jeremey hypes something up because the fragrantica comments start rolling in really positive with infallible reports. I think he has run out of steam with other fragrances besides his though. It’s all vlogs of him speed reading and shilling his brand. You can only review the mainstream designers so many times before the topic gets tired. The small niche channels are still putting along while the big boys are running low on ammo lest they delve into the strange

>> No.14856758

lush's dirty is my favorite mint frag. kinda shitty in cold weather but a beast in spring/summer.

>> No.14856770

I'm fucking cumming

>> No.14856771

i used to be subscribed to the kraut himself for the meme, but after his incessant shilling of office and the lacklustre amount of meme content being pumped out i unsubbed.
all this speed reading and patrick bateman-esque lifestyle nonsense has been really tempting me to resubb though

>> No.14856778

I’m too bald and unphotogenic so never. I remember talk here about a podcast with hookeranon. I’d definitely sign on/show up if invited. Or do a life stream for a laff if any of you have a channel also.

>> No.14856783

I’m too bald and unphotogenic so never. I remember talk here about a podcast with hookeranon. I’d definitely sign on/show up if invited. Or do a life stream for a laff if any of you have a channel also.

>> No.14856788

it’s what’s inside that really matters reviewanon, your autism reviews are always a snice piece of content to look forward to

>> No.14856818

M8, Redolessence looks like someone stuck a gay man’s head on a potato. You’re fine.

>> No.14856888

>I'm an autistic asshole and it's great.

>> No.14856895

I’m still down if someone wants to set something up. Might be fun to chat frags, do a little interview for my /frag/ bros.

>> No.14856901

What about a /frag/ discord server?

>> No.14856908

There is your home, fuck off back there.

>> No.14856915

You would know about gay stuff.

>> No.14856924

Eh, maybe. I’m old so I don’t really know about the Discord or whatever the kids are doing these days.

>> No.14856928
File: 91 KB, 600x765, duo-2_300-600w.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>just found out full presentation purchase of MDCI includes 110ml worth of samples of your choice

>> No.14856931

Please make one

>> No.14856945

well that's good! thank you for the info on Pour un homme.

that sounds PERFECT.

>> No.14856950

Wanna take another crack at that one, slugger?

>> No.14856951

what the FUCK
what other frags have this kind of look?

>> No.14856956

Do this and all these threads will be is discord drama and people (rightfully) calling out discord trannies, which are alway attracted to that sort of things.

>> No.14856957

d-do the samples come with little busts on them too?

>> No.14856962

This 2bqhfam. It’d probably just cause a lot of unnecessary drama. We’re autistic enough without that.

>> No.14856964

Any Frag recs that smell like a church (to possibly include incense notes)?
Already got Bull's Blood on my list.

>> No.14856965

I did it guys. Bought my last frag. Goodbye forever assholes !

>> No.14856968


>> No.14856972

F-fuck you! W-we don’t want you here a-anyway! *sniff*

>> No.14856978
File: 34 KB, 640x480, E387FD75-E52B-4067-8E45-9398741A0B1A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You’ll be back.

>> No.14856983
File: 53 KB, 600x472, coffret-5-Ecw600h.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No they come like this. I understand now why I see so many of these being sold individually on ebay. I think you gotta order it directly from their archaic site to get the free sample sets.

>Simple presentations (75ml spray glass bottles with tassel) come with a complimentary C 1000 set
>Full presentations (with bust) come with two complimentary C1000 sets.
>100ml "Silk Road flacons come with one complimentary C1000 set

>> No.14856993

The only busts I’m interested in are attached to everyone itts mom

>> No.14856994

My mom is dead, you fucking monster!

>> No.14857021

anon who wrote the post about bull’s blood here, a city on fire smelt like it had very similar dna as bull’s blood to me, smelt as if that same church from bull’s blood was full of heavy smokers and matchsticks, very secondhand smoke-esque, not to my taste since it reminds me of my smoker father and his absence as a father figure from my childhood.
your actual experience might vary though, as i go straight to testing all my samples on skin, i couldn’t care less what something smelt like on paper

>> No.14857026

I'm a pleb who only buys designer and gets a couple 2ml samples of semi niche (tom ford, CDG) a year. So arguing about being a poorfag is perfect for discord

>> No.14857027

i mean, whatever floats your boat, the old lady turned 59 this year

>> No.14857030


>> No.14857071


>> No.14857140

guys how are you supposed to apply the samples from luckyscent?

>> No.14857143
File: 39 KB, 375x500, 375x500.32601.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Zoologist Hummingbird
Hard mode: Dont mention or compare Bee

Nectary-floral blast. Lots of notes and harder to discern given the huge note list and how well it is blended. Honey is listed as the most recognized note but not even close to.....Nevermind. Its not so much honey as it is prominent nectar. If you have ever seen and smelled and tasted actual nectar from flowers this is it. Not honey so much as a precursor to it. Its floral but not that powdery, it has some of that raw green-ness to it that (extreme example) carnal flower has. Fresh cut stem rather than mashed up flower. I just sneezed so the floral has got some balls. Strong projection. It is called a "fruity floral gourmand" but I wouldnt at all call this gourmand. Sweet and pleasant but not in an appetizing (used loosely) way. There are fruits but nothing specifically reaches out to me besides cherry. I suppose you could believe apple and pear to be in it but its not super apparent. It is all just blended together to give it "fruitiness" which is nice to me. I can kind of pick up the whipped cream note which is cool, its not easy to spot and apparent either. Really well blended, quite challenging to pick apart. So much green and sweetness your nose is overwhelmed trying to isolate notes. Leans feminine but a guy could easily wear this. No more feminine than ultra male or many other sweet bro frags. This is very elegant but young and playful. Daytime frag, very safe but has balls so easy on the sprays or youll gas a room out. Amazing outdoor frag, but be careful or you may attract....flying nectar seeking insects.

Baque arrived with samples of chypre palatin, trex, arso, and initio side effect.

>> No.14857194

Hoes mad

>> No.14857197

>Copious sex with men

>> No.14857227

File a sample request form at your local city government office

>> No.14857237

Please make it happen kek.

>> No.14857243

Yes why
And non-bust version includes one set like that. MDCI is based af and Claude is a top lad.
Wtf is even scentreel?

>> No.14857259

Buy a set of 20-30 decants on amazon for 6 dollars. You can load all the 1ml samples that way. It is a small investment if you frequently sample. Or just use the stick thing to spread some on your arm

>> No.14857279

i usually dab them at where I usually apply my perfume with the open vial, you could also pour a little into your hands and smack the shit outta your pulse points, if that’s what you wanna do

>> No.14857283

Lmao I just smelled my Trex sample. I didnt spray just took a whiff from the top of the vial. It literally smells like scorched meat and flesh. Like burned lizards and beef jerky. Fucking based I cant wait to do a more in depth review and look. Its like a hellacious butcher. Utterly unwearable but it strongly conveys "dont fuck with me"

>> No.14857311

are you sure it just doesn’t strongly convey burned lizards and beef jerky anon?

>> No.14857313
File: 3.60 MB, 4032x3024, 767711A3-78B6-4FB9-B784-3FDCDCB12913.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lads, just got my T Rex in. This shit is fire!

>> No.14857318

Trex is unironically a gourmand depending on who you're asking

>> No.14857325

Y’know, it actually really is. Hadn’t really thought of it, but gourmands smell like food. They don’t need to specifically smell like sweet food, though I’m not really aware of any other savory gourmands. Interesting.

>> No.14857339

I don't know. I think that gourmands are a catergory specifically reserved for scents similar specifically to desserts.
Independently of that, This is Him from Zadig and Voltaire smells incredibly similar to persimmon to me, all the way from the top notes to the drydown. Wheater that would qualify as a gourmand, it goes back to the first point.

>> No.14857367

Cope harder, some people don't rely on stupid crutches(frags) to have confidence :^)

>> No.14857426

Confidence does little for you when you smell like BO and unwashed ass. Take a shower, hippie.

>> No.14857447

When I make it I'm going to title my trex review video as "Zoologist Trex fragrance Review; Underrated Gourmand? Brontosaurs Burgers" I promise.

>> No.14857450
File: 1.22 MB, 398x188, AC7322F0-B0DA-4D89-B9EE-1577D638F41C.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My bottle of Norne was supposed to be here today, but the goddamn fucking mailnigger didn’t bring it!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

>> No.14857465

Based anon. For some reason this one always attracts me out of everything in the line. I really liked Diptyque's Florabellio (despite the hate it gets) and I've been looking for good florals since I tried it. Looking forward to the next reviews

>> No.14857532

There actually seems to be quite a debate about this. One camps says gourmands can be any “foody” scent, the other says gourmands must be sweet. Personally, I think gourmand fragrances, by definition, must include any edible-smelling scent, though again, there don’t seem to be many scents that smell edible but not sweet, so I suppose it doesn’t really matter all that much.

>> No.14857613
File: 35 KB, 350x490, giorno.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What frag would he wear?
On that note what frag goes with this kinda music?

>> No.14857619

okay fags
I actually love you, don't be offended
bought davidoff leather blend today
for 40 bux
seems like a good deal, but the scent is not as good as i remembered it
what do you think

>> No.14857678

A more citrusy version of Prada L’Homme. Something between that and Dior Homme Cologne.

>> No.14857684

Dior Homme Eau?

>> No.14857719

She left because everyone was calling her a roastie and telling her they were going to rape her even after she asked them to stop. That was a few days ago she hasnt posted since

>> No.14857729
File: 78 KB, 828x1082, 116B3EE8-85A3-4E72-B183-957AA91B20B2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I saw this mentioned last thread and meant to ask about it. I’m getting into fougeres so whatever anon posted pic related tell me about it please

>> No.14857731

She was weak. An unsuitable brood sow for our fragrance Chad babies.

>> No.14857759

She’s still here. Remember, you’re here forever

>> No.14857801

well thank you.
A City on Fire sounds very polarizing, not sure if I would give it a chance.

>> No.14857806

I can only get so aroused... mailman hurry up!

>> No.14857837

if i order samples from their website and then it gets deducted from a full bottle do i still get more samples with purchase of a bottle? seriously tempted on pulling the trigger on a full bottle of chypre palatin in a few months if this is the case

>> No.14857899

Wondered about that too. I have never purchased from them maybe someone else here has.

>> No.14857934
File: 145 KB, 1000x1000, 71KeIGrltfL._SL1000_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any perfume that smell like Suavecito Teak Wood?

>> No.14857962

Armani's Bois d'encens. Performance is terrible on my skin so you may want to sample it before pulling the trigger

>> No.14857997

Nice review man

>> No.14858036

Is CDG 2 the best fragrance choise for an e-boy?

>> No.14858053

i like it, very strong though.

>> No.14858054
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>3 weeks and perfumed court order still isnt here

>> No.14858067

CgD has Avignon/Zagorsk/ISIS/Bukakke series

>> No.14858071

Acqua di Gio easy

When he becomes the boss, maybe go to Acqua di Gio Profumo

>> No.14858121

Imagine being a massive pussy like this guy

>> No.14858122

It smells like the original Roma Uomo with the sweetness toned down a bit, some aquatic notes of "cascalone" added in as well as some rosemary, anise, and geranium which gives a classical fougere feeling in the heart. It's mainly a balsamic woody fragrance. Very very good stuff.

Also, SOTD is YSL Rive Gauche PH. If this stuff wasn't discontinued entirely, it would probably rival Fahrenheit as one of my all time favorites. Is YSL literally fucking retarded?

>> No.14858153
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