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How is Uniqlo for the frame of a western man?
The wiki says that some shops aren't worth at because their clothes are fit for asian frames, not caucasians. Does that apply to Uniqlo too, or are they a global enough brand that they have clothes that are cut differently in western stores?
I want Turtleneck Sweaters and Uniqlo has some really nice ones.

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i bought a turtleneck longsleeve a month ago, it fits almost a bit short but its still bearable, im 6 foot 1 wearing size L, the sleeves are the same, almost a bit too short but still alright

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Wonder if i should get L too then as a 180cm dude.

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It's for little highschool fashionistas who are way too tall for their weight

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i think you're just fat

>> No.14826944

used to be asian size but now it's westernised

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I'm pretty sure if you are 1.90 tall you aren't supposed to weight somewhere low in the 70 kilos.

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fat cunt

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wtf why are the west's weight standards so accepting of fatties
no one should way more than 70 kilos and desu the average person shouldn't weigh more than 60

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You are hereby invited to sit on my lap

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I think they've changed their sizing to be more American. I weight 185 lbs and fit into mediums, if they were sized for Asians, I'd need XXL

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Interesting. I guess they really did then

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the west in general is taller
70kg at 194cm for example would be straight outta fucking auschwitz

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Im 5'8 140 lbs (i need to lose some weight) and uniqlo fits me fucking well at a M

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Think they did and it's too bad. Loved uniqlo because I'm a tiny little faggot.

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just buy S?
then again, i'm european and for all i know S in america is still L in europe

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You could just tell us straight you're fat.
Uniqlo is very consistent with sizing, once you figure yours you can be pretty sure all items in that size will fit you.
Just fucking go to a shop and try something. You can probably even get a tee shipped for free is their promos are still ongoing.

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no that's normal and fashionable your perception of weight is just fucked

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I'm 186cm and I've a size M uniqlo polo shirt and it fits fine

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I'm 180 cm, 69 kg

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>Just fucking go to a shop and try something.
Unfortunately not possible as there are only 5 Uniqlo in all of germany and 3 of them are in Berlin

>> No.14827263

>Lives in Germany and doesn't wanna travel to Berlin much less already live there
God, you're not even cool enough for Uniqlo.

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188 cm, 73 kg, very low bf%
L fits well

>> No.14827311

size M should fit you then

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Fuck you, I traveled to one in Koln across two continents.
Buying new underwear on last days of my trip there was actually cheaper than washing it.

>> No.14827352

Fuck you too

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I'm exactly 183/6' and the sizing is a bit random. Size M is usually tight but not uncomfortably so, and Size L is usually slightly loose.

But I do have some t-shirts that are size L and look so oversized and long, while the same t-shirt in the same size in another color fits perfectly.

It's perplexing.

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That sounds like a pain in the ass

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I’m 5’8” and 170lbs and wear an small.

What’s goin on with your body?

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I had a pair of jeans from there in my usual size and I literally couldn't close them, but I've had a jacket, belt and some shirts that all fit fine.

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5 9 and 190, get mogged son

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i bought one of those airism shirts because i kept seeing people say how comfy they were.
the way the material is and how its formed to your body, it fucking made me look like a faggot getting ready to go to a gay bar.

>> No.14827899

wow, how insecure are you?

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If you have broader shoulders go up a size especially if you want a drop shouldered look. Other than that I'd say the measurements are pretty good. Their basic cotton T-Shirts and sweaters are pretty heavy so they extenuate the chest so take that into consideration.

>> No.14827978

should I grab supima cotton shirts or the regular ones

>> No.14827987

Yeah it fits a bit too much like Asian size

>> No.14828007

im secured enough to know that im not a faggot. if you like that style then more power to ya. that shits just not for me.

>> No.14828106

Because it's a godsend for short westerner

>> No.14828304

I typically wear a small or an extra-small, I’m around 177.8 cm tall.

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I'm 6'0 and like 82-85kg, so overweight. I usually go with their large but still sometimes medium. When I was about 75kg their larges were getting too big for me.
The biggest fit issue I've had with them is their chinos could be higher-rise.
Like, if I got down to a 30 waist I probably couldn't pull my pants up further than my pubes. (I exaggerate but you get the point.)

>> No.14828407

Cope Fatty McManlet. 1.89m 67kg here

>> No.14828414

6'0 160lb wearing size large fits perfectly for me. although i am asian.

>> No.14828494

I'm 6'3 and 82kg. Usually I pick XL.
I live in Japan now so the sizes in stores here maybe aren't the same as the US/Europe ?
Maybe lost one or two kg since coming here.

>> No.14829181

yea i'm curious whether the sizes are just differently cut depending on region

>> No.14829189

they are, been to uniqlo in multiple countries in asia and the west

>> No.14829902

Only ever ordered some t shirts from them but I'm 6'2" 160 lbs and the large fits perfect

>> No.14830343

Cuts change by region, some styles and collections. It’s fast fashion. If you want a better cut, shop better brands.

>> No.14831102

6'2 190, i am who you wish you were

>> No.14831106

Yeah this is why i dont believe you people. I'm the same height and 30 pounds more and a large fits me like a robe, youre lying about your height or your weight.

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their sizing varies by region you fucks

>> No.14831184

5'7" 145lbs, also small

>> No.14831479

so the sizes probably vary between asia and the west, but i wonder if they also vary between europe and america

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