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It's been a while lads.

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The one post WW2 German camouflage pattern I don’t have

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Gotta catch em all ay

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>those trousers
>those boots


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gotta post the classic

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Can anyone recommend me some wool pants?
Preferably something that isn't too baggy, would be good for going /out/, and work well if tucked into boots. So I guess something decently durable and not too dressy.

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Going to need an ID on top left and middle jackets lad

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would recommend swedish or finnish army wool trousers, they might be too baggy though.

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anyone have id on pants?

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Universal Works but I don't think they sell that particular one anymore. It might be the Bakers Pant.

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this is frozen folk

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you mean "peaceful snow"

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I was thinking of getting a Tolstovka, bad idea?

Also, does anyone have recs for boots that aren't as military-styled as the Austrian paratrooper boots but also are more than just docs or some shit like that. I got the Austrian meme boots but they are really unpractical. Hiking in them is a bitch and doing outdoor work is easier in sneakers or work boots.

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what is that around his neck? Is he wearing a hood underneath?

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cravat from a rectangular cloth

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Is that what's in your pic?
I think it's a bandana or neckerchief.

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thank you both, very strange to see with a sweater. definitely my favorite from the thread so far though

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>I was thinking of getting a Tolstovka, bad idea?
i dont really know, for an eastern slav like me, it sounds cringe

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anyone knows ID on the boots righr bottom and the ones woth the red/orange heel?

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no, forgot to mention. however the jacket is swedish. both are pretty common (etsy or varusteleka sell both)

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This is lovely, especially the riding trousers: how would you go about life without looking like a sperg, however?

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Just be good looking

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Just wear weather appropriate clothing and be yourself

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Sorprendentemente buen thread
(Pic is Submachine games artist)

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Still looks like a larp

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>antarctic geodunks
fuck man w2c

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Got a few compliments during the hike
(Please ignore the more modern canteen, im in process of getting a more volkisch one)

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Very nice, what's under the finnish camo overcoat?

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A finnish wool jacket

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just own it, most fashion looks either generic as fuck or larp

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What style of jacket is this? I quite like it.

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Anyone know where to get either the Dutch or British capes(pic related)

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Does the Canada one cover the mouth?

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shapeless lardass fashion

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every single one of those drapes in a really cool way

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Some kind of cropped aviator jacket, maybe. Cut makes me think of Canadian/British WWI jackets.

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This >>14821397 or Filson if you want something new, held up well for me over about a hundred miles in the rockys so far.

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W2c jackboots without hobnails that aren’t 40 year old soviet artifacts, or failing that can someone explain Russian/Soviet shoe sizes, different tables on the internet have converted one Russian size to everything from a 8 to a 12 uk

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sizes are variable
there is no universal sizing chart
mostly they are marketing tools
fat women will pay more for a 2 that fits them than they will for a 10 that fits them

you just have to try the shit on to see if it fits

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idk if this helps but it could if you find the sizes in cm

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found some on etsy and I think varusteleka at least had some, althought can't help with the size system

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How are some of the best military boots around impractical?

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>implying this whole board isn’t larp
>larping as an SS/Hitler youth member
>larping as Le neofolk Outdoor man
>larping as a sadboy™
>larping as an altboy™ To get arthoes
>larping as someone with a personality

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anyone have any idea where to get similar jackets as pic

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Hessen antique has dress jackboots, but you must add sole protectors to these as they’re leather.
Additionally, mil Tec makes modern jackboots.
You can also see about having Lederarsenal make you a pair with lugged soles. Any boot maker should be able to do this is theory, but Lederarsenal is regarded as the best for jackboots.

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Lederarsenal boots are 400usd and take 6 months to make

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Want the best, you pay for the best.
Try find another boot maker if that’s too steep and see what prices they can give you. They’ll probably be able to put some boots together for you.

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Do you own lederarsenal boots?

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wtf why is this thread so damn good??

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>larping as someone with a personality
Fake it till you make it

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wanting ID on those boots as well.

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hey does anyone know a good website for german replica uniform clothing? figured if anyone would know itd be you guys. Im trying to find this splinter camo pants from 50s east german border guards.

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Everything you just said was wrong. Those are early 50s west german Bundeswehr army trousers. Nobody does replicas of those

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If you're going to wear them as fashion and not for historical accuracy, buy Chinese ones on ebay. Just look up splinter camo trousers

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I've been looking for the dutch ones myself, they're fucking gold dust it seems as unlike the british ones' they're pre-rubberised...

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Ayyy Black Narcissus is kino.

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what is the female equivalent of neofolk?

can someone post insp?

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>the female equivalent of neofolk

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Lads what type of trousers would work with pic related?

ie look good with combat boots

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black jeans imo

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Where to find trousers like these?

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Weather wool poncho

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Northwoods wool poncho

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I'm saving my cat's fur to spin into yarn and make knitwear out of. What should I make with it? Hat, fingerless gloves, scarf? Can't do a sweater not enough fur.

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I cringed
> t. Bundesgrenzschutz collector

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very cool, liking the back a lot, pic related

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these are sold out. Does anyone know of another place these are available?

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I suppose this is the best thread there is currently to ask this, I am looking for a decent m51 or m65 fishtail parka in black, which brands should I look for and which ones should I avoid?
Also will I even survive in mostly -12 C weather that may or may not get to -20 sometimes?
And preferably europe based since us shipping will fuck me

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throw brands aside and get real milsurp, there are tons of online eu stores, and while im not sure about lined ones (look for golf war parkas) get a liner to it, then you can wear it in warmer weather too, dye it black if thats important, cost a couple bucks and not even much time, saves you money overall

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I'm actually wearing swedish wool army pants from varusteleka rn. I would recommend. They run super huge though but they're cozy. I also have the austrian army cargos and they're nice, but much more casual.

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where you get that shit from

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can you link some of em?
It's really fucking hard to dig through the brands

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how autistic you gotta be to wear this in almost 2020

>> No.14834979

youd find a milsurp shop thats more suitable for you easily but varusteleka is a good point for EU

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olive clothing

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wool socks, or gloves

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Kubitschek is an ugly boomer who isn't even on a first name basis with his own wife.

>> No.14836321

Pls make a thread about your work when its done.

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Id on those ?

>> No.14836468

where do i find the jacket in the middle and the one on top left?

>> No.14836504

Swedish wool trousers

>> No.14836521

JoJo has some in his store all the time. That's where the pic is from...

>> No.14837126

I picked up a pair from Varusteleka and I'm quite happy with them

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this is so me heh

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I assume these threads are some kind of troll to get people to look stupid

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well you indeed do

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Swiss KS90's

>> No.14838993

>t. streetwear faggot

>> No.14839273

I think the conceptual nature of a "neo folk" aesthetic is interesting, and I think that it could work without being larpy. These threads are basically just milsurp and "how do I tell people I'm a fascist through clothing, though, so there isn't much hope.

>> No.14839338

gib me now

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https://lilvic.bigcartel.com/product/roam-as-a-pack-t-shirt I started my clothing brand so whoever wants to support your boy thank you.

>> No.14839455

black jeans or black chinos

>> No.14839461

fuck off you stupid cunt
first you made a dumb thread a week ago trying to shill and got roasted for it
now you’re posting in a completely unrelated thread.

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this is a great pic.

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First day with these pants and people dug the look! Was also wearing a different shirt earlier but had to change because pomegranates are hard to eat.

>> No.14839846

with the flecktarn id suggest black pants as brown boots, black puttees (i suppose?) and the pants are kinda all over the place imo
except of the jacket i dig the look though

>> No.14840097

La luna vino a la fragua con su polisón de nardos.

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File: 678 KB, 800x728, si.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Thread Theme

>> No.14842458

pls post neofolk grils

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File: 11 KB, 450x314, hielscherufrau.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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lol none of you actually live up to this lifestyle. cringiest larp possible

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File: 1.93 MB, 4390x3453, 040.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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neopoo gf

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>> No.14844687

w2c backpack?

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let's get some more darkfolk stuff

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