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Since we will soon enter a new decade, what will be the big trends of the 2020s?

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body modifications like primitive cybernetic enhancements in the late 20's
people in the west starting to wear face masks like in asia
transgender operations will become so good that by the close of the decade MtF trannies will practically be girls, this will also influence fashion
biggest trend of all will be a return of the bourgeois royal fashion of old times, except its all vetements style irony for e-celebs and influencers
like the met gala but all the time

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>what will be the big trends of the 2020s?

no gf

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seeing as the 2010’s fetishized the 90’s i’m really hoping to see zoomers trying to revive y2k-core bustwave shit

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whats the point of runny nose makeup

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A huge divide between the cities and the rural parts
Cities will be basically what >>14813021 says, and rural parts will be super conservative 1950s fashion because of the growing divide between rightwing a leftwing ideologies and internets amplification of it

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baggy cause climate change will make everything cold af

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its cute

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I believe hipster aesthethics, close to late bustwave will make a comeback
Judging by things that dominate fashion and entertainment, as an example rap music and everyone wearing wide pants, you can assume indie rock and skinny jeans definetly making a comeback
Also in a few years there will come a decentralized social media aggregate which will take all of the content from normie social networks (and a few naughty ones), so that might spawn new movements also
people in big cities might dress even crazier, while people not living there will dress like turbonormies, only much high quality clothing than todaybecause new better manufacturing processes, however trends will drip down to them
tl:dr: late 2000s hipsters, in big cities even more faggotry

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>MtF trannies will practically be girls
you wish, faggot

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Full-on 1920s revival like that one meme pic suggests.
I definitely wouldn't mind getting a neo-flapper gf.

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I just want a visual kei revival

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I hope it will be vampire core

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yup, unironically.

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Minimalist makeup and “natural” looks will be very prominent. Modern glamour will be completely dead soon. Dramatic eyeshadow will also die off over time.

As for fashion, probably more editorial and designer-inspired. Think 1980 Mugler.

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Chink brands will be a thing. This decade people stopped laughing on chink phones so same would happened to clothes.
Shopping "original chink brands" on aliexpress will be a common thing while all those shitty euro and american brands which produce everything in asia will die.

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Vintage clothing but more grungy

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everyone starting to get into occult and doing meme shit - being edgy

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Good to see that there isn't a coherent consensus on here.

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literally me
Not outside the city
Emo core mixed with goth is going to make a comeback, mark my words

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chinese and south asian clothes might become a thing

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e-girl/e-boy and kpop wankery everywhere

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environmentally friendly propeller hats hooked up to battery backpacks that generates and stores electricity you can use when you come home from your job delivering food, packages, and mail for the rich elites (email and instant messaging is seen as uncool by the upper classes, who will revive old school ways of communicating)
the people of the lower floors of the citadel will have to wear blue overall uniforms, the people of the upper floors can wear whatever they want, but they'll mostly wear fur from previously extinct species brought back via cloning, or fur from mixed animal hybrids like cat/dogs zebra/mammoths boar/rats lion/bats
the people chosen for screen/holographic entertainment will wear nothing at all, creative ways of shaving body hair will be a big thing in those circles
teenagers will wear ironic t-shirts with their parents old low-res nudes and dickpics on them (all cloud services have been hacked and everyone's private information and pictures are now available to everyone with a connection to the 9g global internet (which will be everyone))
criminals will be marked with tattoos on their foreheads, progressives will get similar facial tattoos to signal their solidarity with them (the tattoos actual function is as a status symbol among other progressives, but this will be an unspoken truth and no one will dare to break the taboo of acknowledging it out loud)
ultra neo neo-nazis will have taken over madagascar, where they isolate themselves and conduct purifying genetic experiments. no one knows what they wear or what cultural trends they have.
due to rising sea levels, scuba suit inspired fashion will be a thing
a new type of bacteria will break down all the plastic in the oceans and turn it into sludge. the bacteria will affect plastic on land too, and fabrics made from wood will explode in popularity, every forest will be cut down to meet the high demand
pop music are just supergroups made of cloned musicians: elvis & mozart, beatles & 2pac, etc

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>mark my words
it’s already starting

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Trad revival

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it's already on the decline

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Previewing things that already happened.

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it's because of the chemicals in the water anon

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post-ironic geocities wave with clothing that has real animated .gifs

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can we PLEASE have natural eyebrows on women??? PLEEAAASE!

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Like >>14813030 said, y2k will be a big thing. Cargo jeans will make a comeback, since surplus fags are slowly becoming more abundant.
With the political tensions increasing, you'll see the right wing adhering to tradwave and the left receding to >>14813059 hipster aesthetics. I highly doubt there will be a centrist fashion movement in the 20's.

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she nasty bro

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like who

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literally everything said is not gonna fucking happen lmao

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early-mid 2000s emo aesthetics

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i think she's so pretty...
girl in the op

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Aliexpress will replace Zara

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yea lmao this thread is just a bunch of chink bootlikers and literally tranhumanist weeb tranny chasers. disgraceful board

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w-we're all gonna make it, r-right bros?

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stage for 2020s already been set
basics will do the emo scene bullshit
we that are elevated will be wearing fits suited to travelling the astral plane

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Imagine actually believing this.

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No it isn't.

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no, 30% will have no gf, and 4chan users are at very high risk

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>primitive cybernetic enhancements in the late 20's
please let this be true

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Like 60% of the 15-30 crowd has sex less than 1 time a year. Never gonna make it.

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Depends on what kanye wears

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literally all of this is just informed by contemporary fads and nothing of it will come true

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thats what we have since 2017, in what flyover state do you live?

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What if I am rightwing but wanna dress like a hipster
I just hope early 2000s shit does not become cool

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terrible fate

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More "cyberpunk" shit
Possibly a goth revival
And hopefully jumpsuits becoming somewhat mainstream

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Kanyes fit (and music) are garbage lately

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I noticed a few jumpsuits creeping in lately desu

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>transgender operations will become so good that by the close of the decade MtF trannies will practically be girls
keep dreaming, roboglobohomo

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Neo-hippie movement bringing back dirty old hippie wear and music
more tech wear in public
punk will be revived
mid to late 20’s will be androgynous wear on a mass consumer scale
hype beast fashion will die out completely
modernized high class Victorian wear
And socially acceptable buttplugs for the corporate whores (((them))) to wear at the office

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Absolutely disgusting makeup. Why do women do this?

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Lots of gender neutrality

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Leather is going to be huge.

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It’s already started uwu


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What happened in ‘97-‘98?

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Agreed, but I'm not sure if it'll be a true 'neutrality'. I see the majority swinging towards masculine gender expression rather than feminine - it's cheaper and easier. Most of my girl friends wear male clothing on the regular but I can't say the same for guys wearing dresses (thank god).

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I think a lot of what's been mentioned in this thread is already being picked up on. Gender neutral, bit of goth, garish colours. Billie Eilish might be a good indication of where we're going but it's a bit early to tell if this will be picked up in day-to-day wear.

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saw a fag in a jumpsuit in college. this is terrifying

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Let me guess... you like classic rock, right? Fucking boomers baka

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Fuckinf weebs already wear masks in western culture

>> No.14815530

holy shit she looks horrible

>> No.14815532

God I hope not

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I find this to be the most likely and most upsetting prediction in this thread.

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Haha, I already adopted this trend

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oh fuck. good post

>> No.14815625

you can tell she's fucking sick of wearing that stupid shit.

Billie: "Please can I just wear something not retarded just to quickly go shop?"

Industry record man: "No, that was the deal, we make you famous, you have to wear retarded shit 24/7"

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further and further individualization, dissolving of cultural gate keepers, mass production of and access to all types of clothing and accessories. I think the 20s will be the first decade to not have a trend due to the hyper individualization of /neoliberalism/

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We drift further apart from each other and deeeper into our own egos.
we transcend the bullshit
And all the bullshitters are buried underground to rot and compost and the fertile ground will spring forth an abunamce of life for a bright future.

Fuck microplastics 2029 all the synthetic firbers will be outlawed and confiscated. Black market spandex will be a thing. Yoga pants will only beworn by only the highest paid instagram thots.

Moss underwear

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I never said I wanted it, It would be retarded to think that transgender surgeries won’t keep getting better. All surgeries will get better. I didn’t want to say FtM because clearly MtF is a serious and bigger problem that is influenced by fashion, and if irony gets worse people are just gonna day it’s a joke when they cut their dick off. Not my choice buddy.

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Probably not exactly like this, but I reckon most of it will come true. You could also say this about any other prediction on this thread. We’re so run out of ideas communally and globally homogenised that only bad shit is gonna happen.

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that is objectively not early 00s emo this is literally and irrefutably late 90s nu-metal

>> No.14815733

Only the youngest and most forward of zoomers listen to rock now. Soys, early zoomers, and other unfashionable dinosaurs listen to "rap" which is inarguably dead and unfashionable to the influential trendsetting youth here in basically 2020

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Swimsuit, a fishnet croptop, and a skirt

>> No.14815905

>transgender operations will become so good that by the close of the decade MtF trannies will practically be girls
Lmao this has been going on for centuries, look at hollywood. Why do all 'female' actors have those broad shoulders and square jaws? Same with fashion models. They're all trannies. Novus ordo seclorum is coming. To hell with those people

>> No.14815960

>hype beast fashion will die out completely
what, did you forget completely about niggers?

>> No.14816018

schizo lol

>> No.14816042

This. The 20 year cycle is so dead. Only the industry is trying to keep it going because it makes customers predictable. Zoomers will wake up to this and drop the early 2000's shit.

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I disagree.

Goth and cyberpunk aesthetics are coming in in a huge way. The 2020's are a push toward the futurism of the past.

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The state of rap music in 2019.

>yo yo I got a glock
>postin' up poppin' on opp
>something something murder
Next track
>why do white people keep us down the police are racist

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I guess the question is whether Goth and Cyberpunk are "coming back" as a part of the early 2000's or whether they're a timeless style option no longer attached to any one decade.

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people will start to unironically dress like anime characters in the early-mid 2020s
loads of bold colors mixed with black, anime hairstyles will replace the current meme ones
peacock-weeb-goth is the new shit

>> No.14816123

is that the new tesla?

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Did you come up with these ideas. Where are you getting this content. It’s good

>> No.14816343

i'm basically an advanced shitposter

>> No.14816453

I see so many girls cosplaying as billie eilish already, this is bound to happen

>> No.14816455

We would all die of lung cancer at 33

>> No.14816489

Womenswear elements on men, skirt and all
Nailart on men is going to become tolerated
And more techwear because of the climate fuckery

>> No.14816492

you wish retard

>> No.14816796

dadbod will be pushed more, but all of the models are still 8 pack chads. Young people will start to dress like skatercore (not weedcore) without actually skating

>> No.14817048

who gives a shit? if you're still following fashion past 2023, then you need to fucking grow and focus on the things that are more important. You can't be a trend chasing babby forever

>> No.14817073

This is already happening. High school and uni kids are already showing signs of Ellish aesthetic

>> No.14817212

>Goth and cyberpunk aesthetics are coming in in a huge way
I fucking hope.

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Following the 20 year rule we're gonna get some Fred Durst-core

>> No.14817480

this but the answer is 2012, not 2023. be an adult.

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>> No.14817519

Damn I feel this

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>> No.14817532

That’s just how jewess women look anon

>> No.14817537

Yeah but Billie said once she’s an adult she would wear better fitting clothes.
The whole reason she dresses like that is cause she’s slim thicc And doesn’t want to be sexualised
So like she said when she’s older she’s happy to be
Her trend dies when she’s 18-20

>> No.14817684

Why do people keep posting about rural areas as though they have ever or will ever care about how they look. Its not an important part of their society.

>> No.14817710

post fit
>in b4 too afraid to

>> No.14817716

Shit that is bad. At the risk of sounding like a poltard the US cannot be stable with that trend. Can’t wait for post-communist style social collapse

>> No.14817730

2020 is gonna be a full on Lovecraftian/Gibsonian cyberpunk dystopia. A rotting mass of flesh and hair implants with the mannerisms of a used car salesman broadcasting bizarre infoblasts from the White House literal NrX tech vampires are pulling the strings from behind the curtains. Biometric surveillance, drone strikes, bearded Russian occultists, customizable, designer genders, neotribal gang warfare that's destined to crash garbage time per neural input detectors. It's really cool desu.

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Sorry cletus, did I hit too close to home?

>> No.14817780

you will never be a girl, tranny

>> No.14817781

please god please god

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>a push toward the futurism of the past

I'm on board, but please no steampunk

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Poet shirts, or puffy shirts.

>> No.14817819

Wtf happened men??

>> No.14817895

This is so strange, I think I know this girl but she looks completely different now.

>> No.14817918

No eyebrows will become mainstream for both men and women, but more so women.
More men will wear skirts and dresses, though it won't become properly mainstream until the end of the decade.
The twenties will be a decade of bright colors and bold prints, a sharp contrast from the minimalism, muted pastels, and neutrals of the teens.
Streaks and tips will be more common than dying all of your hair, again in bright colors instead of pastels.
Every girl will have some variation of a mullet at some point in the next decade.
Current synthetic fibers will be rejected, but there will be new "eco friendly" synthetic fibers that will replace what we currently have. The "only natural fibers" trend will be dead by the middle of the decade.
Thigh high socks will be abandoned and only the sickest of tranny perverts will wear them. Knee high is the new trendy sock length.
Someone who isn't google will come out with functional, non-faggy AR glasses (or at least normies won't think they are faggy). Everyone will wear them.
Kitten heels and flats.
Necklines will plunge, for both men and women, shirts will be tighter fitting, but skirts and dresses will be loose.
At the peak of Y2K revivalism you will see everyone between the ages of 12 and 32 wearing roller shoes.

>> No.14817929

fuck I think your right and I hate it. I wish the art hoe trend would last a few more years. I could take or leave the e-girl trend. I wouldn't mind a late 80's revival. For both men and women.

>> No.14817954

I hope the royal fashion shit becomes real so I can get rich embroidering and making lace for instagram morons

>> No.14817992

/fast/ as fuck

>> No.14818091

ye, she's the one that changed into a skinhead girl when she changed boyfriends

>> No.14818093

yet again nothing said above will happen. What the actual fuck are people smoking. Its only a few years from now.

>> No.14818094

Faun hooves

>> No.14818098

>Long hair for men
>Relaxed cuts, nothing skinny
>Actual 90s revival, people will be more laid back, rules will be softened (Athleisure is the beginning of this)
>Metal revival (70s style retro metal)

>> No.14818099

>seeing as the 2010’s fetishized the 90’s
What? Why do people say this?
2010s is early 80s, not 90s. 90s were about being relaxed, cool and laid back, the polar opposite of the 2010s.

>> No.14818104

rlly solid anon thank u

>> No.14818110

thats your kink anon not a prediction :////

>> No.14818111

You mean like now?

>> No.14818113

2020s will be apoliticial

>> No.14818116

>Neo-hippie movement bringing back dirty old hippie wear and music
Why do you think they were called HIPsters in the early 2010s? We already had a hippie revival.

>> No.14818122

a visionary
great piece

>> No.14818124

what’s her name? what’s her instagram?

>> No.14818125

>or whether they're a timeless style option no longer attached to any one decade.
So where are they now lol?

People will claim it because they won't like to admit that the 20 year cycle is still in effect, like you do now.

>> No.14818129

There is a prophecy in Germany that WW3 will come when women make footprints like goats. Interesting, huh?

>> No.14818131

never saved it
was posted a few times around here, warosu it my man

>> No.14818138

Everyone will wear mustard.

>> No.14818149

will try that. Curiosity is killing me, I know she’s not the girl I personally know but she look identical.

>> No.14818166

Nope, found this broken link www instagram com /p/ BgGhQjDgSFX which was supposed to be her account but nothing is here. Saw another picture of her though, she didn’t look like the girl I knew. I think it had to do with the angle of the photo.

>> No.14818176

>people in the west starting to wear face masks like in asia

I see azns do this all the time in Australia but for the first time the other day I saw a white person doing it.

>> No.14818201

here man, found it for you since you really wanted to see. the transformation is soul crushing

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File: 79 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20191114_150913_266.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I honestly think people's obsession with bohemianism and rebellion is just resetting the clock on cultural nostalgia. The newest wave is undeniably 60's hippy/beatnik, but viewed through the context of 80's or 90's nostalgia. I think we'll just move up through the decades once again with a new nostalgia flavor every 10 years, merely viewed through a new lense.

Pic related. My tie dye.

>> No.14818278

lmao really imaginative content anon

>> No.14818318


batskin pants w lion trim

zebra hide jacket w mammoth neck


>> No.14818329
File: 317 KB, 960x1200, ib5nk10n30q__28260.1561326395.1280.1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

w2c? I always wanted to get a pirate-like shirt but all the ones I found are overpriced costume pieces with shit quality

>> No.14818337

Fat women, hispanic women, fat hispanic women will continue to wear tight jeans higher & higher until they're up around their fucking tits.

>> No.14818343

Does this have a correlation to gaming by any chance?

>> No.14818355
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i see you're too seething and afraid to post a fit because of how unattractive you are

>> No.14818372

mass extinction because of cLiMaTeChAnGe

>> No.14818508

Thank you king, now without a doubt I can say that she does not look the same as the girl I know. I agree with you, it’s a shame seeing someone walking down a path of hate.

>> No.14818516

pretty much more tranny influence until the muzzies are ready...

>> No.14818579

least in the UK is see tweed and suits making a come back

the 1920s style will play a big part of the 2020s see lofi but clubs for it

cyberpunk will have an influence once akira 2020 is out and cyberpunk 2077 and maybe a new deus ex

techwear might become mainstream buy the late 2020s but i doubt it.

2000s nostagla will hit hard and i see microsoft pushing this with the nextgen xbox once the trends main stream.(we seeing this with the new flip phone out next year)

i see religion becoming a rebel symbol so expect edgy teens talking about Jesus (im being real here, im aware how batshit it sounds)

>> No.14819440 [DELETED] 

>path of hate
the fact that her mates bash nigro faces or whatever they might do doesn't matter, it's how she looks and how she presents herself, these things have degraded completely

>> No.14819479

you need a scene to show this stuff off, and aside from EDM turning into fratboycore there hasn't been a big music genre for awhile besides mumble rap pushing all that effay shit

>> No.14819482

this is unironically becoming the new dadcore
genx and millenials will chase this in their dad garage bands once they get married

>> No.14819502

90s pop punk hippie revival acidcore speedcore


>> No.14819512

[YouTube] Machine Gun Kelly, YUNGBLUD, Travis Barker - I Think I'm OKAY [Official Music Video]
Finally some fucking edge

>> No.14819518

classic rock is a hard commitment because you have to pick a style that has to be listened to by itself for 3-4 minutes

>> No.14819525

nu-metal coming back is actually kinda exciting

>> No.14819532

its actually interesting what's going to happen with a lot of former suburban cities urbanizing and now having the potential for their own cultures

>> No.14819537

this is what people's parents are going to be remembered as 10 years from now

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>what will be the big trends of the 2020s?
i will continue my process of gradual depersonalization as society, its trends and its values, leaves me behind. i will settle into a state of permanent morriña for a dream, and will drink more than i do today.

>> No.14819546

based and landpilled

>> No.14819553

laid back happy 90s coming back will be nice

>> No.14819559

beatnik/frenchcore should have taken over instead of "arthoe": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sV6PShlZOJU

>> No.14819567

this is awful, all of those clothes fit like shit. this is the least imaginative "beatnik throwback" imaginable.
bad bad bad bad.

but a good beatnik frenchcore would be nice (or you could just go to france where it never died)

>> No.14819596

suckle nipple yes pluck n pop sound ad infinitum

>> No.14819629

Don't we all

>> No.14819633
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Forgot image

>> No.14819635


>> No.14820028
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>white knighting this hard for rednecks after I pointed out an obvious truth about rural society

I'm seething, right.

>> No.14820116

Can you link me to this prophecy? this sounds amazing

>> No.14820146

>doesn’t matter
I disagree, I think it does matter if she present herself as a racist. I think it’s fair to say that; sooner or later when you’re with your significant other, you’ll support whatever life decision they take and vice versa. If at first she was just supporting her partner by looking like him, who is to say she won’t later further support him by bashing other people’s face like how you mentioned earlier?

>> No.14820156
File: 25 KB, 320x271, wwf_wrestlemania5_hogan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all these diversions
>no fit
why are you so afraid

>> No.14820172

I'm buttass naked cousinfucker, still interested?

>> No.14820206
File: 2.78 MB, 3024x4032, TDgk1ou.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's a fucking fit you god damn flyover bumpkin white night faggot. Now go back to the fields.

>> No.14820213

Incredibly gay

>> No.14820217

It takes a faggot to know one

>> No.14820221


>> No.14820254

I guess the one anon will have to prove that's not him with a timestamped fit including face and hair!

>> No.14820284
File: 701 KB, 2640x1980, 15748214102428826227149647623866.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14820305

tyler get the fuck off 4chan

>> No.14820332


Bits of what these are getting at, I think we're going to see a surprise revival of subcultures and distinctive style trends again as filter bubbles take hold more firmly. Clear divisions in style and themes depending on background factors like rural/urban, class, cultural and social attitudes, political ideology etc.

Styles and subcultures distinctly tied to these factors with extreme variations that reflect them. Urban, middle class, liberal bubbles with more gender neutrality, more homogeneity and more extreme forms of experimentation and 'change' for the sake of it. Rural or more conservative filter bubbles with more traditional/classical aesthetics, more rigid and structured rules based style. Late 2010s tribalism but reflected more clearly in the 2020s as whole subcultures and style trends.

I think while you could call it a politicisation of style and fashion, I thin kit more reflects and a boredom and desire for something different than the homogenised, bland and empty that has characterised most 2010s trends. Look at how politics in general has almost entirely flipped form being bland, sanitised and everyone agreeing consensus to an absolute free-for-all of hyperpartisanship. I think culture and fashion are going the same way. Whatever filter bubbles people subscribe to now they're going to want even more of, even harder in the 2020s.

>> No.14820359
File: 48 KB, 712x389, IMG_20190803_021501.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14820437

I think we'll see suits with cyber-influenced designs, like LED hexagon patterns infused into the fabric somehow.

>> No.14820457

Incels are right

>> No.14820469


>> No.14820480

regression back to grundge shit because thats what e-faggots do now

>> No.14820598

Pretty boy demon I can fuck a virgin bitch core will rise next decade. Should be interesting to see the contrast of this new wave spirituality vs new wave occult play out.

>> No.14821086

I really think there will be a world civil war at the end of 2020s between the big cities and the rural, especially in the US
Cities are already flooded with leftists, faggots, trannies and shitskins, and they are getting more saturated every day because big cities are the only fertile ground for these kinds of people
On the other hand, rural parts are almost 99% white and religious to a degree, and they are responsible for bringing all the resources to the big cities.
Like it was said before, there is a growing divide between people based on their politics which is amplified by the internet, so what if these two parties decide to break apart, into far left cities and far right rural areas, its already happening if you look at 2016 presidential candidate map by counties.
So what happens when the rural decides to stop sending in the resources to the big cities, what will happen to the people living inside, what will happen to poor faggots when hungry niggers start killing them for food?
We will have to wait until 2024 presidential elections to see how things will start to unfold

grunge shit is pretty much dead because of zoomer faggots

>> No.14821109

>world civil war
regrettably there are no tools or weapons to fight back our governments outside of your country.
>but you can starve them
we would starve ourselves. perhaps it can sound strange to you when you take in mind the vastness of your rural world but outside of the US most rural european people don't feed themselves from their own gardens due to monoculture being the only viable option for profit and due to the small sizes of european parcels, too small for enough livestock (its a secondary source of earnings here). there are these things called mini-markets where rural folk buy their coca cola, instant coffee and plastic wrapped vegetables (i shit you not) and meat every day. in front of these shops are the actual ad hoc town centers, next to sports betting shops, because they are essentially the lifelines of the villages. a village that refuses to sell will cut its source of earnings and shortly after that its source of food.
there is no way to wage a civil war at the moment in european countries. but this does not nullify your theory whatsoever since any civil war in the US would be THE world civil war since for better or for worse you govern the world through influence. just thought to bring this up to you so you can better consider your predictions

>> No.14821161


>> No.14821168

you're the man

>> No.14821170

Agreed, my presumption is based on some sort of "exodous" of remaining right wing, white people from the big cities back into the countryside/smaller cities
It is to be seen if such exodous could happen, and because of what exactly

>> No.14821186

Hiking pants + woolen sweaters

>> No.14821191

Prep. Again. Well its already starting but yeah

>> No.14821217

this migration you talk of would give civil unrest a chance in more ways than one could say at first. i have also thought about it. modern society denies rural folk the traditional institutions necessary to take part in public life by alienating them as secondary class citizens, today being seen as lower than even foreigners living on social service. this inaccessibility to having a voice prevents them from achieving a sense of belonging and dignity that ultimately gives them a poor comprehension of what is happening and a weak power of organizing. if this movement of smart, anti status quo people would happen, the dynamic of social life in the villages hosting them would change. how would it feel for poor or at least invisible rural folk to see former city dwellers move near them (and not rich seasonal owners who buy up land for holiday villas), cultivate land, interact with them and remind them of their actual importance in the ecology of society? what about if these young people that are already gaining an aura of adventurers (in the eyes of the lonely somewhat aging rural population) would attract funds or gain seats in local administration and bring back the community building know how and these areas were denied by comfortable political parties that keep them down?
in truth, without proper organizing on the parts of the young people leaving urban center, this is impossible on a large scale. we are used to being loners in our cities and we take this attitude with us when we go homesteading. it's a difficult but possible option.

>> No.14821248

Agreed, this is why I love this chink forum so much

>> No.14821316
File: 106 KB, 980x551, 5d286787dda4c870678b4585-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Beards are here to stay for sure

>> No.14821372

her cankles are so gross. Does she wear baggy clothes to hide that she's fat? She doesnt look fat at all but gosh damn she has some fat ass cankles

>> No.14821831


Spiky bleached hair will make a come back, skinny pants with bootcut flares or cropped fit

Everyone will start tucking in their t-shirts

>> No.14821835


Look up billie ellish shopping cart on Google Images

She's definitely not fat. she got that thick gymnast build

>> No.14821843


geralt of rivia looking ass

>> No.14821853

fucking tumblr nose makeup

>> No.14821896

I hope scene makes a come back girls actually liked me back then

>> No.14822015
File: 9 KB, 250x250, 1504889649451.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14822268

>civil war is rural vs metro
holy fuck americans are stupid

>> No.14822475

>1/4 men haven't had sex last year
i haven't had sex EVER. why am i such a failure

>> No.14822506

You can’t hide that chin forever

>> No.14822524

Part of looking good is about hiding bad features and accentuating good ones

I also think around the end of 2020 fringe undercut haircuts and LMFAO will be ironically cool, because at that time it will be 20 years since 2010s, also everyone will be wearing sukajan jackets

>> No.14822527

You underestimate the fact that a lot of men have big bellies and tucking in looks like shit

>> No.14822530

elaborate nigger

>> No.14822553

You got the asian influence right but everything else is up in the air.

>> No.14822558

God I hope not. Even though I get kind of nostalgic for that era, despite how terrible it was

>> No.14822571

Probably what will actually make the trend happen. Only not-fat people will do it -- it's the last trend not to be ruined by overweight people without any self-awareness throwing themselves and their money into imitating it and immediately making it cringeworthy.

>> No.14822583

>2016 called they want their shit trend that had lots of potential but ended up looking faggy back

>> No.14822604

Black Midi, Idles, Gizz, Oh Sees, Tropical Fuck Storm

They're on to it and we'll see in a few years time

>> No.14822627

looks really uncreative and pathetic

>> No.14822725

selective breeding? being fat is not body positive and it's not okay to surrender to celibacy before you graduate highschool

>> No.14822732

that is the most homo erotic poster i have ever seen

>> No.14822736

taking a famous-for-no-reason baby's opinions seriously

>> No.14822783

Jesus is King album will be a big inspiration

>> No.14822837

Is Black Midi a euphemism for Black Marble? Anything good recently from oh sees? It was sounding kinda played out last I checked

>> No.14822910

hi bandman

>> No.14822920



>> No.14822931

You would think that a board of people dedicated to their appearances would be able to get gfs.

It's almost as if looks (while important) are not the only thing that matters, just give it a thought bros

>> No.14822954


>> No.14822976

idk why people on this site love this album so much, but as a kanye fan I can assure you it is one of his worst

>> No.14823053

I'm literally a devout Catholic and a punk. You wouldn't think that would mix but in today's secular culture I'm basically a religious extremist on my college campus for abstaining from premarital sex. Now I couldn't tell you if the next generation of kids are going to be listening to punk music but I do expect very angry religious music in the future.

>> No.14823054


>> No.14823056

So in this new decade, will we see the total rise of Polygamy as a standard, or will Monogamy prevail?

>> No.14823262
File: 329 KB, 1407x1407, Through-Being-Cool-cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I hope so. I have those exact model and color New Balance somewhere in storage, they better be worth money.

>> No.14823268

t. dumb idiot who's mind has been colonised by shitty imageboard ideologies
Read a fucking book faggot

>> No.14823275

You're a retard who doesn't understand the american agriculture industry. Another weak minded insect radicalized by online midwits. Please stfu or go back to your containment board

>> No.14823284

There was a big AIDS scare around that time. I think like New York and California especially.

>> No.14823327


>> No.14823332

sharper angles

>> No.14823478

>Only not-fat people will do it
There is not enough critical mass baby
Anyone who can tuck in their shirt, already does

>> No.14823480

Well elaborate since you are so smart nigger

>> No.14823486


economic conditions, social alienation, rise of the internet and hyperescapism

probably but i think economic conditions are more to blame. I'm fairly certain gaming is a result of the alienation of people in a dogshit economy where theyre worth more dead than alive

theyre right in that fucking is harder and harder but wrong for their understanding of how or why

>> No.14823504

God I hate all of you, I will spend the 2020s inna forest looking like Little My

>> No.14823630

Can we get cute emo grills back this time ?

>> No.14823655

What a fucking dystopian nightmare. Do you faggots actually wish for this to happen, and if not, how can you handle having such a negative view for the future?

>> No.14823668
File: 37 KB, 480x479, mh-steve-stranger-things-legend-1561499047-1-1561561628.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

80s revival. thick sweaters, wool pants, tops tucked in, flight jackets, bombers, shirt and sweater layering, understated sneakers, light blue jeans, higher waisted pants, heavy wool topcoats, letterman jackets, red lipstick, tight pants but not too tight etc. Think Stranger Things but not quite as garish and colorful.

>> No.14823769
File: 59 KB, 1128x858, gbv201qqm2p21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the funny thing is, that ALMOST ALL the people who didn't have sex in the past year, also didn't have sex at all! (pic related)
that just confirms that the the top percent of guys are fucking multiple women ever year while the bottom doesn't get sex at all

>> No.14823835

Not really a fashion comment but more of a general comment.

With the increasing push for everyone to be sexually liberated society will move towards a more Pareto distribution with regards to sexual contacts for men.

A very small minority of men will have lots of sex with the rest having none. More men will become incel until a sort of move akin to what happens in japan occurs where men will stop seeking sex and seek validation in other ways (such as hyper work related productivity). The over all birth rate will decline, there will be an forced influx of foreign peoples into the western world and with it a slow return of more traditional gender roles with the larger push of 2nd and 3rd world influences. It will be cyclical.

Expanding on this women's clothing will become more provocative but also less appealing. The emphasis will be more on a gross caricature of nudity apposed to appealing to a beautiful silhouette. Then over time a return to modesty. Until the cycle repeats.

Could be very wrong mind you. Lets see how it pans out.

>> No.14824020

Didn't we honestly already have that on a smaller scale when electroswing music started to appear in the late 00's/early 10's?

>> No.14824033

So we’re trendsetters eh? Woah haha

>> No.14824070

have you been living in a fucking forest for the last 5 years?
Holy shit how clueless are you lmao

>> No.14824877

Christianity will be the new counterculture and they will see Kanye as a leader

>> No.14824883
File: 855 KB, 1237x1541, 5CEB3373-DE52-4982-8D4B-44B55DB5487D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It’s already happening

>> No.14824944

Pray twice nigga

>> No.14825119

god I wish

>> No.14825294

anyone else just wanna skull fuck a chick that looks like this?

>> No.14825491

So many retards on this board.

>> No.14825521

How low is your fucking iq

>> No.14825530

what does that have to do with iq? my iq is around 130

>> No.14825791
File: 1006 KB, 1920x864, 1568824613651.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>biggest trend of all will be a return of the bourgeois royal fashion of old times, except its all vetements style irony for e-celebs and influencers

>> No.14825796

You will never be a real woman. You will never pass.

>> No.14825800

ngl i would like a return to fancy ass shit. I want to be pompous as fuck in the streets.

>> No.14825820
File: 93 KB, 342x245, ACE0A802-8FD9-4AE0-A971-B092CC2C6651.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14825995

all of these trends objectively started in 2013

>> No.14825996

I don't get it. Getting women is easy as shit

>> No.14826003

sorry, reddit athiest. your nihilist non-beliefs beliefs are played out and aren't counterculture, rebellious, fashionable, or exciting

>> No.14826025

vetement is so underappreciated. It would be a crowning artistic achievement for Demna to trick stupid rich faggots into dressing like complete and utter morons and caricatures while robbing them blind of their hoarded money.

>> No.14826077

deus ex HR predicts this

>> No.14826101

>“natural” looks will be very prominent
Sad if true. 2 of my managers don't wear makeup and they sorely need it.

>> No.14826183

where tho? i saw no royal fashion in it

>> No.14826264

mirin' that ankle rom

>> No.14826292
File: 69 KB, 1000x620, e57746c1b72366e5ecc91303d338fa3d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14826298
File: 174 KB, 1280x891, 06e660d7ad590f10ffff6be9ccef2ca5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

see deus ex predicts this

>> No.14826302

>criminals will be marked with tattoos on their foreheads, progressives will get similar facial tattoos to signal their solidarity with them (the tattoos actual function is as a status symbol among other progressives, but this will be an unspoken truth and no one will dare to break the taboo of acknowledging it out loud)

>> No.14826304
File: 905 KB, 988x720, screenshot00259.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14826394

How based of you.

>> No.14826520
File: 30 KB, 411x803, 411full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this will be the 2020s fashion

>> No.14826521

if only

>> No.14826523

God I wish

>> No.14826526

nobody can afford all that shit
and nobody would want to anyway
it's gonna be sweats and tshirts from now through the end of time

>> No.14826591

grow up peterson baby

>> No.14826598
File: 440 KB, 1366x768, Gamer-Core.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In the face of Cybertruck captivating the public eye with it's "low poly" aesthetic and mounting vidya themed nostalgia - People will begin to reference video games more often in their clothing. You will see people dressing like Niko Bellic, You will see people dressing like James Sunderland, and there will be a lot of E-Sports memorabilia ("THAT AINT KIRBY" graphic tees). Overall, the coming Gamer aesthetic will bring to mind DeepWeb-Core and Vaporwave but with a greater focus on gamer themes.

>> No.14826608

>"gamer culture" being anything more than reddit or imgur autism

Yeah, okay playah.

>> No.14826648

Fuck it I'd dress as Kiryu

>> No.14827017

I will continue to dress as gopnik till I die and thus slowly influencing the rest of society until everyone also adopts gopnik core

>> No.14827039

this. 90's revival is the thing now. i hear numetal is seeing revived popularity in european clubs. anon that claimed this said germany, specifically, i think berlin. i cannot confirm

>> No.14827047

>Why do you think they were called HIPsters in the early 2010s? We already had a hippie revival.
It literally takes a 5 second read on Wikipedia to understand that hipsters have nothing to do with hippies, and that you're an idiot

>> No.14827074

oh fuck no not the numetal i hate that shit

>> No.14827089

i know that chick is white nat and all but fuck shes beautiful

>> No.14827124

hipsters and hippies are too different things fucking retard

>> No.14827136

just become old and stop caring about trends bro. a few years ago i stopped wearing baggy shit and its already in again. im too tired to keep up

>> No.14827144

well face fucking a chick that looks like that would be nice for sure

>> No.14827149

Best post in this thead

>> No.14827150

im 29 but i look younger i am too old for trends

>> No.14827164

Tbh I kind of agree with this

>> No.14827167

Baroque style aesthetics will come back in a big way I think, lots of patterns, embellishments and gold. I think whatever is after zoomers will embrace aspects of romanticism as backlash to this endless decade lull of boring nihilism and irony, I don’t think we could possibly go down this hole further. Dad shoes, dad hats etc and all other forms of ironic recontextualization will go by the wayside and will be rightfully mocked, any recycling of old styles will be more in earnest than this past decade.Next gens will reject the overeliance of technology in some ways, ie dating apps will be something mocked as ridiculous, social media won’t be something novel to them and will be less appealing I think..

>> No.14827196

>probably but i think economic conditions are more to blame. I'm fairly certain gaming is a result of the alienation of people in a dogshit economy where theyre worth more dead than alive

poor people usually fuck more and have more kids not less.....however poor educated people may be a different story

>> No.14827252

genuinely so fucking cool one of the first posts on this board i actually really enjoyed reading

>> No.14827294

>people in the west starting to wear face masks like in asia
ive already started seeing whites doing this at my uni, so this is probbly true

>> No.14827566


>> No.14827721

find god, rick and morty watcher

>> No.14827751

I agree about the body mods but its going to be apart of a bigger political/social transhumanist movement.
I feel like people are going to freak out and start dressing oddly, its the 2020s. it needs to be the future already. Its elon musk cybertruk but fashion

>> No.14827761
File: 142 KB, 1200x1774, BladeRunnerRecreation1_0_3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

get in the cybertruk.


>> No.14827793
File: 87 KB, 1152x864, SweetVictory.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

things that will effect fashion

>augmented reality
>body mods
>video games
>"eco friendly"
>bourgeois trad vestments
>2000's y2k futurism

>> No.14827804

I would wear the shit out of this

>> No.14827862

The trend cycle, driven by microinfluencers, is going to speed up so fast that the corporations won't be able to keep up. Towards the end of the decade, trends will rise up and die within days.

There'll also be people who opt out entirely as media discourse about global warming reaches a fever pitch. The hippies will essentially be back, but with less sex since all-new treatment-resistant STIs will a terrifying reality.

Subcultures will be even more based around politics than they are today.

>> No.14828164


>civil war


>Cities are already flooded with leftists, faggots, trannies and shitskins

Where else are they supposed to live exactly?

>rural parts are almost 99% white and religious to a degree, and they are responsible for bringing all the resources to the big cities

Now you're just being a fucking retard, rural towns are the most dependent on federal welfare programs, have the lowest IQs, and actually consume more resources than they provide because they're a bunch of fat cheeseburger eating faggots

Would recommend kys

>> No.14828323

>Where else are they supposed to live exactly?
in order: north korea, mental hospitals, africa and the middle east
>most dependent on federal welfare programs
that would be urban shitskins
>have the lowest IQs
that would be urban shitskins lmao
>actually consume more resources than they provide
yep, guacamole growing urban gardens on top of skyscrapers feed the starving countryside. what a smart young tranny :)
>Would recommend kys
statistically you'll do it before him so live to the fullest and keep these establishment opinions to xyrself

>> No.14828415

Literally the first third of neal Stephenson latest novel

>> No.14828775

I don't think that MTF shit is going to get any more convincing since you already have ones that are practically indistinguishable.

I do think because of the media push, men will start being more open about dating them.

>> No.14828802

Music is going to become even more homogenized, you're going to see more rock influence pop up in rap and pop but full on rock is not going to make a mainstream comeback. Bands like Crumb, and shit like current Bon Iver

R&B is moving back towards more chill trip-hop and neo-soul inspired sounds

Fashion wise I'm starting to see more garish colors and people worrying less about matching. Athleisure is the realistic version of the Jetson space suit or cyberpunk wear and I think will take more techwear inspiration as the decade goes on. Sneaker brands like Nike are already outright making techy looking stuff

For women I think full on lycra bodysuits are going to become a thing. With that I think we're going to see the comeback of slim/athletic women being in instead of thick and fat bitches masquerading as "thick".

Y2K aesthetic will play into both.

Wearable become an actual thing. I don't think foldable displays for phones will actually take off until middle decade until someone actually gets a durable enough screen on one. But for things like smart watches that bend all around the wrist, yes.

Expect life to get way more game like because of these devices. I already see women at work checking their apple watch stats like they're keeping a score.

>> No.14828932

>you already have ones that are practically indistinguishable
prove it

>> No.14829358


>north korea
Why would leftists live in a far right authoritarian regime, which is exactly what they are against?
>mental hospitals
How when funding keeps being cut for mental health services?
>urban shitskins

Just because you're a useless white neckbeard faggot doesn't change the fact that the most red states and urban areas in those state, full of the most white trash, are using the most federal aid. Try again bitch.

You're really pathetic

>> No.14829388

we can only hope

>> No.14829413

nigger faggot

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