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computer gaming is the least effay thing you can do.

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does your wife's boyfriend let you play after you do your chores or only on the weekends?

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>epic gaming pc
>sub on desk
>LED mouse/keyboard/backlighting
>basic ass Ikea desk
>generic blinds
>gaming chair

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>makes thread about room inspo on a fashion board
>posts a gaming setup

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Console gaming's worse.

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console gaming is for normies. retro console gaming is super pretentious and effay also.

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Guy secretly living in his parents' basement has really started to build a nest, it used to just be some blankets

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someone post the pic where we found him

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bright gaudy gamer gear is not /fa/ and neither are applel products

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is this that guy that always posts himself wearing rick owens looking like shit and denies all criticism?

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would modelling my room after Star Trek TNG quarters be effay?

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>look mom i posted it again

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my room is very boring and has almost nothing in it. i like it that way though.

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that's a pretty long sentence for a minimalist.

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>not a p-bass

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killing myself

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Room? Oh you mean some mom's basement inspiration? Get a job and stop living with your parents you filthy leech

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New theory: all incels are pc gamers. You will never find an incel using a mac.

Prove me wrong.

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What's up with that concrete, you ever heard of paint?

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This is where the magic happens

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This is where the magic happens

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I would gargle your balls

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In my country all normalfags play on pc

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You can't game on Mac unless you want to play multiplayer stuff like TF2 or L4D

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Would a Trek TNG inspired room be effay?

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