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Does anyone here wear a daily uniform, maybe only slightly altered throughout the seasons? And if yes, are you /fa/ in doing so? Please post fits, or just ideas and suggestions on how you would go about it.

I would like to do this, but I'm not sure what outfit to commit to. A suit is the first intuition, but I'm a college student and would be way overdressed in many areas of life and it also is too hot for the summer.

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for me, it's black jeans, black tshirt, with sambas
bomber jacket if ever cold.

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You don’t have to commit to an outfit you outrageous faggot

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I know I don't have to, but I would like to. I'm rather OCD and it would make things much easier for me, but I also don't want to walk around unfashionably.

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just do one foot in front of the other

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post fit

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tfw thread is being ignored

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Black jeans or trousers
navy cashmere sweater
black derbies


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Grey suit, white collar shirt, navy tie, black shoes.

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kinda MFA tier

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What I wear to work daily.
It's a warehouse, so everyone has to wear the company shirt.

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I've been thinking of doing the same thing. This is what I'm thinking right now: black pants, black button up, black leather boots

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>I've been thinking of doing the same thing. This is what I'm thinking right now: black pants, black button up, black leather boots

I think it's important to consider shape. What kind of trousers do you want to pair with your shirts? What kind of clothed fit your body well?

All black is pretty safe but boring if you can't pull it of. Your clothes need to fit well.

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>All black is pretty safe but boring
I'm not here to entertain or excite people.
I just want a good/flattering fit. Don't care about being fashionable or avant-garde.

Timeless, utilitarian, high-quality pieces are the goal right now.

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I do.

Three button tee
Brown leather boots
Weather dependent, matching brown leather jacket, thermals, long sleeved 3 button tee.

I'm satisfied with that level of fashion and stay functional and warm.

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like this but all black

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What's with the all black cringe?
It makes you look like a rebellious child.

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I work from home, so on most days I don't wear clothes.

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All black lends itself to being a uniform because any other monochrome fit is a bit weird.

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Goddamn man this is /fa/ af

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No, this is.

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Neofolk has everyday wear potential.

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If you wanna look like a cartoon

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Plenty of men wear the same outfit everyday and no one notices 1) because their outfit does not stand out particularly (usually dark, monochrome fits) and 2) they're men and not expected to wear a variety of clothing (e.g. wearing the same suit everyday might even be expected).

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this eventually just became my uniform at my old job.

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This board truly is dead.

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what do you want? I worked in a machine shop fella

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you dress like you need a good beating

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are those docs?

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>talking tough on the internet
they're solovairs, so no but actually yes

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what's the bottom left type of shoe called? thanks

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always wanted an ID on the pants and shirt.

Jacket is universal works baker's jacket if anyone cares.

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Those look like derby shoes

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Yes, this is a great idea to make your life easier. Also helps you look like a consistent person who has style vs. a fashionista.

1. outwear (stays consistent)
2. top (rotates)
- t-shirt, dress shirt, sweater, flannel, turtleneck
3. black/indigo/washed slim/skinny jeans
4. footwear (boots, dress shoes, dress boots, sneakers)

Don't overdress. Suit is not a good idea. Keep suits for more formal occasions. The template above can be "dressed up" by wearing a dress shirt, black skinny jeans, dress shoes/dress boots. You could even wear a tie if you want to be really extra.

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Looks like shit no offense dude

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>It makes you look like a rebellious child.
Everyone is wearing all black these days ALL ages as the weather gets cold. It's pretty normie tier

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Yes. Black or white crew neck tee, dark blue jeans, black Chelsea boots. Add black crew neck sweater and/or navy bomber jacket depending on weather.

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muh nigga

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has been for years.
but still better that re dit

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A few years ago, my career had crushed my soul (but fat paycheck) so I wore wrangler jeans, polo, white nike air shoes. Didn't have to think much about what to wear, just grab stuff from closet and go.
Then got promoted, transferred to Wash. D.C. Then the "uniform" became Navy blue blazer, white or pale blue pinpoint oxford shirt, charcoal or khaki slacks, Brown derbys or black tassel loafers as appropriate.
Still whoring for the money, soul now mummified, packin' away the $$$ til I can bail and do something I want.
Until then, I am uniform boy.

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i wear this every day

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who cares
i cant get away with a t-shirt and jeans and it's simple and inoffensive.

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What kind of belt is that?

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Nice thread, bump

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i used to do black button up, slim cropped trousers and black gum sole sneakers. i liked how it looked but constantly got mistaken for a waiter and it was a little edgy desu, so i eventually bought some dark colored button ups (grey, maroon) instead.

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German officer's belt from ww2

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What color are those pants?

t. color blind

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What occasion would you wear this type of shit to? to the grocery shop? your manual labor job? Get real

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yeah, faggot you fag(get real)

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Yep, unfortunately I'm paid to die for Israel. Not gonna bother posting an image since it's pointless, just look up MARPATs.

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i'd say this is everyday clothing

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Neomacadamiasurp core wave

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I see dudes dressed in shit like this at uni, the only odd one is the pants.

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The trousers on the left are a dark brown, similar to walnut brown, the ones in the middle are dark grey, the one the dude with the backpack is wearing is light brown and the pants below the backpack man are your average grey.

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>electric wizard shirt
based. where did you work that let you dress like this? also, i only like your shirt, the rest looks like shit. no offense, cousin.

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God bless you, anon. I honestly can't discern the difference between most of those colors but I like them all just the same.

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Might sound nitpicky but a boring outfit isn't a good one. Plain and safe doesn't mean boring. There is also no need to dress nice in any way if you are not at least partly dress for others. Clothes are a cultural phenomenon. They don't exist in a vacuum.

I would also consider this everyday clothing. This isn't all that out there. Nobody would bat an eye on these kinda clothes in an European city.

Fuck Hesse though.

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I pretty much wear this every day with a few different shirts to swap in and out.

t. lumbersexual

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Alright lads, where can I cop the bottom left trousers? I searched for pleated brown wool pants but was unsuccessful.

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inoffensively BORING maybe

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this is disgusting

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Dr Martens 1460 mono

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was looking at these last night

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Looks like horseshit but I respect you for dressing the way you like.

Belt is rubbish though get a proper one. Maybe ditch the graphic tee.

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w2c pants

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I work in the real estate industry so I wear a suit to work almost every day.

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I'm just coastin on a sunny day

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You just know.

Thanks for finding them. Never heard of this brand. I wonder what the quality is like.

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>steve jobs
>mark zuckerberg
>elizabeth homes
>rick owens

90% chance you just look autistic, 10% chance you join that league of dickheads

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look it up in the archive and look how many times it's been posted

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>Does anyone here wear a daily uniform, maybe only slightly altered throughout the seasons?

no, I'm not that autistic. that's literally a question for somebody like Kim Jong Un.

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so how's middle school going?

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