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What is the nail polish you like the most on girls?

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Long french nails.

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>top right looks shit.
>bottom right too short + ugly
>left too individualistic

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Long, fake and ridiculously gaudy or short and either clear polish or nothing. It has to be one of the extremes.

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Girls with big nails wipe their butts poorly

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Post you variants

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This, painted nails are disgusting

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I don't like odd-coloured nails or coffin nails.

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I have never noticed nails unless they wete incredibly tacky . have no idea why girls do this

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Disturbing. Is this some kind of fetish?

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Rounded ends, not toooo long. Not fake nails. Nothing super neon unless it's a race or something.

Acrylic is kinda gross the way I usually see it done.

Ignore the gay anons who've never looked at a woman's hands

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An estimated 1% of men have a thing for hands and nails.
Most fake nails don't follow any standard of beauty. A great majority of them looks plain ugly. Same thing with "a (fake) nail broke off but I can still enjoy the others".

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Black & french pedicure

So fucking sexy

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If they are done even the slightest bit wrong, have paint on anything but the nail, or are chipped in any way, it immediately ruins the nails for me. Obviously those things happen quite often, so it's hard to come along ones that are done right. When they are done right, I usually like pastel colors done in a matte or gloss. Usually not too long either, unless I'm just fucking the chick because long nails make for better blowjobs/handjobs.

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Men of culture.

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>long nails make for better blowjobs/handjobs.


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Aesthetics, scratching, tickling, teasing

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