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Forget art hoes. How do you attract e-girls?

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E-girls are literally just internet art hoes

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I wish more girls would wear long nails.

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literally the exact same thing, and the answer is the same for both

gaslight them

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1. Be attractive
2. Ignore them/ treat them like they're disposable.

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Agreed, some dudes find that hot??
I like when they color their nails tho

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Whats the point of this runny nose makeup?

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Long nails make or break women for me. As do they for an estimated 1% of men.

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a gentleman and a scholar

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For me it's
>Long nails
>Fake tan
>Fake hair colour
>Tattoos anywhere
>Piercings anywhere that isn't on the ears
>Ostentatious jewelry

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1. be attractive and high testosterone
2. don't be ugly and a bitch

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literally art hoe but darker lol. egirls are THE SAME people, egirls are taking over

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Only long nails for me. The rest can go.

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huge urge to curb stomp

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I dont like long nails, fake tan, fat legs and fat butt

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be a high profile smash player or a rich weeb

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Huge urge to facefuck

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E-Girl = art hoe with an internet connection

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1. Show her your bank account
2. Pay on patreon 1k
3. Fuck


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Be an eboy I guess

Have a cloud trap bandcamp

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so original, you must believe you are edgy and original for real.

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Stop posting these threads, e-girls and arthoes all together are NOT GOOD AT ALL. STOP.

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Long and colored nails are disgusting

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google gyaru

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It's fairly easy to attract them. But let me tell you, From my experience, they are some of the most difficult women to deal with. You're better off investing your time in a cute wholesome woman who has her life laid out.

But, If you insist. First off, follow her IG, if she has more than 5k followers, It'll be a little tough, the less followers the better (if she has 10k+, cut your losses now, You're just an oribiter at that point). Beforehand, Set your IG feed up as e-girl bait. There's alot to factor in, Did she follow you back, do you think she'd be into you, etc. Wait for her to put up a story post, Comment on it. Something casual, don't be a beta. Keep doing that, If she follows you back that's good. Keep in mind, when you reply to that story and if she responds (quality response, not some HAHAHAHA, LOL shit) you want to try to continue the conversation. Although, don't be overbearing, and take hints when she's trying to leave the convo. Rinse, Repeat, Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. You just have to play the stupid social media "cat and mouse" game first. Eventually you'll just start having regular convos with her and it'll maybe turn into something. Every situation is unique. Just keep in mind that you're trying instill trust in her, not attraction.

You will rarely run into E-Girls IRL, I have only once, Didn't say anything though.

You can attract the e-girls all you want, But they won't make the first move. It's an 80/20 effort split.

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it looks like she has severe allergies

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Hopefully not to my dick

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not worth it, they're fucked in the head

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I want to fuck them in the head tho

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girl is papapeachy

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3. "Fuck off"

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it's the same thing ffs holy shit

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Thanks for the info. Do you have any examples of accounts that are good e-girl bait? I have a fairly big IG account, but I doubt it appeals to e-girls so I'll probably start an alt account.

Should it mainly be photos of me dressed to match them somewhat? Reposts of other content that fit into the egirl aesthetic?

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>pursuing elaborate activities in abstract hope to attract a certain type of girl

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I have a lot of free time and I just look at it like an experiment. Will be fun to see what happens. I don't really care about the results so much.

I also approach girls with this aesthetic IRL, so ideally I should have an IG account that appeals to them.

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how do you expect her to give you a hand job?

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Handjobs are lame

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>give ungodly amounts of attention
>don't forget to buy her cute accessories to model in
>take pics as proof you shagged her
>be aware that it's short term

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Handjobs with long nails are fun.

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aka edgethots

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>Fake hair colour
I hardly know any [hot] girls these days that don't dye their hair to some extent. It's kinda sad :/

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theyre the same

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She's so pretty i wish she was my gf ;_;

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This. Don't know why people are so obsessed with mentally unstable girls.

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