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Why do so few women wear this kind of skirt? I only ever see schoolgirls and chinese women wearing them

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Because they'll make you look like a Chinese schoolgirl

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I got my exgf to get one in a mini-style so her fat ass poked out from underneath. I loved fuckin her in it. Skirts are hot as fuck

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Recommend me ones that aren't made in a Chinese sweatshop.

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Because a bias-cut pleated skirt in a good material and construction is hard to find. Basically needs to be made of quality silk or wool crepe which can be pricey.

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The triangle shape makes me feel bulky in ze ass

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Its called "A-line" you utter pleb.

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My ex used to wear skirts and her ass would peek out sometimes. Made my dick rock hard.

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I welcome a return to more skirts. It's almost just jeans and tights, and often enough, tight jeans, at the moment.

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I wear skirts and dresses since I turned into a teen. The power of feminity is overwhelming and most women do not know how much of a superior advantage it gives you in life (not even in a thot way, but really just looking classy and beautiful). The power of a well dressed pussy

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Sorry retard, the "a-line" makes me feel too THICK in the ass

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>too THICK in the ass
No such thing.

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if female, based

if male, still based

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theyre very slutty, only porn star tier women actually wear this kind of stuff outside

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I wear only long skirts which hide my thighs because I've been told that they're too fat on this board

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why do you believe autistic loners on the internet?

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They make my siloutte boxxy + i just don't wanna have to worry about people seeing my ass

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No such thing as thighs that are too thick, unless the rest of you is fat.

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just wear bikershorts underneath

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what blacked episode is this

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Most woman with big or "thicc" thighs are just fat.

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there are skirts like this with shorts build in i think, they're called skorts iirc. they may be for kids tho

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this is the most basic shit EVER. where do all you inbred retards live that you don't see chicks in skater skirts?

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damn this cute tgirl i used to fuck wore those and it's super cute

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Honestly women look much bulkier in the ass in trousers than in skirts

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I make my gf wear skirts + boots

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That’s a good thing u tard.

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Why would u take what some random incel on this board says seriously? Pathetic.

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>chinese women
muh dick

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You have unlocked the secret of the universe. 100% BASED.

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>omg!! tennis skirts COOOOMING
fuck off back to /gif/ or whatever the fuck you go to

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disagreeing because i have had intercourse with one who was not

OP its because they're for children and kind of ugly.

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it is also probably because one at an appropriate length will still show literal asshole at the back and look normal at the front or just bad

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If worn wrong, short A line skirts look cheap and try hard.

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Show peen

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I like the longer ones

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Look up skater skirt on amazon
They have a shit load of colors

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Fucking this. I keep telling my gf she needs to wear hers more often.
I really think the problem is too many (Western) women avoid or are afraid of looking feminine.

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Pics related.

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>most women
>hurr no ur wrong cuz I no 1 who isnt

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Seriously? Even the most basic girls wear skirts like this idk what you’re talking about.

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Exactly. I am becoming more and more convinced some of y’all truly never leave the house.

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This bitch is mentally ill.

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I remember that lady's account what's her username again? The thing is she looks a LOT like a man

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Is this the kind of jawline I can get from mewing?

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kys beta

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This thread is the reason why

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My sides

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eww gross

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I'm a guy and even I know that adult grown women will not wear that sort of clothing because it is a childs type of look to have and they don't want to dress like they're 12 and find men who are attracted to such to be disturbingly looking for someone younger than them. What is funny and they don't seem aware of is that ALL men look at the 12/13/14 year olds and at least half would leave their ass if said little girl was into it. Same reason adult women will not wear an bow on their head, they will label any and all women who dress that way as sluts or crazy, and truthly they may not be wrong. I wish more women wore A line dresses with bows on their head and pantyhose with high heels, it aint fucking gonna happen, and to be honest the sort of women who do... you won't want to be with.

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They're seen as juvenile which isn't a popular look in the west

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No that’s just your bulky ass

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These crack me up every time

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I'm white and not a school girl and the only shorter skirts I wear are ones that look like that. The fitted waist and flared out look is cute and flattering.

I know some other girls who wear this style too, but usually it's girls who are into east asian fashion or anime, or indie/alt girls of some kind.

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you only ever see TRANNIES wearing them

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Because they look like shit on fat women, and most women are fat nowadays.

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>that skirt being bias cut or pleated

Dude that's a circle skirt, at those angles, bias is irrelevant, and there are certainly no pleats.

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>normal skirt is slutty
Jesus you people are retarded. You don't *have* to get a micro-skirt that your ass hangs out of.

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>calling a kids skirt normal
found the dude

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the older i grow, the more gay i become. women age so badly. i still want a comfy wife but also anonymous gay sex

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The older I grow, the gayer I become. Women age so badly. I do still want a comfy wife, a personal cheer leader, but also anonymous gay sex

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I think this might just be narcissism.

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this is the exact reason why we don't wear it, or at least me, I only wear it with thights or something underneath, your but peaking out is just disgusting, not feminine and for whores

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The older I grow, the gayer I become. Women age so badly. I do still want a comfy wife, a personal cheer leader, but also anonymous gay sex

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Is this old or new pasta? Never seen this pasta before.

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lol my girlfriend wore this exact same skirt yesterday

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She's trolling for a new boyfriend

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With the outfit she chose when I picked her up for date night?

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photoshop Kim Kardashian wearing one of those and every woman in America will be wearing it.

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also true

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So for a date with her current boyfriend she picks the most revealing most attention grabbing outfit she can find?

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An asian girl with extremely wide hips, thick thighs and tiny everything else in my office has been called to HR multiple times for wearing skirts too short. This style in particular.

Talking with the lads in her department the other day they say she is over 40 years old. Unbelievable, I would have guessed she was 22.

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god forbid she wants to look attractive for a date with her boyfriend

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No shit I'm a dude, this is 4chan. Skirts are still normal and good. Stay mad

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