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>Bought pic related
>Fits fucking great! Soft and buttery af though!
>First lamb leather
>First BROWN leather jacket
>Wrinkled like a motherfucker

What do? Some people say steam it?

Also I am considering taking fine grit sandpaper and "aging" it myself.

Weirdly, I am not a big fan of soft leather and prefer tough leather that I can bend to my will

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Looking for fits and wished I could've gotten something like this instead :(

Cafe racers are basic

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Would you ever consider a army green leather jacket? Or would it seem too try hard

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What's the best brown leather jacket for 70s aesthetic? Pockets preferred.

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If it's new and wrinkled, leave it as is...that's the way it was designed and manufactured.

>sandpaper and aging
Start in very small places, perhaps the windguard or a place that no one would see, and test what happens. There's no guarantee that the colour underneath what you sandpaper will look good. Also, you can't 'take back' sandpaper, so if you age it, go slow, and go carefully.

>not a fan of soft leather

Then what the fuck did you buy it for? If the fit is excellent, then you've won. Don't try to make the jacket something it's not...just wear it, and it'll age appropriately.

Problem with this is that it's not a motorcycle jacket. It's a leather jacket that is 'styled' as a motorcycle jacket. You can tell immediately by the sleeves, which would be far too short to ride with. Make sure you decide if you want to wear a real motorcycle jacket and make it /fa/ or if you want to wear a fashion jacket to look like a fake motorcyclist.

Yes, but I've never found one that looks excellent. The problem is what colours you wear with it (normally earth-tones look good with dark green...normal things like blue jeans look weird irl. It's not any more tryhard than other colours...the key is the fit and the finish. If it fits you like 'your' jacket, then no one cares about the colour as long as you coordinate properly.

Depends on what kind of 70's. Are you thinking of a car coat (think the thigh-length red jacket from fight club), are you thinking short jacket (like in Wolverine, the one from the 70's)...whaddaya want?

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Short jacket, preferably. But I'll listen to any car coat suggestions too.

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Yes! Matter of fact the jacket in my OP comes in green, but its not dark enough if Im gonna do green I want it to be dark, almost black. And then I'd want it to be as plain as possible

>Then what the fuck did you buy it for? If the fit is excellent, then you've won.

Oversized A2

I am not saying I dont like the jacket, its just that all things equal I'd choose the tougher leather one

Maybe sandpapering is not a good idea

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Youre the leather expert dude! I dig it, maybe you should get a trip breh, your posts are educational af

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No he shouldn't, the information speaks for itself and you can tell who he is by his posts.

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Leather expert can you help me find a boxy fitting jacket that ends at the hips in espresso brown?

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okay OP. nice pic related. w2c.

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>boxy fitting jacket

Walk in any wilson's

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Newly copped

Opinions? I‘m afraid it‘s not made in England :(

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oh i bought it locally

"Jack and Jones"

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Looks clean, how does it fit you?

Also dont worry that its not made in England, the best leather jackets are from the US OF A

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Thinking of taking a trip to Italy to see what the hype is about, any recommendations for towns/stores? (living in Germany atm)

From what I hear Florence has some, but a lot of fake and shady ones too

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What's the inspiration? As in, you want a short jacket, 70's style. Why? In other words, do you normally wear 70's style, and want a short brown jacket to go with it, or are you venturing into 70's style and want to experiment with a jacket first? Without knowing more, here are a few thoughts.

1) Try looking in vintage shops. BUT
2) The 70's cut is different than today, so if you're not obese you should be okay, but if you're fatter than you may have difficulty finding stuff that looks good. Cuts based on the era are always problematic this way...like how 50's and before jackets always seem to be slightly short (because people just weren't as tall as they are now on average). But I need more info. Are you thinking motorcycle style, or aviator/military? You won't find as many casual short coats in this era...it was dominated by long and car coats.

Sandpapering is definitely possible...it's how I aged my WOTW jacket. The problem is that there are no mistakes in this procedure; you can't fix it. So, if you're going to do it, understand that it's permanent and unfixable. When you sandpaper, you strip away the flesh...you can't repair it with any polish or wax or oil or anything. Also when you sandpaper you are removing the protective outer layers that might be impregnated with oils and stuff, exposing the inner parts of the skin to air and potentially hastening the drying out process. So, you can do it, but it's a risk you have to be okay taking.

lol No trip, no need. Also, I'm not the only one here who knows leather...I just happen to post when I'm drunk, and at the point I'm very talkative.

Agreed with >>14701105 regarding Wilsons, but also consider Danier, Department stores like Macy's, and stores that sell budget suits (they usually have a few leather jackets that are very generic and boxy, made for 50 year old boomers who want something they can wear to the thanksgiving get-togethers).

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That being said, I wouldn't recommend boxy jackets at all. They look terrible even if fitted properly, and if you change shape or gain weight the jacket makes you look like Grimace from McDonalds (you know, the purple upside-down jujube).

Barbour is a fine company, though I've never been able to make anything they make look good on me. The British narrow-shoulder thing always fails for my body. Do you like it? Does it fit well? Does it work with your current fashion direction?

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It fits me perfectly, like a glove. But I've lost 10 pounds over the last 2 weeks over studying for finals.

My taste has always been rather conservative, since I have a rather classical face and more contemporary fashion looks ridiculous on me.

Regarding the shoulders: part of why I had to buy a new jacket was because my black barbour international jacket was getting tight around the shoulders, so I can see myself growing out of the jacket pretty soon.

Only downside is that the origin of the jacket is not specified. My older (oversized) Barbour jackets were all made in England and I think that's pretty cool.

The leather is a bit too soft for my taste, I would've had expected a more rugged texture.

Apart from that I love it.

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Well leather manufacture has been changing radically over the past decade and a half, mostly due to environmental regulations that cover the dumping of chemicals into the water systems. In short, tanning leather is environmentally problematic, so in western 'developed' countries it has become very expensive to tan because you need to clean the water afterwards before dumping.

Pakistan does not have these laws, which is why nearly all leather found in jackets under 800$ comes from Pakistan. It's simply the cheapest way to get the material, so even companies like Hugo Boss will use this loophole.

Having a jacket 'Made in England' or 'Made in USA' or anything like that really doesn't make much of a difference anymore. Nationalist pride aside, you're paying for the materials, the construction, and the design. I've had jackets from England that were okay to not great, and I've had jackets from individual or small houses that used Pakistan labour and they were fine.

My white long coat was made by my tailor, an old Chinese guy. I sourced the leather directly, and he copied my black long coat directly (which is a Hugo Boss from the 90s). The point is, if it's tailored to you, if the leather quality is good, and the construction fine, then it doesn't matter who makes it.

Finally, unless you expect to keep the same style for the rest of your life (some people do, like me), then don't worry too much about where it was made or who makes it. You're going to get maybe 10 good years of wear before you change styles or body shape...so wear it, enjoy it, and try to avoid the temptation to see it as a lifelong purchase. Yes, leather jackets can outlast the owner, but rarely do owners wear the same jacket their entire life.

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Well then forget boxy what are some espresso brown jackets that end at the hip, kind of like a denim jacket

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The options are nearly limitless. Here are two I would buy.



Asking for espresso brown jackets that end at the hip is like asking for a flavour of ice cream that is cold...

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how to pull this off?

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In addition to these two specific choices, >>14702051 consider also checking everything from Matchless, Vanson, and Schott. You could go Hugo Boss, but it's somewhat generic. Quite honestly I have no idea how to narrow it down for you...you just have to look, compare prices, and figure it out. If you get the chance, stop by store and see how it looks on you. Never buy without trying it on unless you are experienced with your leather sizes.

Wear proper trousers, maybe a turtleneck. Start with 'ex-military' look, and then enlarge the fashion circle to include other things. C'mon now....it's not rocket science. It's just a shearling coat made for cold weather, perhaps a tramp in the countryside or a ride in a motor-car.

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Got this coming in November. Thoughts?


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I already dress 70s, and I feel it would compliment and complete the ensemble. I'm a slender/average build, and motorcycle would probably be better.

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I think this outfit is shitty

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I got the Schott G1S in the mail last week. Well, got 2, one in L, one in XL. the L is a bit snug but it's lambskin which I've read will relax a bit and mold to your body. The XL is a more generous fit, but it lends a boxy look to an already somewhat "puffy" style. After much consideration, I decided to go with the L, and returned the XL (free return shipping and duties refunded from Mr. Porter). Minor quibble is a mysterious small scratch which appeared on the back of the jacket. Not sure if I put it there or not. I could attempt to exchange but I figure it's only a matter of time before a variety of scratches and marks begin to appear on it as I wear it, plus it's on the back where I'll never fucking see it anyway. The leather is meant to patina quickly as well, to give it that antique look, so it'll likely be indistinguishable soon enough

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Looks fine. Honestly, none of it matters until you're wearing it. Where the sleeves fall to, where the back falls to, how it hangs if you wear it unzipped, etc....

Maybe go for something like this:
It fits the 70's aesthetic, and if you're slim then it would be good.

I was bowled over by your post. Get it? Post?

>lambskin relaxing and molding to body

It is a common misunderstanding about leather. Leather doesn't change length or shape; what it does is form creases which accordion out. Depending on how much rain or water the jacket sees, and depending on the leather type, the jacket will begin to 'conform' to your body through creases which follow your natural movements. Elbows, near the cuffs, the back and bottom, and the neckline (if you zip it up a lot or wear on a bike).

Just remember that leather doesn't stretch, but it can shrink if you treat it improperly. Just remember what the G1 is supposed to look like (view vintage photos of pilots from WWII); it's not snug form fitting like a cafe racer, nor is it slim fit compared with modern fashions. It's a comfy, airy jacket which goes over uniforms, collared shirts and ties, etc., so view it as such and not as a fashion statement like an SLP or something strange like that.

Glad it fits though; just wear it, and it'll age appropriately. Don't be afraid of Schott leather...you can use it, and if you don't abuse it, it'll be fine. It's not a handbag.

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That's a very pronounced V-shape that jacket has, compared to my G1, which is somewhat closer to just straight sides fit, although it is taken in down to a slight V, where the cuffs are at the bottom, particularly. Anyway, I hope the jacket fits, it looks nice!

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Thanks, this looks good

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Very nice G1! It is quite close in appearance to mine, which is also dark brown, although a little more red toned than yours.

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No prob. There are LOTS of possibilities out there. Some Anons hate it whenever I mention Soul Revolver, but I've had good experiences with them and they have a few 70's style things too. But to be fair, if you don't have lots of jackets, then I wouldn't suggest this be the first one you have.


This is the one I meant by Wolverine from the 70's...couldn't remember the name of the damn movie.

Good hunting.

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Kick ass, thanks

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>I sourced the leather directly

See thats another level lmao


I actually did the sandpapering to one of my actual moto jackets since I dont care for how it looks.

The "wear" wont stay like in pic related (the thread I found where I got the idea from

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Well, I had no choice; no one makes thigh-length long coats with a Hugo Boss cut anymore, though it might come back in 20 years (30 year cycle of fashion). Furthermore, if they did, they wouldn't make a men's coat in ivory. So, there we are. Took 3 years (he's a one man shop), but it was worth every penny. Plus, it makes me look clinical...lol

Regarding the jacket in your pic. The 'distressing' on it looks not very good in my opinion; it looks artificial. The trick is to distress it making it look natural. So, after you test sandpaper a few things, start with the parts that get natural wear. The leather near the zipper, your elbows, the ends of your cuffs or the bottom of the jacket near the front where your belt buckle would sit.

Your pic just looks like every edge was rubbed hard, like the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade jacket. See the buttons coming out from the inside pockets near the center of the jacket? Awful...it's like they rubbed the jacket on a flat surface.

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>That coat
>That digital camera
pure sex

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Damn right.

Further to the distressing issue of >>14702792
Pic is the only jacket I ever distressed. It's made of Buffalo hide, and as you can see I did a bit on the shoulder using sandpaper. The lighter brown is what is underneath this particular jacket's outer dark brown, so it shows distressing quickly and easily.

That's all you need though...you don't need to drag the jacket behind a car or anything. Just a bit here and a bit there depending on how it sits on your body.

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this isn't fucking leather you dumbass

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Leather bro, IDK if you recall me from a couple of weeks back but I wanted to time travel and make this pre-distressed jacket above new again. Well, with some wax and conditioner realized it wont happen like that so I decided to go to the other end and just fuck it up and age it.

Its also buffalo leather.

My problem is the aging underneath the seams seems to get darker after some time after I lighten it up with sandpaper (180 grit, right now I am getting aggressive with 60 grit) I also use 180 grit, just so its more "natural" but I dont think its helping.

Its weird because most aged black leathers I see are brown underneath, this one is blue.

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What I did;

>Washed it with Dawn (to get the leather fat out of it that I previously used) using warm water
>Dried it in a dryer (tumble, air dry)
>Hung it up
>Used acetone to lighten up/gray the jacket even more so
>Sand papered it
>Use waterproof spray on it (drying effect, and also its raining like a motherfucker here in Germany anyways)
>Sealed it all with pic related

Its still super soft and I am trying to find ways to make the leather stiffer.

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Would probably iron it to make it stiffer

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Yeah I consulted both vintage and modern photos of replica fits. Ultimately it was a stylistic choice at the end of the day. I may post a fit pic. Thanks for your help.

Thanks mate

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I like it, man.
but I prefer black.
I bought a fake leather PU one that looks kinda like that and it was only 20 bucks. I still have a real leather jacket in this style but in gray with white features. was much more expensive.

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Yeah I have a bunch of black already, so I'm building my Browns

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Is this jeans boot cut or tapered?

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Straight cut, I think

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This would've looked money with beige, or cream

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Ultra based

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Sick, where can I cop?

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1) Be very careful about going aggressive with sandpaper...the only aging a jacket should see is that the topmost outer layer of leather (which might have the outer colour) is removed, thus exposing the fibrous layer underneath. That's all. Sanding further just gets your further into the layer that isn't the top, so you won't get a better result and you'll be removing more leather.

2) Each leather you get will be slightly different in terms of what is on the top layer and what is underneath. It's dependent on how the leather is tanned (remember, tanning is the process of preserving the leather from decomposing...it is a separate concept from actually dyeing the leather, although the two are interrelated).

There are many concerns here. You should never tumble or air dry a leather jacket; the jacket should be dried as you wear it, so it can begin to shape around your body. Putting it in a dryer opens the potential to shrinkage. I think you might also have reversed the correct procedure with the leder balsam and the waterproof spray; wouldn't you balsam first (to get the oils back into the jacket), and then waterproof it?

The point of the oils in the skin is to 'take up the space' that could be taken up by water, so that when water hits the jacket it doesn't get absorbed but instead gets repelled. By doing what you did, you dried out the jacket (from washing and drying it), filled up the spaces with acetone and waterproof spray, and then put a layer of what is essentially grease onto the top layer.

You can't stiffen a jacket. If you dry out the jacket, it'll get stiff and then crack. I'm sorry, but I think your procedure won't work because you're starting with an incorrect premise. Jackets can be made softer, but they can't be made stiffer without damaging the jacket.

Look forward to seeing it! I've always wanted one, but my Indy jacket is close enough in design that I can't justify the purchase.

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The photo washes out the colour due to all the white, but the jacket is actually ivory/cream. The purpose was to have a light coloured formal coat to go over my light coloured suits (i.e. springtime, late summer), and it's proven to be awesome in every way. Not that compliments matter, but this coat attracts far more attention than any other in my collection, probably because it screams 'money'. That's what proper tailoring can get you.

I wish....sadly, it's not based...it's just 'informed'. It's important to know these kinds of things if you're sourcing leather, or trying to decide between manufacturers, or even trying to solve the question of whether or not 'Made in Pakistan' is as laughably terrible as it seems.

Consider another pic of my distressed jacket. This is with the finishing complete. All the signs of wear are in places that I'd either scratch up myself by accident or by simple wear and tear, and you have to look close to see it.

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So I went back and returned the OP jacket and exchanged it for a similar but less plastic feeling one, on the store I saw pic related and had to cop.

Friggin pig skin! Kind of funny fitting because it's one of those "in between types" where the "S" is too tight and the "M" is loose af, no wonder it's on sale but had to cop.

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Last point on distressing; you want to be subtle. It's not about showing that you fell off your motorbike several times or got into numerous fistfights with arabs in the desert. It's about showing that you wear your jacket everywhere, and that over the years it's taken a hit once or twice.

For instance, in the first pic you can clearly see the distressing I did to the top of the shoulders where my natural shoulders end up. You can see the distressing on the breast pocket, where my thumb rides along the leather as I zip open the pocket. You can see that my left kidney pocket is used more than my right kidney pocket due to the distressing. etc.

The back of the jacket follows a similar procedure: First, what I'd rub against naturally the most, and then random falls or 'accidents' that would buff up the jacket a bit.

Distressing a jacket is 'telling a story' (as one film costuming designer lectured me about years ago); you have to know how the person wore it, what they wore it to, why, and if they cared for the jacket after.

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Pic related is what I replaced the other one with. $100 more but the leather feels a lot better, and smells better, and the fit is not too "trendy"

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Nice! Pigskin is surprisingly durable, and is normally used for work gloves (like gardening). The texture and grain is very prominent, and it can be a little stiff if you don't take care of it. If you can find fashion combos to wear with it, then well done!

It's okay...as long as it fits you well. To be honest though, it's very conservative, and the mix of styles (cafe racer mixed with 'Dad cuffs and hem') make it a very non-descript jacket...one that can fall under the radar. If that's what you're aiming for, then as long as it fits you're good!

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How tf do I take care of Swede pig skin, based leather bro?

This is the anon-distressed jacket btw, pic at the store. Sorry for the border, suddenly the file is over 4MB when taken from an iPhone

>> No.14703751

make it a very non-descript jacket...one that can fall under the radar

Not at all what I am going for, but it fits great, and I like the way it feels lol

I actually opted for a more "popping" jacket as brown is already conservative imho, that's why I chose the pigskin one like this >>14700057 but again, I like the way it feels lol weird

>> No.14703778

Any leather that is used to make a jacket, gloves, or handbag will have several things in common.

1) You don't need to treat it when you get it. If you do, then it's inferior leather from an inferior supplier. Most of the time, stores that tell you that you need to treat your leather immediately are trying to get you to buy leather treatment products from their store.

2) Pig Skin in particular doesn't require any different treatment than Goat or Cow, so the advice is 'just wear it and enjoy it'. If you get it wet in the rain, wear it in the house until it dries out (usually takes about 30 minutes or so unless you're drenched). Don't hang it to dry as you'll begin to create creases from the hanger to the shoulder,

Beyond this, unless you ride it in the desert or in drenching downpours every day for a month, you don't actually have to do anything to your jacket to keep it in good condition. They're not like leather shoes, and modern leather is different to what we saw in the 50's.

That's it in a nutshell.

Nothing wrong with a jacket that 'feels' right. That's part of the fun of wearing them...that you feel good inside it. I'm in the middle of the process of 'breaking in' a competition weight Vanson; at first it's like wearing a suit of armor which digs into my neck at weird angles and hurts my armpits if I lower my arms to my side. But...it's starting to conform now, after many months, and it's not so bad as I once was. Can't wait until it's as soft as my other ones.


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This is the pig skin in question, tbqh, the fit is kind of ???

Whatchu think leather guru?

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This is the new Lamb leather one, no wrinkles and imho it fits good

Btw the pig skin one smells kind of strong

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You're here for the honesty, so forgive the directness.

The good:
1) Cuffs and hems all end in the right places. Arm length is fine for a fashion jacket but too short for a riding jacket, but that doesn't matter if you don't ride.

2) Colour combo looks fine, and you have options too given your skin pigment.

The bad:
1) I'm afraid you might have to lose some weight in the midsection. The problem here is that the jacket needs to bunch when zipped up (see the stress under your pecks as well as the bulging at the stomach area), and due to the softness of the leather it will take that shape easily.

2) In the long run, if you wear it zipped without changing size or changing fitness, the upper lapels of the jacket will bunch and crease in a way that isn't attractive. Look what they're doing when you zip it up now....imagine it being permanently misshapen in a few years time.

Ultimately, you want leather to flow naturally, as if it's part of your body, so stress like this when you zip it up either means you need to lose weight or you may wish to go with a slightly larger jacket in the stomach area.

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Actually. It's the length I have issues with, I'm not even sure if my leather tailor will touch this since he is Arab :/

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I swear I'm not fat anon, it's the jacket!

That pigskin is a medium, the small won't even zip at the bottom and is pulling on my shoulders area. A couple of inches off the bottom might not be a bad idea

>> No.14703821


Is a nice leather jacket btw, if I had to steal one it's this one rather than the lighter one

But yeah I should really get my abs back lol

>> No.14703823

The second jacket looks far better on you.

The Good:
1) Cuffs and hem are in the right place, shoulders are in the right place, and drape when zipped and unzipped is essentially perfect. Well done!

The Bad:
1) nothing to do with fit; the design itself is very generic, and you will see cheaper jackets with this similar design worn by people from the middle-east. If this bothers you, then it's a problem. If it doesn't bother you, then you're fine.

Regarding the smell of pig skin; every pig skin jacket I've ever owned smelled strong. I don't know why, nor have I ever bothered to ask. But that's why I only own one now....lol

This last photo of yours brings up a point I didn't think about but is crucial to the problem of 'why this jacket looks odd'. The asymmetrical zip normally helps to create the illusion of a 'v' shape towards the crotch. Traditional double-riders usually had epulettes on the shoulders, not only for practical purposes, but because it framed the jacket better and made the shoulders larger (think of a matador). If you wear a jacket without this but with the asymmetrical zip, you create a problem; the shoulders become too narrow for the V to work. The eye tries to correct it, and the v zipper begins to look like a slightly off center straight zipper, which makes the stomach look fatter by default.

That's why this looks odd in the body. I really don't like it on you at all, but mostly because of the design itself and not because of your fitness. Does that make sense?

>> No.14703833
File: 615 KB, 1625x2914, Jedi Test 4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yup...forget about the fitness issue. The jacket design itself is not good for you. You could definitely pull off a double-rider, it's just that this one is cut and designed in a way that is not complementary to your body but rather makes your body look worse.

That's one of the rules of leather, for any Anons lurking. Leather jackets are not flexible in terms of what they do for your outer look. Either they hide the things you hate about your body and accentuate the awesome things, or they do the opposite and expose all the terrible things and minimize the good things.

The double-rider in light pigskin does this for the Anon here: it makes his shoulders look smaller, his waist look bigger, his stomach look rotund, and his neck and framing of head messy, all because he zipped it up...

The dark grey/black one does the opposite; it accentuates and amplifies his shoulders (the stitching helps), it tapers from the pecks down, and it drapes equally on both sides when worn unzipped. That's why it works.

>> No.14703837
File: 347 KB, 1504x857, 9B68F8FD-7B7D-4BCC-8BE6-2297864A7978.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I do need to work on my posture tho, fuuuccckkk

Anyways so what? Tailor time for pigskin? I kind of like the edginess of it "pigskin" and all that

Size smaller is not gonna work. Wtf do they use for models here?

>> No.14703839

Anon, since you're honest with me, I'll be honest with you (though unsolicited) idk about this one man...

>> No.14703842
File: 944 KB, 1756x3975, Hood up buttoned up.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't worry about that so much.

Regarding the pigskin; if it were me I'd return it immediately and consider a double-rider from a different company. If you can return it, as you mentioned it was on sale.

There's nothing a tailor can do about the shoulder narrowness or the stomach bulginess. The cut of the jacket itself is the problem, and that comes from the designers. As I'm sure you've experienced, some companies make clothing where you can just wear it off the rack...and other companies make clothing in which it seems no one can fit into it.

Bottom line: why not take the pigskin back, and keep it in your mind as a general design for the future (double-rider that is a light colour and not black). There are many out there...you're sure to find one.

lol I know...most Anons hate it, but I love it. Eventually you get to a point where you just wear what you want to wear, but then again I have 10+ leathers in my stable right now, so I've got lots of options.

This particular one is a raincoat which has proven to be fucking awesome, and utterly unique in my city. It's a fun jacket, and I love wearing it, so fuckit...lol Such is life.

>> No.14703861
File: 3.32 MB, 1528x1528, D78E3DE2-14DC-447E-A768-A6DA66BC37FE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought layering might help, but nah

Peep what that pocket is doing and how it's bending...

I only have 6 leathers so far, one is on its way, and one is an oversized double rider I got 10 years ago that I am having my tailor install level 1 armor pockets on

Hey if you like it lol very sith though

>> No.14703866


I'd probably return it, haven't ripped the tags or anything

>> No.14703891
File: 3.66 MB, 1528x1528, 21BDCA4C-30F4-4AFF-9D9E-80C8BA83F441.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dumping my leathers

>top one is plastic faux leather h&m double rider, got compliments on it but it's faux leather and I wore it with my bike one day and got really cold
>bottom is actual riding jacket, comfy as hell when on a bike but damn it looks ugly off it

>> No.14703917
File: 29 KB, 410x493, Schott 1 Star Perfecto.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sadly, it's the lack of shoulder definition in the design of the jacket that prevents you from covering the large stomach area. I wish there was a better solution.

>very sith though
Good....good....trust your feelings....

It's a dark jacket, for sure, but I always wanted a leather hooded long coat, and this one fit the bill. It was definitely outside my fashion comfort zone when I got it, but now it's just an extension of me like my other jackets.

That's what I'd do if I were you. There will always be other jackets....never have one in your stable that you won't wear or else it's a waste of money.

Look how the accentuated collars on the H&M define your shoulders, and make the V shape more prominent. This is what is lacking in your Pigskin version. Other thing to remember is that lighter colours accentuate width to the eye, so you'll always look fatter in a lighter coloured jacket unless the jacket is structured well or you're super fit/thin.

The lower jacket is a standard riding jacket, and you look fine in it. But that's the thing that most Anons don't know yet; proper riding jackets with armor are not /fa/ in the slightest. They're roomy in the right places, tight in the right places, and when worn off a bike they bulge in strange places.

Fashion houses have been trying to convert the riding aesthetic to daily wear for decades, and the only one that got close was Schott (this was helped because rock stars used to wear the Perfectos as well, throwing that design into the area of 'not only for bikers').

Fashion houses take the general design (where the zippers are, what kind of collar there is, etc.) and reformat it for daily wear. The sleeves get shorter, the external belt might be removed, the space at the elbows for armor is replaced by 'creative stitching', etc.

For my eye Anon, the lower jacket looks 'real', whereas the grey/brown one you have up top (that is new) looks 'fashion'. Know what I mean?

>> No.14703920
File: 3.63 MB, 1528x1528, 50FE2E77-C433-4951-8E8C-95D431560BFB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


My riding jackets has removable armor in it, this is the jacket I fucked up.

Now the elbow area has this weirdness on it

>> No.14703927 [DELETED] 

brando jackets are for girls

>> No.14703931

Terminator jackets are for girls

>> No.14703976
File: 3.01 MB, 1528x1528, 20BFE1A7-A11F-453F-B5B9-3FA5C5F264A6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know what you mean bro, what I told my tailor who is tailoring my other jacket is to just taper it just so it won't bulge all weird and still house the armor

Really curious how it's gonna turn out

Pic related; my bombers, don't stone me, I just like bombers to be oversized. Idk why, maybe because I saw bane wear it like that but it feels more "masculine" if all the fur and wool are oversized

Running out of battery soon anons, please continue with the discussions on leather goods

>> No.14703990
File: 79 KB, 500x582, Bizarro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bombers are comfy, and they should be. The only thing I can say is that fashion goes in 30 year cycles, so the 'slim-fit' thing that we're going through now will pass, and the needle will go to the other end once more (think Kanye and his big coats).

It's all the same in the end. If you love wearing your jackets, if they serve the purpose you bought them for, and if you get the attention you'd like from the people you want, then it's all good.

It's your life Anon, don't let others dictate how you should live it.

Gotta go myself.

>still can't believe someone made a meme of this...I feel like Milhouse.

>> No.14703994
File: 283 KB, 600x900, F4CA27D3-BBAE-4ECA-BDC6-CE18847EDB1C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>leather hooded long coat

I know you said long coat, but if it's rain you're worried about maybe consider pic related. Better fitting ofc and maybe not from this company. It looks clean.

I am considering just going for Schott and forgetting the armor all together. Good enough for our grandpappies to ride bikes without armor and just leather, should be good enough for us.

>riding a cruiser

>> No.14704001

If you remove the red stuff on the cuff, and maybe replace it with fur lining I think it will look good

>> No.14704006

Maybe add a belt and convert it to double breast.

But hey it's your jacket, just throwing my $0.02 for your consideration

>> No.14704097


Looks good

>> No.14704108
File: 460 KB, 890x1602, 5070AA53-52C3-4A0C-A0C9-BAFB3EE390C2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like shearling bombers too m8.
They're just inherently oversized.

>> No.14704133

This color leather jacket is my grail

Where to Cop in Green?

>> No.14704150

google "Jack and Jones"

This is the jjeliam

>> No.14704153
File: 140 KB, 580x870, 016-580x870.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nah breh, I get mine really oversized, like +2 sizes

Pic related; try this fit, I want to try it with a double rider jacket that is NOT for girls... >>14703931

>> No.14704458
File: 185 KB, 1500x1419, MLT0084BR59_aw18_front_model_5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this isn't fucking leather you dumbass



>> No.14704519
File: 164 KB, 1296x1296, boots_201_1296x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i need a cool, black, genuine leather jacket to go with my austrian meme boots
can someone point me in this direction

>> No.14704544

Don't wear leather jacket with those leather boots.

>> No.14704586
File: 343 KB, 403x592, x.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I think a bright sheepskin coat would contrast and compliment these boots just right

>> No.14704711

Leatherguy, you are my /fa/ God now.

>> No.14704742

why not

>> No.14704756

too much leather

>> No.14704776

i tend to wear all black though :(
is there such a thing?

>> No.14704790
File: 87 KB, 400x599, jason-clarke-shearling-01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>i tend to wear all black though :(

then maybe try something different for a change

>> No.14704951


Fellow rider, while you did get leather, I really would have suggested saving for a nice Redhook jacket and running with a $150 Icon mesh jacket for a season. The cut is much more flattering off the bike.

>> No.14704958


>The eye tries to correct it, and the v zipper begins to look like a slightly off center straight zipper, which makes the stomach look fatter by default.

I couldnt place it until you said it, jesus christ. Nail on the head. You are a master.

>> No.14704980
File: 718 KB, 1730x3152, Jedi Test 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks...it was the first one I had custom made to my specs, and so it fits perfectly. It's not something you could buy off the rack, nor is this particularly design made anymore. Such is life.

Don't worry about the elbow area; my Vanson has the same thing, but on both elbows. Granted, the sleeves zip up to the elbow on mine, so there are ways to alleviate it. Anyway, it's a riding jacket...elbows on them always look strange.

No, for many reasons. I hate the short jacket hood combo as it's simply thuggish. I wear the long one to work and after, so quite honestly it fits what I need. Regarding Schott; I thought they had the armor option? Anyway, even if you're experienced just make sure to 'dress for the crash' rather than not. You don't want to be in a situation that you couldn't have foreseen and have fucked up problems for the rest of your life. Remember, our grandpappies didn't have shitty drivers who didn't know the rules and pedestrians and bicyclists who break the rules all the time but think they won't get hit. It's a far more dangerous road than it used to be. I only ride in desolate areas now...city riding is a death sentence.

But Anon, the red stuff isn't a flaw...it's a feature! And anyway, women love red and are drawn to it, so it's win win win.

As for >>14704006, no. The reason I like the jacket in its design is that it's clean. The waist is clean and just tapers down, and a double-breasted would have too much material floating around. Thanks for your ideas though...

Thanks. It's one of 7 that I know of in the world, and they were made specifically for each client, so you won't be able to get one. But that's why going custom sizing is always a win if you're in decent shape. Also custom sizing really isn't that much more expensive than a name brand off the rack, so why not go with something that fits you rather than something that you have to fit into.

>> No.14704985

dude, hate to burst your bubble, but that looks like hsit

>> No.14704997
File: 1.69 MB, 2793x3941, Clean Dante Core Shoulder.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can, but I'd suggest getting rid of the suspenders first. Consider what Beckam does for the double-rider; slim tie, collared shirt, and proper trousers that might be blackish. Collared shirt + tie always works with the jacket, the problem is figuring out the bottom (trousers + boots).

Start with the function and work your way backward, that's how it always works in leather. So, military boots. Try a military style jacket...so try a leather bomber jacket like this:


Shitty company, but the design is what I mean. Or you could go for midsize look that is more naval.


These are all just suggestions just to get the brain going. If you go outside of the military purpose of the boots, then you have to find things that remind us of military to keep it working. That's why wearing these boots with a swimsuit would be shitty...there has to be SOME function involved in the choice.

I don't believe it...I've finally won!


Nope, just saw it with detached eyes. Sometimes we need someone else to see something that either we don't see or our mind corrects for our own benefit emotionally. You'll do the same for others, and the circle will continue.

It's okay Anon, there is no bubble to burst. I've worn this jacket for well over a year now, and it's easily the most enjoyable one to go out in. That won't change unless I get fat or lose a limb.

The pic is for you...what this jacket is supposed to go with.

>see everyone...it always happens when I post pics of it...lol Like Klockwerk...

>> No.14705008

>weekly leather thread
More like weekly cringe thread yuk yuk yuk

>> No.14705032

Any suggestions of where to look and what to look for in a suede trucker jacket? I have no experience with leather

>> No.14705060


>> No.14705082

Anyone know where I can get a baggy leather jacket that looks like a blazer that every middle aged guy smoking cigarettes on public transit in the balkans seems to own?

>> No.14705410

Thanks M8. Why so insanely cheap?

>> No.14705428


Right here, my man.

>> No.14705430
File: 142 KB, 763x939, advance.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I have no clue but the pic related is what I replaced it with >>14703786 >>14703736
both of them are lamb, but the jjeliam feels like a bit "plastic" but has a stronger lamb smell and is also wrinkled af.

The way I tried to minimize the wrinkles (before I returned it) is steamed it in the shower. Nothing crazy just hung it up while I took a hot shower and closed all the exhausts and windows, doors, etc. and left it there for like 30 minutes

It straightened out like 40% of the leather. Problem I saw is that some panels looks different than others, a bit grainy. Which is why i think they sell it distressed to hide such imperfections, which is why its cheaper. Just my theory.

>> No.14705438

y'all are very brave, I do not want to spend more than $300 on things online

part of it is impatience, another part is not wanting to play the sending-it-back games

but I *will* return a jacket to a store and make like 2 trips lol

>> No.14705457

You're actually dead on regarding this point. Pre-distressed hides, as sold by everyone from Wested to Belstaff, are simply hides that would not be suitable for handbags, fine gloves, or high-end jackets and clothing.

This accounts for the second reason why leather is so expensive as a material. Due to the fact that it's organic, it's quite possible that skins will all have small flaws in them. If you wanted a leather jacket with all panels of flawless skin, then you'd be paying a premium (which is what you get with really high end stuff).

When skins have imperfections, the only way to sell them is to rough up all the rest of it so no one notices. It's the same concept as used for the selling of 'black' diamonds on the open market. Black diamonds have significant flaws, but if you wanted to sell them to a public, you'd have to trick them into thinking it's a good thing, or a valuable thing. Thus they sold them to men, as the 'masculine' diamond.

Consider it this way. Just to get proper leather alone for a jacket, just the skins, would be around 300USD or so. Then you factor in labour, design, and you get your normal leather jacket in the price range starting around 500$ for reputable brands. Markup can be significant; a Hermes purse doesn't cost more than 600$ in materials and labour, but will be in excess of 3000$.

The bottom line is that if you have the chance in person to try on a jacket, do so, even if you have to buy it online later. You need to see how it falls on your body before you'll know if it's a good one for you or not. Buying one online is a tricky thing; if you know your sizes precisely, and if you've had experience with the brand you're buying, then you'll be okay. If you're shooting in the dark, then just make sure you buy from a source that allows you to return merch reliably.

Considering that it's usually a few hundred dollars, you might as well get it right.

>> No.14705666

Thrift stores are filled with them. Usually cheap too.

>> No.14706176
File: 183 KB, 871x762, 4DD44E8A-EB56-4619-9AAC-228EDFB6DF49.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rode with it today, it was nice!

>Awkward af pose because I put my phone on a random dude's hood coz I have no friends
>don't even know why I have a passenger seat

Idk why not a lot of legit biker jackets are lamb, prolly because of the thin-ness so I wonder, wtf was lamb leather used for?

>> No.14706202
File: 3.12 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_0605.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone in Glasgow want to buy this jacket?

Never worn, no tags though because I'm a retard.

>> No.14706389

Quite right; lamb leather is too thin to prevent road rash reliably. This is why the 'lowest' grade riding leather is generally cow or steer, with horse being more expensive.

Lamb leather is really used for leather that looks 'perfect'. Small grain, hopefully no flaws, baby soft. Furthermore, the 'thinness' of the leather is actually a feature; the whole point is that it provides a counterpoint to 'normal' leather which is known to require break-in periods, is stiff at first, and is 'rugged'.

In the film industry, you'll find lamb and kangaroo leather used a lot, because quite frankly they film well and are easy to age.

>> No.14707716


>> No.14708459

Ok how about this;

Black vs Brown leather jacket


>> No.14708559


Err body go to this thread >>14708555

>> No.14708580
File: 3.14 MB, 640x506, SmartSelect_20191012-203521_YouTube.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looking for a men's cropped leather jacket with fringes on the arms and back like gif related. Footage is from 1988.


>> No.14708724

It depends on the fashion function.

1) Universally colour coordinated.
2) Makes you look slimmer.
3) Can be more formal if need be.
4) Looks more intimidating or higher status.
5) Can be matte or polished finish, both look good.
6) Grain can be hidden or exposed, both look good.

1) Rarely distresses well...tends to look like an old car seat.
2) Most common colour for men, so exclusivity is not a real possibility here.

1) Grain is exposed easily, so you can show off cool patterns and skins.
2) Completely utilitarian, which emphasizes that aspect of your complete look.
3) Always distresses well, no matter how far you go.
4) Can be dressed up or down depending on the design (think Magneto from First Class, with purple turtleneck and trousers).
5) Classic military, especially for flights. Black As look strange.
6) Can show marbleing in skins, which increases status to those in the know (think Aero's front-quarter horse-hide jackets that are polished).

1) Universally less formal than black.
2) "Softer" colour to the eye, with fewer combination possibilities than black.
3) Can make you look fatter.
4) Polished finish tends to go either great or cheap-looking, it all depends on the grain. Risk.
5) Grain is always easy to see, so you need to make sure the grain is good on the skin or else the jacket can look low-quality or cheap.

Now that I think about it, I own more brown ones than black, but the brown ones are different in shade (one very dark brown, one lighter, one lighter still, and one pre-distressed which looks like cognac).

Just a few off the top of my head. What say you Anons?

>> No.14709456
File: 1.02 MB, 2733x1495, 29627C9E-5DB7-4E42-B19B-5D1F17BE43A1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14709717

recommend me a good dark brown leather jacket I can wear in the winter (I'll take a hoodie underneath it anyways).

Price range maximum 300 euros. Please post pic and give brand name.

>> No.14709861
File: 31 KB, 360x480, real-nice-brown-adventure-bound-by-wilson-leather-jacket-americanlisted_38253729.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are buckskin bombers /fa/ yet?

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