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How can someone so incompetent be so fashionable? Gotta be the most /fa/ shooter I've seen so far.

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honestly great fit. qr?

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Another Mossad agent after the Norway Mosque shooting failed.

Why does the (((elite))) want to demonize white people so bad?

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The a lower lip as big as his, he should've celebrated with his kin in the synagogue.

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I'm getting terrorwave/neofolk vibes

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fucker stole my look

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the most embarrassing display of spaghetti spilling I've seen

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I'm tired of these autists killing random innocent people.
I can't wait for shit to actually get real and we start hanging traitor politicians from lamp posts

But nothing ever happens, right?

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this was just a pathetic shooting lol

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You going to grab all the guns?

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because he's dressed to kill.

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>Why does the (((elite))) want to demonize white people so bad?
You are on 4chan dude, shut the fuck up.

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>Why does the (((elite))) want to demonize white people so bad?
Zionist media trying to instill fear among the white man

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Stop killing people.

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LMFAOOOO at this point the whites are doing it to themselves

No elite just finally enough balls to cover your peoples savagery in the news, biggest terrorist behind the Arabs well done uh “civilized” sorry no savages

But I digress cause I’m not stupid enough to believe stereotypes not all white peoples are as stupid as the ones making a mess

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He dressses bad and he's an absolute retard. He killed 2 Germans instead of Jews or Muslims like he wanted to do.

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>He was a slav
>or a Jew
>He could not count to two and use his car to jump over the wall
>He instead shot two ethnic Germans
>media call it antisemitic attack: No Jews were harmed
>media call it rightwing attack from a German: A passport German kills Germans
Please see through the web of lies that the media spins.

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He clearly intended to kill jews as he attacked a synagogue. He simply failed and killed random people when he panicked.

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cause jews and muslims cant be germans?

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No, they cannot. In 2000, the law regarding the attainability of a German passport has been changed from blood to soil. But still, that doesn't make any Ausländer Germany by rational sense.

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a true gent

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Lol I wonder which game he played. He looks like lunatic. Typical right-winger.

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You believe every lie the media tells you, don't you?

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white people are the biggest terrorists in the world

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c'mon, you can't be real.

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Uhm, nationality has nothing to do with religion to begin with. Even according to your moronic logic, someone considered German "by blood" could convert to Islam. Does this now magically change his genes?

You know you can be sceptic of the media and still reject what social rejects on an imageboard tell you, right?

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Who is behind this post? Is it an AfDler?

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Graphs are cool but it’s a solid fact no need for them it’s painfully obvious the rigthwing is the biggest threat to national security and international if you count the celebrated party that rules the planet pretty much, not even whites are safe from this threat.

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I am real.
>nationality has nothing to do with religion to begin with
I never said that. The rest of your post is faulty. What I am saying is that the two murders are being framed on Germans / rightwing / Whites / Europeans / rightwing parties when theres is no causa for that. And you are oblivious to that
AfD is controlled opposition.

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This. In Germany, according to the yearly police criminal report (PKS), every criminal act in which the offender is unknown but the victim non-German (even the passport Germans are now counted as non-Germans here!) is per se counted as a right-wing attack. Also, those offences where the police would (should) but did not step-in (i.e. when there is no hope in finding the perpetrator) are not mentioned in the protocol.

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>I never said that. The rest of your post is faulty.
I think you have a goldfish brain and can't even follow a 3 posts long thread.

>cause jews and muslims cant be germans?
>No, they cannot.
Kill yourself?

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Digress into slurs when you cannot argue anymore.

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>when you cannot argue anymore.
I'm still here and explained why your statement was wrong, but okay. Live in your constructed fantasy world where I apparently can't argue anymore just because I'm calling you an idiot, lol.

>What I am saying is that the two murders are being framed on Germans blah blah
No where in the thread of replies (>>14700582 >>14700558 >>14700535 >>14700530 >>14700423) did you ever say that. You are confusing two separate discussions, retard. Oops. I just insulted you. I guess that means again that the only thing I said so far was that insult.

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Germans are the only one deserrving the tripple quote, they manipulate the narrative and soon they will make the majority believe they did nothing wrong, they were the real victim and they are so noble.

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4 months ago a german nazi murdered some refugee-loving politician, so technically speaking it has started already.

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germans were literally the cause for every world war lol white people are going to be the cause of the 3rd one

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Who’s going to be the franz Ferdinand of the third great war is my question

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bruh you can not talk about the jews on 4channel

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leave /pol/

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lol stop terrorizing walmarts and shooting other white people all the time, you guys are the ones giving us a bad rep

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>any white person does something bad
>uhh actually uhh he was secretly a jewish slavic cia agent

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of course not. not every country is muttmerica

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Lena Dunham

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> Spends a minute to reload slamfire shot gun

> Guy slowly walks off and drives away

> Starts cursing in German


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Pheww can’t imagine the news cycle on that tragic lost

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>>media call it antisemitic attack: No Jews were harmed
>>media call it rightwing attack from a German: A passport German kills Germans
Pic related bitch. Oh wait, I am supposed to take the word of /pol/tard losers over the Wall Street Journal.

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>French name


Also wall street journal is owned by jews

good goy

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was this the first lifestream massacre splatter comedy?

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Why do white boys always think school shooters look cool? It's really cringy

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>>French name
..so? He's white. You think Germans breed in isolated captivity?

>>wall street journal is owned by jews
Sure, like only the WSJ is reporting what he said to the police. 1 dimensional poltard logic.

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if anyone here is planning the next attack please don't kill your own people and wear funny outfit

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>Man who states his rightwing and antisemetic views before attacking a synagogue was actually not rightwing or antisemetic
That does make sense

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>shows only the headline
>doesn't link to the story
>trusts mainstream media
okay Zoyboy maybe close your mouth while you smile flies might get in.

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suck a glock barrel nigger, your people commit more shootings and dress like they just got out of bed an hour before their shootings.

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The most uneffay thing to do, is to idolize terrible people such as him.

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revenge fantasy. most of them are social failures that hate their own people as well.

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yeah there is a difference between trying to sustain your own survival when you were born in a hopeless hell hole and killing random people because you are delusional, lonely loser

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i wear the exact same clothes as him, and have a buzz cut, guess i won't be able to go outside for awhile.

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