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friendly reminder: buzz only works if your handsome

>> No.14700234

You're right, but my hair isn't saving me anyways.

>> No.14700245

Post face pic and we'll see how bad it is

>> No.14700284

anything works good if you are handsome and dont have a fat baby face

>> No.14700443

That may be true but it's literally your only viable option if you're a baldy.

>> No.14700457

Correct. I tried it and looked terrible.

>> No.14700686

The four guys are not handsome, but bad to average looking.

>> No.14700708

do you actually believe the retarded things you post?

>> No.14700877

Obviously. But that´s true for every haircut, so I go for utility over coping.
Also, don´t get me wrong - I know that they look better than I do...but those guys really aren´t attractive, either. First, maybe, but second and third look like aliens and the fourth looks like a potatoe.

People need to understand that models look recognizable, not attractive.

>> No.14700881

you seriously are deranged/warped
the overwhelming majority of people are not attractive

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anything only works if you're handsome

>> No.14700911

>dat nigga with heterochromia


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