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Fascist fashion inspo
>neofolk elements
>certain aspects of terrorwave

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Mosley was also a god of prep

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Always liked Stalin’s dress sense

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From Doping Pong's 2013 Russian olympic aesthetic collection. Along with
They put forth a sort of neo-stalinist aesthetic with a definite fascist conception of beauty. They got a lot of shit for it, but the aesthetic endures.

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Another Doping Pong piece. Neo-stalinist fascism with russian characteristics.

I think in fascist aesthetics, there is too much a reliance on the fashions of the 1930s, instead of being modern and forward-looking the way fascism was originally.

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More from the doping pong collection. Last one of these. Celebration of athleticism.

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No fascist aesthetic is complete without blond bodybuilders.

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Classic neofolk fits from knoch.

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And of course the neopagan romantic connection. Not as directly useful inspo, but useful conceptually. An aesthetic is a conception of life, not just some clothes to wear.

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>instead of being modern and forward-looking the way fascism was originally.
yeah, fascism is a forward looking and modernist conceptualization of the world and too many trad larpers don't realize that.

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Natural fibers, nature, timeless adventurer aesthetic. Neofolk has a woman problem, specifically a lack of women.

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is this dweeb about to take a flight on a dirigible? nigga looks like a character from arcanum the literal npc sprite from arcanum

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There is an ex post facto tendency to conflate fascism with reaction, which is regrettable but understandable. How would a futurist dress in 2019?

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A non-larpy suggestion

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Black metal aesthetic, specifically foggy conifer forests, are a necessary, if abstract, part of the essential soul of the aesthetic.

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Respect nature

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More physiques

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Classic neofolk moodboard

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Replying to myself, but: when the old order has been so thoroughly dismantled, modernism has been slain, and human progress no longer offers the sort of heady opportunity for innovation and rebirth that it did in the pre-war era, ultimately it is difficult to conceive of this "movement" (if such a thing even exists) in any sort of material arts, including fashion. I am open to other people's thoughts.

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Frazetta is indispensable. A powerful physique and barbarian conception of life is an ingredient of the aesthetic, but it needs to be improved and modernized through the imposition of discipline, the binding together of many such men into an indivisible unit in the state, this turned to higher purposes.

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That's some neckbeard trivia you got there. May the onions be with you cuck

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Love this
Got a source?

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Respect your body by pushing it to its limits

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Find elements of discipline, sleek modernism, exaltation of beauty, uniformity in the state, racial superiority, harsh nature, violence, etc and synthesize into your own aesthetic.

Ultimately, fascism is obsolete, and was kindof stupid at the time, too. The philosophers among us need to be thinking of and creating the next great movement that will fill this role. Which is why my images here represent a more expansive and modern vision than the usual 1930s fetishism.

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From one of these threads, desu. It's obviously a bunch of neofolk mosleyite larpers, probably death in june fans.

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I'm running out of material here. Y'all should post more.

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How to ruin poltards thread 101

wait for them to seethe

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People who want to have a future and forward thinking fascist style should go for something like Knoch does with his own designs not his ww2 outfits

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W2c? I know zara have that kind of stuff but elsewere?

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italofuturism > german neoteutonic "fash"

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>What poltards think they look like

What they actaully look like

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Wouldn't actually be bad with some low-ankle docs.

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you don't know your history if you think skinhead = fascist

t. far left skinhead

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I'm just trying to post some fashy female outfits and examples are hard to find. Like I could go wool and earth tones for a neofolk angle, but that's essentially basic bitch fall fashion anyway.

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The aesthetic I have in my head, how I would like to dress but can’t right now for lack of time and money I think could fit your idea of a movement which revives the prewar focus on human progress, taking elements of the 1930s clothing, but also looking forward. In this spirit I would like to establish a wardrobe where any garment type has a tough and heavy 20th century piece, and a sleek 21st century equivalent in the vain of modern technical hiking and outdoor brands. For example for shoes there would be jackboots and classic mountaineering boots, and also something like a Salomon outpath pro, for trousers heavy wool options along side some lightly tapered nylon cargoes. I think that what cutting edge technical brands right now, Arctaryx veilence, Rosen-x etc. could blend surprisingly well older heavy wool fabrics and mixing up the neo-folk and cutting edge stuff could be a lot of fun, and very in keeping with the modernist mindset. I’m not a fascist though I’m an objectivist than anything, and so I would look towards some classic American stuff as well.

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from the previous thread. still looking for a picture I had on another PC of somebody wearing some kind of ritual mask - either a a fox skull or something with deer antlers, which was the most neofolk thing i had ever seen.

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>far left skinhead
So much cringe in just three words.

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W2c jacket?

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This is what I think of

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Try doing one of these


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How do I into fashcore if I'm balding? (Norwood 3)
Do I just slick it back like Jose Antonio?

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Fencing scar + monocal

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Its like casual militant, very nice. Even has the pocket square in one of 'em.

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Now realistically I can't get a fencing scar here in northern New Hampshire, so would a scar from a knife fight with the local crackheads count?
Also nice digits

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hardy har har

>> No.14658490

so shes going to hang that on his dick?

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Carry around a foil at all times and challenge absolutely everyone to a duel

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This is the greatest response I could have ever hoped to get. Thank you anon

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Dude looks like a light breeze would knock him down

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I think a lot of people have a lot of opinions on what neofolk is or isn't, and these different groups have chosen to join together as a movement, despite their differences.
What is the core of neofolk? A desire for involvement. Involvement in one's environment. Involvement in their nation. Unalienation from one's labor. Involvement in their community. Involvement in one's past and traditions. Of course, this desire is exacerbated by modernity. That desire for involvement, coupled with the modern world which seeks to remove a person's involvement forms the center of neofolk.
Why does neofolk draw from fascist aesthetics? Fascism was the only governmental system that allowed communal involvement in a modern nation. What is the purpose of neofolk? To involve one's self in the world around them, and form communities in a world that is all but completely atomized.

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nationalist killing another nationalist, not fashcore

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He cute

>> No.14658691

Actually like a lot of the pieces in this image, brand name or w2c?

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he was a commie

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No excuses. if you are a skinhead or dress like one, you are a racist fascist. That's like claiming the swastika was a hindu symbol so it's ok to use. It's not. Just like we know skinheads are associated with the fascists so you can't use the excuse you are a far left skinhead.

I support antifa and if I and a handful of my comrades saw you, you wouldn't be passing. You would get a fascist beatdown you far-right pig. NO EXCUSES EVER. Skin head = FASCIST!

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Pants are Fjällräven, shoes Ecco and the backpack is from a brand called Asaklitt. The rest are random aliexpress finds

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Skinhead is a fashion style you dumbfuck. If you knew anything then you would realize that skinhead was a fashion trend started in the 50's by the same working class people you claim to defend. Go to the UK or Ireland where skinhead does not carry the same connotations as it does in modern US subcultures

>> No.14659630

>the swastika is a hindu symbol you dumb fuck, if you go back 1000 years ago blah blah blah

If you are too stupid to understand skinhead is associated with fascist now then you deserve a handful of comrades to teach you a lesson for being so stupid.

It's fascist by default and you can dress it up as much as you want to say it isn't but it just wont pass here. You are a crypto-fascist. It's internalized fascism. Like I said NO EXCUSES. EVER. FASCIST SCUM! OUT!

>> No.14659633

"fascism is a fashion style"

What will this racist scumbag say next? Blackface is an art style? Lol.

>> No.14659635

Imagine spending all this time thinking you're so highbrow and purebreed, getting up the balls to stand with your cosplay brethren to protest "AMERICA GOOD GIVE IT BACK", and a fuckin' 6'4" black dude just drops you on your fuckin head, ruining your gay ass dark academia scarf. You losers are so doomed and it's entirely transparent how scared you are.

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Thats right, if you want to be a skinhead you have an obligation to fight commies and degenerates, because they will sure as hell fight you, straight white working class man.

>> No.14659655

>Go to the UK or Ireland where skinhead does not carry the same connotations as it does in modern US subcultures

Imagine thinking in those countries skinheads are not seen as racist right-wingers. Lol this guy is on crack.

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Thanks for this.

>> No.14659675

dude looks like Fassbender in this picture

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File: 3.14 MB, 675x431, slap.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More like a nigger takes a cheap shot to the head with a maglite and then gets his ass handed to him in retaliation. Charges for the initial attack was dropped but the white guys are going to jail.

Getting charged for defending ourselfes, which has happened multiple times, is what we're actually scared of. This happens because antifa are foot soldiers for the system. Since they can't outright silence dissent they rile up you retards and give you free reign and refuse to charge even the most blatantly obvious cases of assault.

RAM got a bunch of nonsensical charges after Charlotsville, but I suspect the real reason for those charges was because they humiliated you to much in Berkley.

>> No.14659686

source on the shoes?
somebody pls

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File: 922 KB, 1440x403, portland antifa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Child soldiers for ZOG

>> No.14659703

Pic is from varusteleka so they might be something they sell.

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File: 99 KB, 540x810, c7a93e54e976c033879fa09a0d9700bc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Die screaming :)

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>> No.14659770

Imagine being white and dick-riding blacks so hard :\

>> No.14659805

Neofolk is a gay masc for masc fetish thing

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>Having a mental breakdown over clothing

>> No.14660013

Not a crypto-fascist, outright fascist

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>> No.14660167

Le Chad Eminem

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Slick it back and rock a confident moustache

>> No.14660306


>> No.14660313

There is an odd truth to classic British skinheads in fact being the opposite of racists

>> No.14660316

half of the original skinheads were jamaican or black. it was a working class unity thing until it got co-opted by racist thatcherites. why do you think ska is such a big part of skinhead culture if skinheads are white supremacists?

>> No.14660320

i really could not give a fuck what you or any other dipshit on this site thinks, you're all fucking retarded

>> No.14660326


Skinhead fashion is absolute trash.

>> No.14660342
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Brazilian Integralism

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>> No.14660370

I really wish DI6 did more photoshoots like this NADA! era

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>> No.14660537

Of course a commie larper would be too autistic to care about how he is perceived by others

>> No.14660580

> commie larper
as opposed to you, Le Actual Nazi. have sex before your first heart attack maybe?
or get an ideology that isn't exclusively defined negatively. you think all you need to do is reject things and suddenly you're a utopian, you kids are a joke

>> No.14660701

bro this is so cringe why are you here

>> No.14660717

Bro suck black dick harder

>> No.14660753

But that's a summation symbol, not an integral symbol

>> No.14660766

An integral is a sum of infinitesimals. The integral symbol is literally an 'S' for sum, the roman equivalent of greek Sigma. The concepts are very nearly equivalent.

Go "ackshually" somewhere else.

>> No.14660768


"Old order" and "modernism" are under-defined terms. Innovation and rebirth is the war.


What's the context for this image?


The technical fabrics are essential! Cotton is soggy and useless when it's wet. What is it good for? Nothing!

>> No.14660779

asking myself the same thing. i hate literally all of you and your opinions mean nothing to me.

>> No.14660788

>your opinions mean nothing to me.
Then why are you getting so upset by them?

>> No.14660825

Look nigger, the summation symbol by itself does not have the necessary information to jump to the idea of a limit of Riemann sums. I could have just as easily said "well, there is a summation symbol, so clearly this is the taylor series party!"

>> No.14660828

>r u triggered libtard xD

>> No.14660846

Absolutely not, they do not have much of a place anywhere except to parrot the mainstream opinion.

Even the best "intelligenista" trad-thots like Lauren Southern and Faith Goldy are just moderately usefull. Lauren has the distinction of making that documentary about South Africa "Farmlands", which was good, but she is lacking in any sort of philosophical progression. Faith Goldy had the balls to interview and give an honest voice to people in the alt-right, but she hasn't done much besides that. I guess they're both journo's, so there's that.
Slick it back, dress like you're old. Alternatively get a "weave" lmao

>> No.14660902

Keep your fantasies to yourself

>> No.14660918

This guy represents everything about America.

>> No.14660960

This is retardid

>> No.14660962

This is also retardid

>> No.14661020

It's so fucked up when right-wing racist pigs such as yourself try to make excuses in stead of just not being a coward and admitting to your deeply held, dangerous, and frankly dumb ass beliefs. Fuck you faschist scum, fuck you. This message brought to you by r/antifa

>> No.14661033

Don't worry anon. You're not alone.

>> No.14661040

I can't imagine a being as disabled as you obviously are. Hope everything's alright, bud.

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