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Why does everybody who wears this Hedi Slimane shit looks so awkward and uncomfortable in it?

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y u such a hater BRO, you can go fuck yourself, instead of wasting your time picking on peoples fashion hobby

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why are chinks into it so much?
SLP looks good on 0.5% of people that buy it

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This guy’s body looks fine. It’s a good fit.
It’s his massive head and goofy expression that ruin it though maybe it’s just an issue with the camera lens/angle

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Because the really cool people, don't go online to talk about fashion or post pictures of themselves for free.

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A lot of the appeal of SLP is the super precise tailoring and most people just don't have the keen eyes to make it fit together how it's supposed to fit. That and 99% of people just don't have the body for it.
also this >>14649023
You could really say this about any popular online fashion genre, i mean look at the faggots in ROD

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Because like 80% of people who buy it are too fat or too muscular, it really only works on absolute microtwinks and even then the tailoring needs to be perfect and you have stay away from the jeans and leather jackets and really all the western style shit, overall maybe 1 in 30 slp fits i see on the streets is good, the vast majority are skinny fat fashion victims with too much money to spend

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The Jenner and Hadid "models" are terrible generic, and uncool, plastic face celebrities, and still charge for it.

Because their families do the trade. It has nothing to do with cool.

Only moving towards money ain't cool at all. Pretty common and sterile.

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