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Why are robes so hard to pull off?

Asians did it for 4,000 years

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They live in it. Not larp

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I wish us westerners had secular traditional clothes like asians do, instead we mode fags changed up stuff at least every century, there is no tradition to return to

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That’s just being late to the game (kind of). Americans, kinda got in on things when textiles were already, relatively, easy to make. We have traditional clothes, just the functional ones didn’t need to be fashionable for rich people.

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As long as you don't make it retarded (insomuch as that's possible), tunics or breeches can look good.

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That's only Anglos and French because they industrialised en masse early on.

Germans, Dutch, Swedes etc all have traditional clothing

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Is this style ludicrously difficult to pull off?

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It’s not only hard to pull off style wise, it’s larping and slightly offensive if you aren’t asian. Think about how you cringe when you see some random white kid wearing a dashiki, it’s pretty much the same shit.

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>it’s slightly offensive
Terrible bait but here’s your (you)
Depends on context. I lived in japan for a few years and even Japanese don’t dress like this all the time.
If you’re confident enough to pull off Japanese formalwear and you have the good sense to match it to the occasion, go for it.
An easy way to get started are Visvim hakama which are comfortable and stylish but have a more western cut.
Also Visvim kimono-style jackets are a good start. Since Nakamura’s designs hew towards traditional Americana, you’ll have less faggots like what this guy >>14625218 is pretending to be get in your face about it.
In fact Visvim has been mainstreamed so much that it doesn’t even come across idiosyncratic anymore.
Add a sanjuro bomber or a dotera overcoat as a statement piece to a fit and see how you like it.

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Probably helps to be Asian or at least hapa LOL.
You can find some cool cheap ones with colorful prints if you search “Happi coat”. Then more as if you’re wearing a neat alternative to a Hawaiian shirt and not just some fucking weeb.

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if you're white with long black hair it probably looks dope
don't think you have to be asian

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Left looks fucking cool

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They're not hard to pull off. Most people probably would just feel awkward wearing something like that and thus behave awkwardly, but putting together an outfit with robes isn't hard.

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if you wear anything more formal than a jinbei you will look like a fucking idiot

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Yeah there is some folklore here and there, but the constant sociopolitical changes in Europe led to a very wide range of clothes through the ages (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Western_fashion), while the japs for example, being a closed traditional society until the Meiji era, kept their clothing tradition until nowadays

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I mean, how cool would it be to be able to rock this dope fits nowadays, to get the roman's drip. Look, even the peasant is /fa/

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Pretty sure I've seen Schoolboy Q rockin' D.

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ridicule might dissuade the insecure faggots you usually deal with here but I wear what I want and idgaf

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white men in kimonos are top cringe no matter how you look at it

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t. buttblasted nig

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there is literally nothing more attractive or sophisticated than a good looking white man in a kimono.
Think Niander Wallace or Capt. Nathan Algren
It's pure class

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the common theme seems to be long dark hair
I wonder if it's a necessary condition

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Kimono FLEX

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It looks good in a movie, like everything does in a fictional scenario, but irl it'd look pretty cringe unless you at least live in Japan, and I say that as a white guy who loves Japanese formal wear

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why cant white people larp as their great grandpa instead

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Its actually not that bad on bald dudes either, I guess the point is to have extreme hair, don't bring that weak ass parted to the left shit to MY dojo

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you'll definitely stand out thats for sure

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It's kinda cringe and makes you look like a conservative capitalist

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Probably because you're trying an Asian cut while not being Asian. >>14625218
Try European styled robes? >>14624397

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