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Where do you go, besides /fa/, to talk/lurk/find inspo about fashion?

I feel like all the good forums are gone like SuFu in 2013-2015 era, Hypebeast when everyone was into Visvim and Samurai, lookbook before it was overrun with SJW euro trannies, etc.

Now it's just the same boring played out fits reposted on instagram or pinterest. Where do I go for actual interesting and unique stuff, particularly streetwear?

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4channel dot org slash fa

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>particularly streetwear
shit you had me until the end there ngl

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Try going outside instead

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2010s culture is dead

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Music has given everyone so much ego/pride that they all want to start and do their own thing.

Nothing wrong with that and all the power to them, individuality is quintessential. However, the people that have accomplished this know not to speak their opinions cause it would essentially just dilute who they are.

Goto your local upcoming brand popups/fashion shows. Lots of great-to-moderate talk there and you meet lots of great people.

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Id on socks ?

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really wish I knew

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probably anonymous ism/chup

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may be kapital as well


idk, all of the fashion forums are garbage now.

/fa/ is quite dead and was always a joke desu

sufu is deader than dead

styleforum doesn't really get streetwear

reddit's MFA is bad and full of people who are still dressing like it's 2013 and /r/streetwear is for highschoolers

stylezeitgeist is for men who inject estrogen

and caretags is for failed art students with klinefelter syndrome. (and also dead.)

internet fashion doesn't really have any good forums in 2019

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>internet fashion doesn't really have any good forums in 2019
And that's a good thing

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It was a huge mistake when too much people in early 10s were involved into fashion so many shitty brands like ASSC became a result of it. It was kind a easy to analyze what type of shit anybody wants.
I'm glad it has returned back and if you want some quality fashion discussions tou must actually be involved in fashion industry or learn fashion at college.

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>probably anonymous ism/chup

have been looking for this sock for years. those are close but haven't found it.

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I feel like Japan would have great streetwear forums that we dont know about nor can (most of us) read.

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>r/streetwear is for highschoolers
No, streetwear in general is for highschoolers

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What's wrong with dressing like it's 2013? Asking as someone who's stuck in 2011

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I think thats a pretty ignorant thing to say. You probably have seen too many shitty streetwear pics of underaged kids dressing like walking billboard signs for meme brands, with superfluous amounts of accessories and chains coming out of their asshole, so now you think streetwear cant look good. It doesnt have to be like that--for example take a look at this lookbook from Japanese streetwear brand "Nonnative", does this look like the shit high schoolers would wear? Theres a few other brands like this out there who make streetwear for adults, but most people just follow the herd.

tldr: just because no one posts actual good looking mature streetwear for adults on here or reddit, does not mean it doesnt exist.

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fuck, forgot to post the lookbook:

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Found it anyway. This one and 4 one for example, are total highschooler stuff. I see plenty of items there that seem taken from the annoying prep thread

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This one doesnt look high schooler to me, maybe the chucks but adults have been wearing chucks for decades. I can see where youre coming from but its just nit picking, this brand has a skatewear vibe to it but with the right pieces it can look really mature, fashionable but not overstyled, no branding, etc.

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Anonymous Ism Blue Fair Isle Gradation Crew
these socks no longer exist anymore sorry

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Thanks for finding it tho

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w2c some shoes like that but without the gay gold letters part?

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>common cucks

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