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Old thread: >>14601083

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidhratted

>http://pastebin.com/raw/jvUjw16e (embed)

Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:
>http://pastebin.com/raw/93cLG9jj (embed)

Feel free to post
>age, sex, height
>current weight
>your highest and lowest weight
>how are you losing weight

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H 140
L 127
What if i up weight whit 1600 cal a day?
I want to be 99

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Im so fcking fat
How much i need to lose?
Actually 132.8

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put on muscle

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what's the soundtrack to ur dysmorphia /thinspo/?

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thinspo dump because these threads keep dying : ( where did everybody go

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i have a bmi of 16.9 what bmi do you reckon would not be full skeletal but sexy skeletal

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What kind of a gym routine do you recommend for thinspo? Gonna go 3 times a week. Already 6’2 and 135lbs don’t want to bulk up

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25, 5’8
120’s was lowest
Im trying to stop eating so much but its difficult

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i want to put my DICC in some female STICC

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good morning thinspo

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it depends on your genetics, there's people that no matter how skinny they are, they'll always have an ugly fridge body.

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to think that this time next month I could be skinny if I just stopped being a little bitch. Oh, feelsbadman.

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PUT /thinspo/ IN THE TITLE

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I just broke my fast and ate 300kcal of icecream

please lord give me the strength not to carry on my binge

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to school

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>school in 2019

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>bmi of around 17
>feel bad because no ass
>gain a little weight
>still no ass
i am god's joke

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Combine your cardio with your defecating, I urge you to try it.
Just now I returned from my running routine which I only ever start when I feel light pressure building up in my cavity. The run is exactly one hour long, which is just long enough to make it to my appartement bathroom and let loose after I return.
During the run the sensation of growing rectal stress is elating. Over the last kilometer I can feel my stool excitingly sliding up and down just inches of surpassing the prostate.
Then when it all culminates in the final chapter of anal relief, it feels akin to french down pillows pouring from my ass while tears of joy mix with the burning sweat in my eyes.
Ultimately it's good for your rectal health and a great confidence boost while loosing weight as you will feel light and refreshed after the brown thunder has passed and light can fall into your life once more.

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I wish I could just fast!! I wish I could just fast!! Why can’t I just do this??

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Pussy nigga!!!!

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You have no willpower

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less than two weeks in and I'm already struggling this much, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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This but to this

>> No.14626748

what's weird about my post?

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20 / M / 180cm
52 kg
H 56
L 40 ?
i dont

does anyone have any recs for brands that stock clothes for skinny ppl. 30inch chest, cant rly find anything that fits.

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H: 358 (at 24)
L: 135 (at 19)

Protip: SSRI'S not even once.

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Lost 132.8 and fuck off

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Post pic

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How does one acquire willpower tho?

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160 pounds

is 1600 calories way too little? Im trying to lose 5 pounds a month at least

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This is fake two different women lmao

>> No.14627367

no stretch marks or loose skin
it's after > before

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And even if it is, so? It's a good contrast of gross vs hot.

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why can't guys just be skinny
I don't want to lift weights, it's so dull

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Who says you can't?

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that's ripped compared to me

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An ass isn't fat

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Start eating an animal based diet first for a few days to weeks, work yourself up from intermittent fasting to longer fasting.
Why do you think it's easy to just go ahead an fast without any changes in your life at all? Why are you so stupid?

I wasn't ever able to fast, because I conditioned my fat body to crave food wax to much. Not until I stated eating only animal foods, incorporate longer pauses between meals as well as skipping meals to have longer periods without food. Until fasting doesn't irritate or weaken me so much.
My aim is to extend 24 hours, my goal now is a week.

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20, female, 5'2
>cw: 106-109lbs idk it fluctuates
>hw: 140-145lbs?
>lw: 90lbs a few years back
>mainly by restricting, smoking cigs, vaping, and rock climbing

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been blocked off from 4chan since the christchurch attacks, gained so much fucking fat, literally have nowhere to go for thinspo cause everywhere else tells me to call an ed hotline or it's just blocked, fucking sick of this shit. I want to be skinny again...

20 f
5'4'' (?roughly)
last time i checked (a month~ ago) 57 kgs which is OK, at least im not considered overweight, but i've packed some flab during winter (in aus)

compared to when I started, I was 65kgs which was getting out of control and then i majorly dipped my calorie intake and lost 10 kgs. Since then I've plateaued and my weight fluctuates now. One day I can go from seeing my hipbones through my jeans to having a mufftop and a noticeable belly.

Also since I started, I went vegan. Prefer it way more cause eggs, butter, cheese etc were making me feel my food so much worse and every time I'd eat even a bit I'd bloat so bad. Finding it hard to avoid processed foods but feeling more motivated to eat only fruit n veg now that its warming up.

My intake was 1200 but I don't know now cause I don't track anymore but I think I want to again soon.

Been lazy with exercise.

Any good tips for getting back into /thinspo/?

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make sure you are eating rice + beans together for complete protein profile or supplement with vegan protein powder, eating just fruits and veggies is going to fuck you up, you will need protein and fats.

the sugar in the fruit is going to make you more hungry and moody too so dont eat it every day.

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How to achieve this body

>> No.14627964

I'm 6ft male and weigh 58kg the fuck is up with you fatty Lmao

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Rice and beans are my favourite things to eat!!! Definitely can't go without protein in salads of course, I go for chickpeas, avocado, roasted mushroom or eggplant, beans, pine nuts, cashews, walnuts, etc.

thanks for fruit tip though.

Also have been vegan for 2~ years and so far have been alright for protein, enough to not need powder. I take b12

well the lowest i got was 54kgs and have plateaued and been fluctuating. At least I'm considered healthy, asshole. Thanks for nothing. At least give me some tips or support. Bashing me isn't gonna do anything. I'm trying to break the plateau.

>> No.14628026

what are some of urs go to meals

>> No.14628047

it's called negative reinforcement stupid

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op failed to put thinspo in the subject field for two threads now

>> No.14628104

i think it's just called being a cunt for no reason

>> No.14628127

More pics like this pls.

>> No.14628169

u shouldve made a thread

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what BMI and BF% would you estimate pic related at?

I'm guessing 18 and 11%

>> No.14628218

I'm 20 BMI and I kinda look like him. Idk about BF% tho.

>> No.14628225

17 to 18 BMI
>I'm 20 BMI and I kinda look like him.
yeah, kindof except you're fatter

>> No.14628254

I wouldn't say 'fatter' cause I definitely have a lower BF% than him.

>> No.14628729

Can't really tell because of the shitty quality and lightning, but definitely not 11%, maybe around 16.

>> No.14629257

17-18 BMI is about right. I'm 18.2 and have his upper body, but he looks taller than me.

>> No.14629261

I've binged on my birthday, I knew this was going to happen if I went to resturant but I still went anyway. I feel like fucking killing myself

>> No.14629271

happy birthday

>> No.14629441

happy birthday to you happy birthday to you
maybe for your birthday you can gain some self-control, eh?

>> No.14629519

she shoops to fuck

>> No.14629790

it's not a binge if it's a birthday

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Seriously fuck celebrations so fucking much. All week I've been showered with free food (most of it I've given away) but eventually I cracked. My mom who's an ex anorexic and thinks I have an ED keeps trying to get me to eat more and this shit is making me hate myself. You're right, I need the self control to not let my family and friends push me into eating. They want me to be fat and helpless like them.

That's what I told myself but these calories aren't going anywhere just because it's my birthday

Usually I'd just fast them off but I already have scheduled a few fasts for the next weeks, so trying to burn off the extra calories and get back on track is going to be really hard. I guess I just gotta bite the bullet and extend a fast by a day longer than I previously managed or do some exercise for once.

>> No.14629841

>these calories aren't going anywhere just because it's my birthday
it's a good thing you only have one a year then

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Do you guys think it is needed to drink salt water on a 7 day fast?

>> No.14630317

What should I tell my doctor so I can get meds that will help me lose weight? I'd like to get some ADHD meds, but I was last prescribed Prozac.

>> No.14630370

doctors don't prescribe DNP

>> No.14630388

An actual midget

>> No.14630401

apple cider vinegar saved my life bros. idk about the supposed """health benefits""", it all sounds like bullshit to me, but that stuff is so disgusting that it completely ruins any appetite I might have had. any time I get hungry I just dilute a shot of ACV in water and boom, the taste is so fucking terrible that I'm just not hungry anymore. good shit.

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are you considering water fasting or dry fasting? I wouldn't recommend water fasting unless you're fat as fuck and completely sedentary (you'll piss all your electrolytes) but even then dry fasting would be better and safer.

>> No.14632155

Nah. She’s got the same moles

>> No.14632156

I'm pretty sedentary but I'm not that fat, I was considering starting with 1 day of dry fast.

>> No.14632167

I'm 5'7
Are my proportions that bad?

>> No.14632254

tfw broad shoulders / wider frame

>> No.14632266

on a reel, should boys be thin or muscular?

>> No.14632287

we have enough muscular people as it is, be thin

like >>14628172

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>> No.14632737

can't shit without laxatives

>> No.14632895

then I recommend drinking salt water (make sure it has at least as much potassium as sodium for the cardio-protective health benefits).

>> No.14633001

I have the same thing with my ribs as this picture, is this normal? I've tried googling and all there was is shit about floating ribs. One side is flatter and the other juts out

>> No.14633281

mine are asymmetrical too

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File: 27 KB, 640x360, A469A2F0-A12B-4E3D-8702-FAB7954D16CA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im gonna fast for 5 days wish me luck in weeb

>> No.14633292

i feel so fat rn /fa/, i just ate 2 salisbury “steaks”, mashed potatoes and gravy with garlic and butter, and spinach.

last i checked i was 97lbs x(

>> No.14633304

relax, live on coffee the next day and you should be fine

>> No.14633363

that’s what i had earlier and it staved me off until right before my last post. have you ever heard of people putting butter in their coffee? have you tried it? apparently combining it with an oil like coconut it releases caffeine more slowly and helps stave off appetite more effectively. i’ve been thinking of trying it.

>> No.14633365

Alternate day fasting is pretty good but if I end up binging on a eating day, then I can't really fast off the extra calories because my whole weightloss revolves around fasting in the first place

>> No.14633372

so don't binge
how did you not think of that

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I don't binge that often but sometimes I'll be pressured into eating at a social event and I'll tell myself to relax and before I know it I've gone over my limit

Like, I am super hungry in the morning and not hungry at all after 2pm, so I usually eat 70% of my calories for breakfast, and then snack of 30g of protein from lean sources throughout the day. This way I get all of my essiential fats and 1.2g of protein per body weight spread out enough to maximise protein absorption by the muscles. Sticking to this diet plan so far has made restricting very managable, I doubt I'd ever binge if it was this simple.

However I gotta go to a resturant at 7pm today to celebrate me graduating university, because the celebration is about me people are going to expect me to eat a 3 course meal, everyone also knows about (and is really sick off) my eating habits and tries to pressure me into eating more as a result. I've accepted that someone is going to bring me some food as a gift and I'm just going to have to decline it even though it's probably going to cause a scene

I've looked at the resturants menu in advance and the minimum amount of calories for a 3 course meal is 968kcal. The total amount of calories I allow myself to eat on a non fasting day is 1600kcal. Meaning that assuming the resturant meal is my last meal of the day, I'm allowed to eat ~600kcal from when I wake up (8am) to when I go to the resturant (7pm), usually I'd eat 1200kcal before 10am, let alone 600kcal for the majority of the day.

This sorta routine fuckery makes everything so much harder and is always the cause of me binging and going over my maintenance. I know it's ultimately down to me being a fat food addicted disgusting fuck, I just need to develop more self control, and eventually I won't fuck up my dieting anymore. Hopefully today is the start of this.

>> No.14633445

filling up in the morning is playing with fire, unless you can see the future

>> No.14633448

Wait I thought 4chan was only down for kiwis?

>> No.14633452

It's how I've been eating for months now, it works for me provided nothing messes up my schedule

when I try spreading my meals throughout the day I usually feel really irritable, tired and hungry

>> No.14633457

entertain the notion that you might need to periodically adjust
one method can't carry you forever, especially if your circumstance is likely to change

>> No.14633474

yeah you're right. I need to develop a flexiable relationship with food, I need to be prepared for things to go wrong. I need to find a healthy balance between overplanning and underplanning

>> No.14633481

20lbs ago I was doing stuff I couldn't dream of doing now
I'd rather have slow progress than no progress

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do coke and dont eat

>> No.14633583

...So...uh... at the risk of being rightly shit on for this, for those who know, what's your mbti type?

>> No.14633593

I used to be really into Jungian cognitive functions but MBTI ruined it for me even though both are bullshit anyway


>> No.14634104

what's your mbti first?

>> No.14634136

is it possible to eat something and shit literally nothing?

I haven't shat for a week now, I've been fasting for 4 days and on the first 3 days I did eat a lot of fibre (like 5 apples/day)

>> No.14634160

Seeing a doctor about my orthostatic hypotension tomorrow

wish me luck frens

>> No.14634218

ate my dinner too fast :(

>> No.14634293

MBTI a shit, get into Socionics
t. ILI sage

>> No.14634308

Just do body weight like pushups and pull-ups. Do those until u can crank out a ton without feeling anything. Then put on a weight vest and repeat the cycle.

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Post comfy thinspo feels

>grab belly and feel less flab than unusual
>someone remarks that your hands are freakishly cold
>take shit for first time in a week

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