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>be me
>incel face
>tropical eternal summer climate
>cant grow facial hair
>got fucking ED at age 19
>gross hairy front torso
>weird skull shape
>prone to fainting
>small pencil dick
>lame body
>dark shit colored eyes
>dark shit colored hair
>disgusting curly hair
>very very very poor

How do I look good? Maybe like RG in dat film On a low budget and minimal way. I just got new lotion and sun cream for my bald spot after saving up for weeks. im riding the high

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shit thread

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>Straight To Hell jacket blatant rip off of the Perfecto down to the stars

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The ladies won't be able to resist you with this look. Bright futures ahead.

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OP here. How do i be evocative of greaser style without wearing costume? Especially when my hair aint up to snuff. Daddyo... Heh.

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