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most of you guys would look so much better if you would just straight up hit the gym instead of arguing on an anime based imageboard about "fashion".

most of you '''boys''' here look like shit, why bother with clothes instead of fixing the core problem, your body?

picture related, this is what you faggots look like irl.

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Yes, but what would look even better than that, is doing both

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nah. regular people find thight skin clothes faggy, especially on men. you guys here are in a echo chamber. you dont know shit about what 'real' people actually wear.

also no one here looks like the guy in your picture.

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Imagine going on an anime based imageboard about "fashion" to make this post. You live a sad little life OP.

wockstah out

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saw one of your faggy threads on the frontpage and it fucking triggered the shit out of me.

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you're just jealous of my wok star vibes

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Don't lie to yourself.

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about what?

you clowns larp/cosplay stuff actors like ryan gossling wore in a fucking movie. guess what, you fags will never look like him.

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why do anything outside of going to the gym? why dress well? why have interests? why be interested in aesthetics?

I mean none of that helps you have SEX
just look at /fit/, they're having so much SEX, and it's clearly making them very happy, well-adjusted members of society

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you guys dont dress well, thats the fucking joke.
I have seen the threads, I know how the usual /fit/ fag looks like. you look like fucking boy toys. Iam quite sure 50% of you guys are homosexuals. I mean what man in his right mind cares about fucking fashion? only fags and women do.

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>I mean what man in his right mind cares about fucking fashion
musicians, artists, all upper classes throughout history, all men with a sense of aesthetics in general
so all pansies to your tasteless, uncultured boomer self I'm sure

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