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Dont go there
Having all your stuff on the floor is absolute shit. It gets filthy in no time, everything gets filthy because you spread the filth by picking it up from the floor all the time, its shit for the back, it just sucks in all ways. You gotta keep your shit off the fucking floor. Its not cute. Ive been there. Its hell.

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Oh no, I’m with you there, I just mean to find if there’s a name for this style of concrete floors, cactus and other indoor flora, throw rug look that reminds me of a minimalist Arizona desert house.

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>guitar on the floor
triggered desu

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>guitar on the floor
>calling a bass a guitar

shut up ratbag

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this aesthetic is called the "too poor to afford shelves, a guitar stand, and flooring" aesthetic.

>> No.14555389

sowwie I wasn't paying attention uwu

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not that the pic you posted has actually anything to do with it, but the style you're looking for is probably mid century modern just like everybody else. add industrial if you really like concrete floors.

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Minimalist, you dork

>> No.14556263

Artsy poverty

>> No.14556268

sparse =/= minimalist
don't conflate the design concept with the ideology even the ideology brings with it the design concept

minimalism in design is minimal design, not an absence of it
minimalism as in the ideology is minimising the amount of items you own

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This is what normies call minimalism, don't shoot the messenger
If you search the term plus bedroom you'll get OP's pic related

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>calling out a guy calling a bass guitar a guitar

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guys with guitars are the fakest douchebags ever who only get one and practice a few chords to show off to girls to compensate for their small dick

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