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How should I dress if I want to look like a BAD BOY?

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is that man aware he's wearing female clothing

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I wish I knew, I want to appear a bit badder than I actually am.

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checked trips

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how did he manage to find something that actually fits him SMALL?

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so you wanna LARP? sleazecore is badboy core but you have to actually fit the part and look like a drug addict or semi-homeless

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>>14555222 (checked)
Check out AlphaM on YouTube. He's got a ton of videos on bad boy style.

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alpha m looking ass

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my test level dropped looking at this picture

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Here you go man BAM.

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epic!!!! im so excited :O

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every asian should die

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can someone access his facebook account?

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sandals, desert clothes, and a beard

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Wait, that never happens in the video.

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Should I wear something on my head maybe?

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does he seriously think, he is a bad boy?? he's like 5'6

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Jesus, those two HAHA reacts

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they were probably well-meaning tho

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Who or what is a "bad boy", anyways?

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None of the people on this board are even remotely bad boys when it comes to behavior. Before you even attempt that, you should try learning how to work with your hands, how to interact with people and how to develop a healthy and realistic state of mind.

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