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What's a good place to buy sweaters? Fall/winter approaching and I'm looking to get comfy.

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Unironically thrift
Modern sweaters fucking suck, and if you find something that's a decade or older in a thrift store in decent condition you know it's not going to fall apart easily

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This nigga knows what he's talking about

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thift bro! 90s sweaters are effay as hell

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Wool Overs is decent. Proper knitwear, fairtrade, and a relatively inexpensive price point. The only issue I've had with them is sizing and mail time.

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There are still brands making very good sweaters from where i come from

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You still have plenty of great manufacturers: Michael Ross Knitwear, Harley of Scotland, Jamiesons of Shetland, Barbour, Aran Sweater Market, Aero Leather Clothing, Guernsey Woolens, Campbells of Beauly, Scotweb, William Lockie, Howlin...

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yass mon scotland

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lol what a bunch of rubbish

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imagine being against thrifting

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I am not against thifting, I am against your retarded statement: modern sweaters fucking suck.

You just dont know where to get them

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I'm a big fan of Howlin' right now, Belgian design but made in Scotland. Their mohair jumpers especially

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All saints

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Inis meain is about as good as it gets.

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this, thrift stores are pretty good usually, it helps to live in a rich-ish area
from what I've learned is that poor areas (niggers) don't tend to dress very well
that is unless you like really outdated sports wear

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you fell for it

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Is h&m good for basic shit like black turtlenecks?

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no, the quality is shit

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Anywhere you'd recommend? Preferably on the somewhat poorfaggy side?

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ID on the sweater OP posted?
Google image search says LL Bean but I can't find it for sale

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too small or too big ?

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Not a SINGLE mention of the most iconic sweater of the last 75 years, the j press shaggy dog sweater ? Worn by jfk, Paul Newman, Steve McQueen?Holy shit. I’m genuinely shocked at you and beside myself. Wow.

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Love them but they're so much $$
And they're impossible to find 2nd hand

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wasn't me who made that comment brainlet

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For what?

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w2c patterned sweaters like this?

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Literally anywhere at your local mall from like, November till late January.

But for the love of fuck please don't emulate that look.

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This, I've got Orvis, Guernsey Woolens and Le Tricoteur and they're both excellent and made of good wool. I've also got home made and second hand and a titanic Austrian army Dachstein. Wool Overs aren't bad at all for the price.

You just need to be aware.

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You can get cheaper ones at Bosie or Shetland Woolen Co

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Absolutely based

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Cordings stuff is lush. Classic fit.

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Just copped a pair of john smedley roll necks

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poorfag detected

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Honestly I'm not sure. I got a small sweater once when reviews said sizes ran large, but it fit like an xs.
I so I got a regular medium when I wanted a medium and i was almost swimming in it

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Looking to cop a dark brown sweater like this preferably with some kind of a pattern. Help me /fa/

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Here something like that, but not brown.

Other options:

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you'll cowards don't even wear Cosby sweaters

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hey newfriend

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