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Is this a good place to buy basics for cheap in the EU? How do they fit? Im a bit /fit/
I need simple shirts, tshirts and chinos that are cheap and decent quality.

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uniqlo u t-shirts feel like size up from their size. underwear is not too tight, unlike other brands where you have to go size up

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Their uniqlo "U" t-shirts are sturdy but feel a bit bigger than their size says. I have an 'easycare' or something dress shirt from them and it is great for the price.

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Uniqlo is for little gooks and white teenagers who aren't fully grown yet.

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what would you suggest then?

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Yeah, no. Their shirts fit really weirdly. You cant find anything that isnt way too loose around the body or too long. Designed with fatties in mind.

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Their shirts fit me really well, but I lift weights and I'm not a skinny twink or a fatty.

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Im already tall so I just get a size down and ezpz

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uniqlo looks good on asians but don't wear it if you aren't asian or some kind of white slut

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This hasn't been the case since like early last year

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How so?

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>Is this a good place to buy basics for cheap
yes, absolutely.

>How do they fit?
fine. U shirts, like the other anons said, are a bit wider and looser but are still cut good and fit well. i generally cuff the sleeves

don't listen to retards saying everything is cut for azns. if you dont have dysplasia-tier deformities then you will be fucking fine.

besides if you're getting legwear then they have an in-store hemming service so don't worry if you have shorter legs

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Thanks for reminding me, I just checked out their limited-quantity sale and stocked up on $4 and $6 shirts.

I'm not sure what people are complaining about, their shirts fit me really well, but I have really broad shoulders and a wide frame. I actually appreciate the longer cuts.

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should have got the uniqlo U ones
man i'm hyped for their new UU stuff

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I heard that UNIQLO clothes are cut for asian frames and therefore fit terribly on western people.
Maybe it has changed in recent year since they became more international, but over here in germany there are only like 6 stores in the whole country so i kind of doubt they sell stuff for western mens frames.

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they changed the sizing years ago
also why are you talking about something you know nothing about?

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Because I'm not talking about it as though i am stating facts about it? I said "i heard".
Why are you talking like someone with zero reading comprehension?

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I grabbed a couple of the George Sowden UT shirts, and I also picked up a few of their packaged tank tops and crew neck shirts. Hopefully they have a similar fit. At $3.90 each I guess I don't have much to lose if I don't like them.

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yeah, their socks are particularly nice
uniqlo U shirts are good if you want boxy fit, but you gotta size down

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I’m 6’3” with broad shoulders and I’m skinny. Most stuff fits great only regret is not realizing sooner that I’m an xl not an l

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>buying clothes online
wait, shouldn't this be a carnal sin on /fa/?

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I'm an Amerifat with wide shoulders and a bit of a gut and their shirts fit me better than most other brands I've tried before.

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A good deal is a good deal. If you know the brand's sizing fits you well why should it matter? I could understand not going in blind.

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>hewwo i've heard uhm uniqlo t shirt no good, this is pointless but i'm posting it owo
>why are you posting blatantly untrue rumours when you haven't even bothered to do 1 minute of research
>noo stop being mean >>>////<<<
there I put it in faggot speak for you, you faggot refugee
fuck off to syria cunt
UU are way different to the rest if their stuff in a good way

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eww, cringe

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I wish you had died in syria

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>UU are way different to the rest if their stuff in a good way
eh, it's kinda hit or miss and the tees last season weren't as thicc as before
still, great value for clean-looking basics, just maybe not so much for sweaters and outside wear

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i'd say they are far superior but yeah, last season were way thiccccer

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Im 6'3 got a L tshirt and it was too big gonna try m this time
im 84kg

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Is the sizing in the site accurate? i can just measure myself

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I'm 180 cm (5.9?), 71kg what do

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idk bro s? m?

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im 5'8 athletic ottermode and M fits me well. i got a few S in the past and they shrunk in the wash quite a bit

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any good tshirt variation for the gym?

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why the fuck would they do this?

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why not
the UU ones are known for having a boxier mildier oversized fit and thicker material whereas the supima shirts are thin and tighter
if you want a baggier fit you get the UU etc

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because i'll have to order like 50 pieces of clothing before knowing what fits me

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ehh tees don't need to fit perfectly anyway, especially not boxy tees
just go one size down if you're buying anything from U

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where can you see what variation something is?

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are you blind? on the site retard, they even have pictures

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They have pretty accurate measurements for everything on their site. Just look at those. I've had some uniqlo stuff shrink about a size if I put it in the dryer and others hardly shrink

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airism briefs. own 15 pairs of the black mid cut. fucking amazing

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where on the site?
maybe it's just not on the german site cause noone cares about germany

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can you seriously not tell the difference between the UU ones and the normal supima t shirt? type uniqlo u into google dumb fuck syrian refugee

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U: https://www.uniqlo.com/de/de/product/herren-u-t-shirt-419571.html?dwvar_419571_color=COL55&dwvar_419571_size=SMA002&cgid=IDt-shirts22144
Supima: https://www.uniqlo.com/de/de/product/herren-t-shirt-aus-supima-baumwolle-414349.html?dwvar_414349_color=COL10&dwvar_414349_size=SMB002&cgid=IDsupima-cotton22152

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How come everytime I go to the Uniqlo it's filled to the brim with fashion victims who obviously browse /fa/ and/or Tumblr and non-binary freaks?
Why don't normal people shop there?

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great t-shirts and chinos, shit ocbd's. Spend a little more and buy shirts from ll bean, charles tyrwhitt or jcrew or brokes

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This is not true. If you can't fit their stuff you're either roiding or a hamplanet. To answer OP, yes they're great for basics.

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Normal people don't pay attention to their clothes

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none of those are in the eu where op is from

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wot is freight forwarding

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I'll just go through the stuff I own.
>uniqlo U basic tee (there's also the UU oversized)
thick cotton, fits TTS (I am XS afaik, bought XS). Color starting to fade (just a little tiny bit, not even noticeable unless you look really closely) after 60ish washes.

>Dry Packaged tee
Also fits rather well (bought XS) fabric is noticeably thinner than U tees (to be expected at a third of the retail cost), but are also softer. I haven't worn or washed this one nearly as much as the U tee, but there hasn't been any fading that I have noticed.

>Hokusai Blue collab tees
I bought a tee with a pocket graphic, and a meme shirt (The Great Wave). The fabric isn't like the other tees I've covered, it's more like a heathered material, which is a little less sturdy than the U stuff, but it's still pretty good. I've had these the longest, but like the rest, they don't show much wear, if any at all. Fits TTS, surprisingly

>Waffle Knit Sweater (unsure of official product name)
I can't really comment on how it stacks up against similar sweaters since I haven't owned any, but it seems fairly weighty for how much it was, and it's pretty warm. Fits TTS, a little slimmer in the arms, but gives enough room in the body to be comfy.

>Engineered Garments collab polo
This thing is awesome. Fits boxy (intended). The materials are a step above competitors at retail ($40 iirc), but I copped on sale so even better. I've worn it a fair amount and there's no fading, and the collar hasn't warped at all.

>Linen Button-up
Not much to say here. Fits well, TTS, pretty damn good imo without any tailoring. Construction is solid and nothing has come apart, fabric is 100% linen rather than a blend.

tl;dr -- Everything fits nicely, quality is pretty good for the price. Good for basics and some of the collabs are shockingly nice.

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I don't fit any of pants or shirts because I'm 6'4" and I lift weights. Though I do love them for basics, quality is a few steps above H&M and the likes. What I own:

>Boxer briefs
I wear their boxer briefs. fit great.

>Airism boxer briefs
For travel and when it gets hot outside.

>Airism undershirt
To avoid armpit stains when its hot

>Merino sweater
35 bucks for a merino sweater, great value

nothing special, but choice in colors

>reverse colar shirt
see pic related. for the weeby sleaze

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I don't understand the variations
How are you supposed to tell which is which?
Sometimes it says "UU" and shit but 80% of the time there's no information.
Am i just utterly retarded? Why is there no tag for that when it apparently makes such a difference?

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UU has it's own tag you fucking retarded retard of a cunt

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Dunno where you're from but for me they're just randomly scattered across the Men Shirts section

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does location remove their tag?
what's it like living with downs, do you get bennies or have you just acquiesced to life as a spastic and spend your mummies money on nuggets

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>does location remove their tag?
for example the american site has sections like childrens clothing etc. that aren't even an option in my country. does it really seem that far of a stretch that the whole infrastructure of the website might just be shit?

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big boy over here can't navigate a website nor does he own an item from said website; if he did he would know the UU stuff is distinct aesthetically and objectively, for even though it is aesthetically not belonging to the overall uniqlo aesthetic it has a label stitched into it's being, it's ontological being that is proof that it does not

>> No.14556812

i meant a tag on the website
and yea i don't own a single uniqlo item, not have i ever been on their website before because my country has a total of 3 uniqlo stores

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so how in the name of our lord in saviour Jesus Christ are you of any opinion in regards to uniqlo? they have segregated their clothing via HTML blockades, if you click UU you get UU, what more is there to understand?

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are you retarded?
all i said is that "i don't know how to tell which is which"
how is that an opinion on uniqlo's selection?

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what do you mean im 6'3 why shouldnt I buy their chinos or ocbds

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these all look the same to me which do you recommend

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def medium

>> No.14556940

Normies buy clothes at old navy or h&m

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Uniqlo is worse quality than most fast fashion brands.

>> No.14557236

The sizing is a bit weird. I liked the fit of the supmia cotton tee's for medium, but the UU t'shirts feel terrible at size medium. Too short and the sleeve length was not very flattering. Guess next time I'll go for a size L for a looser baggier fit.

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How'd the sweater fit? What size?

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nice bait fagit

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its not bait. you literally dont know what youre talking about. Uniqlo has the same wholesaler as h&m

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That doesn't mean they buy the same product from them.

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IMO Uniqlo's clothes feel stiffer, less quality, and worse-fitting than H&M for identical items at similar prices.

I'm always disappointed with Uniqlo considering how much people swear by them, especially here in Japan.

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all their stuff is shit except for uniqlo U

>> No.14557999

For the price its not shit
post an alternative in eu if you know better

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I'm the guy he replied to but as I said H&M is much better for the same price bracket

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uniqlo U > every single other fast fashion brand

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How's their ocbds

>> No.14558085

Yeah no dude uniqlo isnt nearly as good. Sorry

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What are the brand alternatives?

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>some kind of white slut
yeah that's me

>> No.14559798

supima or u?

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not true. i went to japan and bought some uniqlo there, and you definitely need to size up two sizes.

>> No.14560588

180 cm is 5.9 feet
5.9 feet is 5 feet 11 inches

>> No.14560733

Does anyone know if their cashmere turtlenecks/sweaters are any good?

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their shorts are too...... short

>> No.14562322

what did mr reddit mean by this

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Do they have good Oxfords?

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their pants and jeans are shit quality desu, good fit but they dont last long

>> No.14563583

Even chinos?

>> No.14564202

ive had pants/jeans from them and theyre all decent quality, esp for 40$. you can get em like 15$ off a sales rack too if you really hold out, so you cant really bitch about "muh quality" given that

>> No.14564339

i had 2 jeans form them, one black that lost his colour after 3 month and a grey that had holes under my dick (where you have the most friction) after 6 month. they are comfy and fit but the quality is shit, they dont last that long. levis is better at this price if you are in the us. (in europe they are expensive)

you have better quality for the same price at other brands

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I like their cotton/chino shorts. Other than that I dont have any experience with them

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I got my jeans that i wear 1.5 - 2 years on and off from uniqlo and they are .. just fine. I wash them every 2 month or so.

Idk what is the reason your jeans got worse, may it be wrong size, or you being a little too bulky, more friction and shit. Or do you wash them too often? My jeans are traditional colors, but i can;t say they lost color, everything is fine.

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Mine were too stiff, more so than usual. Their cotton shirts are very comfortable though.

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no its the right size for me, i have a levis 511 and its still strong after 3 years while uniqlo ones are dead after 6 month. but i like their shirt, t shirt and hoodies its just the pants that are shit quality imo


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Medium probably.
I've found that Uniqlo in the EU fits a size smaller than in America. I'm 178cm and 58kg and all the small shirts I bought from Uniqlo in Brussels fit perfectly, but here in the states I have to go down to an xs for the same look.

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I don't get what the difference between these shirts is. Discard the regular fit ones lets focus on slim fit. Theres 2 striped and 3 normal ones with literally the same name. So should I get one from 1 2 or 5 in the pic? I got no idea what the difference is.

>> No.14565750

How are their underwear?

>> No.14566123

see >>14555229
very comfy, better than Calvin Klein in my experience

>> No.14566151

uniqlo site devs are just retarded, there shouldn't be any differences if you click on both them and compare.

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