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What does /fa/ listen to? What do specific cores listen to?

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for retards only

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Mostly just metal

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José González

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/fa/ is mainly a combination of Tumblr music and highschool children/streetwear losers who listen to (SoundCloud) hip-hop

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Feist's heavenly voice

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Pretry much mainstream hiphop like frank, kanye, kendrick, j cole, chance, tyler. I like madvillainy and deltron too.
I like the cure, smiths, prep. I like britney, eilish and taylor and gaga too. Beatles are a given. 90s pop one off hits like deep, summer girls, superman, breakfast ttiffanys etc. Nothing deep

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What album is this fit? Songs for the Deaf?

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4chan kids will say death grips but the guy is most likely listening to some billboard top 100 radiostation in his car

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NSBM, Post-rock and Post-hardcore

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Mostly Tech house, Post-Punk and /mu/ core

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Lofi, Alt-Hiphop and NiN

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>measuring someone's /fa/ness by what they passively consume

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literally what every 18-30 year old on internet communities does

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What do you listen to?

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I listen to pretty much anything from pop music to Techno

My anything-playlist:

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my top 10 albums of all time were made by:
frank ocean, kanye, jesus and mary chain, slowdive, playboi carti, american football, club da esquina, viet cong, curtis mayfield, the velvet underground

the yikes was for cole, chance, britney eilish, taylor and saying the beatles are a given

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80s synth pop or adult contemporary.

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Aight you good then

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What's your favorite Kanye album and why? Recently really got into him and can't decide yet

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tranny techno


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Garbage, mostly.


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Definitely classic rock

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I listen mostly to 80's Indie Rock like The Smiths, The Cure, Joy Division, etc

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memphis rap and goregrind

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slowcore, shoegaze, post punk, darkwave and bladee

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good taste, love most of those

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I listen to alot of small indie artist i mostly listen to the strokes and the smiths now but i also listen to some chicago rappers like lucki and warhol.ss also samba and jazz basically everything

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ravedeath is undeniably effay, good taste.

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aигeл, лyнa, nine inch nails, bones, 2000s top 40 garbage, ic3peak, rammstein, richie woods, radiohead
i know my taste is shit

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kanye, frank, daniel caesar, afx, bjork, death grips, rex orange county, some kpop

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anyone who unironically enjoys death grips or NMH is a drone faggot with zero personal identity or actual taste.

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imagine thinking people who like things that other people also like don't have personal identity or whatever "actual taste" means

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95% of all music on nearly every album and in any "core" (genre) is low quality filler or fit for background listening at best. Patrician taste is listening to whatever singles make you genuinely feel something, regardless of genre. Memorizing and rattling off band names is absolute pleb tier, and you can identify plebs irl by asking them which songs in particular they like from the bands they list and getting cogs turning in hesitation and blank stares in return.

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>i like it because I heard other people say they like it
imagine pretending, or worse actually convincing yourself, that you enjoy objectively terrible music just to fit in on an anonymous Senegalese bird-watching forum.

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imagine thinking people only like things because other people like them
imagine using the word objective to describe a subjective quality

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You don't think it's a coincidence people who like fashion also all happen to 'like' the same 80s pop music, Tumblr shit and hiphop garbage?

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I get high and listen to Kid Cudi really loud
fuck haters

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imagine generalizing a population based on a miniscule sample of people

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indigo la End

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ocean gang

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I get where you're coming from but I enjoy listening to an artist's work as a whole, aka listen to one of their albums completely and enjoy the feel and sound they were going for in that time of their lives.

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Kanye, Travis Scott, and Playboi Carti while high are amazing too imo

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St Vincent
Billy strings
Esperanza spalding
Jpg mafia
Beach boys
Joni Mitchell
Melodies echo chamber
Worhol ss

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imagine being such a legitimate poor-taste brainlet that you don't understand the basic concepts of objective musical quality. imagine actually believing that the tertiary social reasons for your enjoyment of cacophonous noise are conflated with said quality. imagine being so buttpained that you refuse to quote someone because you think it'll lead to you getting the last word in an anonymous internet argument. imagine obsessively replying to them again with knee-jerk deflection after you've been thoroughly called out.

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That's fine, but it doesn't have anything to do with the music itself so much as your personal anthropological curiosity.

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bit outdated for me but basically mu core with some additions

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Is that KKB I see?

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Jean Leloup

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anything jack white or White Stripes. my taste is really niche and its hard for me to enjoy more musicians.

Blues music, in general, is my bread and butter tho.

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throat singing

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I’m not even him but this post is sad

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After hearing people argue about it ITT and seeing them twice on your list, and having never heard of them before, I tried listening to Death Grips. It was... hard to listen to. They sound like harsh noise and screaming. I googled them and the consensus was pretty much that they're either contrarian hipster garbage or possibly a performance art group rather than actual music? What's the appeal? Is it just for memes?

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Here's your 1 (you), can you name any of these objective musical qualities? Also just because the music is loud doesn't mean it's cacophonous, please don't mix these up anymore. This mistake leads me to believe you can't name these musical qualities.

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>using buzzwords
>anyone that likes these bands is a drone
oh no, he's retarded

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not that gay shit

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death grips is the epitome of cacophony my dude. they're like someone let a toddler press random buttons on a soundboard and none of it fits together, all while some guy yells unintelligibly at you in the background.

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I'm saving this to trigger Death Grips dickriders in the future.

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Oh neat, you used no actual objective muscial qualities or theory and instead used baseless perception of their music. This is the last time I'll even respond to anything you write. This has been a waste of time, please go back to what remains of /mu/.

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Keepin the balls empty

The appeal is a call to primal emotions and kind of just channeling and releasing them through their music. Sounds kinda cringe but I get absurd adrenaline from listening to their stuff. I would say the money store is the most forgiving death grips album to start with, the rest are progressively noisier and more aggressive. I want it I need it is also both good and forgiving, I recommend listening to that track first

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Sufjan Stevens, The Microphones, Interpol, Iron and Wine, Fleet Foxes, Simon and Garfunkel, Yo La Tengo, Sun Kil Moon, Nico, and The Smiths just to name a few.

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ppl in actual music scenes have pretty diverse taste or have really indepth knowledge about their fav genre

usual its the consumerism who treat music as trading cards they can showoff to other ppl
this is what i've been enjoying the last month.

cores are stupid

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Listened to them bc of the meme. Ended up liking like 3 of their songs because as another anon stated, their music is very rough and energetic so I like it when working out.

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Scaruffi-type experimental rock, Japanese music and K-Pop.

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So cringe

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>not a single "i listen to techno" poster
this board dun changed

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why are you using a thesaurus and buzzwords on 4chan?

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I don't think anybody really enjoyed their first listen of a DG album.

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I mean I thought about it but this was a nice thread with genuine recs aside that one retard so I didn't want to meme it up
I used to absolutely hate DG when I first heard exmilitary because Spread Eagle was their first song I ever heard, one of my favorite songs now

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Death Grips blew away the first time I heard them. They pretty much single-handedly blew upon the doors to experimental music for me. I probably wouldn't be as big a music nerd as I am if it weren't for them.

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i listened to guillotine and i thought it was a good little fad rap, then i put on Exmilitary and when beware dropped was one of my hybrid moments

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Yeah same just with Bottomelss Pit and Spikes
I exclusively listened to mainstream Hip-hop before discovering them. They completely changed the way I look at music
Beware is probably one of the best introductions to their music. It isn't too extreme and you can actually understand what Ride is saying, also the lyrics are fantastic

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I'm this anon >>14556875, once I listened to Beware I 180'd on them really hard. That song is very good

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dat manson intro

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this is why drain gang is so God tier
everything they release is quality because they delete everything they aren't 100% satisfied with

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american football
mark kozelek
frank ocean
kanye west
denzel curry
earl sweatshirt

just raps i guess

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this is even worse. The shit available is what they think is good?

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>I am the beast I worship
>To pray is to accept defeat
My favorite lines by them

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you have objectively bad taste in music if you can't listen to D&G back to back three times

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This is not my life, it's just a fond farewell between two friends

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this is the most effay album ever made

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>red velvet

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good song

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Whatever sounds good

Hell I've been listening to hava nagila nonstop for like a week

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the only answer

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mainly folk, pop, and indie rock

i think this is probably correct but can you give examples of tumbr music?

metals is so good

never listened to meatloaf but this image is how i imagine their aesthetic

take that back

medium bait. my mouth turned up at the sides a little

around 2013 i first sat down to listen to exmilitary and the money store back to back and was pretty much blown away. all of my friends were getting into DG at that time. i think i'm the only one who still listens to them regularly. GP and NOTM are my go-tos.

are you referencing the 'techno interests me' meme or just how popular techno used to be in these threads?

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this fe-
this fee-
this feels
this feels
this feels how molly must feel
this feels how molly must feel
how molly must feel
this feels how molly must feel
how molly must feel

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Can I get titles for these? Only recognize Swans and Ravedeath

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Story time
>Last second find date
>Don't know her well but she's like whatever let's go together
>Get to know her better
>On our way to prom I drive her
>Talk about Frank ocean and I tell her to put on whatever and she puts on pink+white
>Then she wants to put on something else so she's looking for it
>Beginning of seigfried plays
>"Lmao you're playing seigfried?"
>She goes nah I was trying to look for another song and I didn't change it in time

She stopped talking to me after prom and idk why and I still think about it a bit and it hurts whenever I listen to seigfried I think about her desu.

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How can you fools pretend to be artsy and shit with your clothes when you listen to absolutely dogshit music. I rarely see people with excellent taste in fashion AND music. It's like a Rotten apple coated with gold.

You need both impeccable taste in fashion and music to be a whole golden apple. fucking hiphop niggers ITT need to study more.

>post something then instead of complaining

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beta manlet virgin detected

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uhhhhh techno mostly


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grow up man

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None of that compares to the new Tool.

>> No.14557798

Yeezus has some pretty good experimentation when it comes to hip hop production imo

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>can you give examples of tumbr music?
Smith's, joy division, the Neighbourhood, tears for fears. Anything they use for a soundtrack in Netflix series such as 13 reasons why, or people would wear a bandshirt from.

>> No.14557811

Also I forgot to mention modern emotionally loaded pop music such as Frank Ocean of course, and generally anything indie on YouTube that has some 'aesthetic' image

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I just listen to albums, i don't really restrict my taste to genres, I just like good well written albums. It also depends what mood I'm in but I love jazz when I'm feeling comfy and if I'm working out it's death grips all the way

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This kinda shit
I wear sweatpants and tee shirts

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All I listen now is Dream Pop or things that sound similar, that's all. I wish I'd find a girl to talk about it and then fuck her afterwards. This hoe I talk to only listens to Cardi B and whatever shit is popular.

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