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>brown boots
>high waisted jeans
>cargo pants
>messenger bags
>tucking t-shirts
>leather jackets
>white sneakers
please kill yourself if any of these apply to you

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>high waisted jeans
>messenger bags
>tucking t-shirts
>white sneakers

Aaaaa help these are only things i wear

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did i fucking stutter

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OP youre fucking retarded

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You forgot

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OP the soony you post the fugly ass terrible fits you wear the sooner we can laugh at you and ignore your opinions

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chinos? lets see what you wear faggot

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Öyh öyh öyh öyh

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>leather jacket

I'll have you know I spent over 4k on those two things. It would be a waste to kill myself and not wear them. Maybe they can bury me in them.

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Kill yourself

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>wearing clothes

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dumb, don't post again thanks.

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> >high waisted jeans
Akshually it's pretty manly

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Lol well it's pretty obvious how op dresses and it's definitely a larp
Stay a /fa/let op

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buy a backpack and untuck your shirt like a normal person

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>anything i dont like
>anything that wouldnt look good on me
>anything im too much of a pussy to wear

There we go, think i summed up every response

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