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Is this a /fa look? Why cant i get a girlfriend?? Please help me out here

>> No.14554854

legs too hairy

trim them

>> No.14554863

You look like a fucking retard

>> No.14554882

I know who you are, keith richards wannabe AKA yoko honno

>> No.14554915

Do you think girls can tell i have aspergers

>> No.14554917

not him but yes

>> No.14554938

looks good to me

>> No.14554972

I bet if you were talking to me face to face you wouldnt be disrespectful like that

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Bro i cant help it

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some faggot dressed like this started hitting on me the other day

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I would tell you the same thing face to face. You have your tshirt tucked into your sweat pants with the legs rolled up to your mid thigh. you are not intimidating and you deserve the truth.

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i’m a girl and i would Kiss yoy

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I'm so sorry.

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Owoouwuwowooowo skinny legs
Just wear slp lol

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Ist das jetzt grad absichtliche Provokation?

>> No.14555939

he was a cute twink tho, if i was gay i would have smashed

>> No.14556061

yea, this is mr "walks towards u" isn't it

>> No.14556392

meddl loide

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>> No.14556749

you clearly are gay anon

>> No.14556782

trim. them.

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Fuck that faggot shit. Go sleazecore, embrace your masculinity
>t. animal body hair

>> No.14557062

nope, totally straight

>> No.14557106

Nice hair

>> No.14557123

imagine the smell

>> No.14558005

u look like a girl. also jogging pants are for crouches you'd wanna smell as a girl, whereas you look like you'd smell like a nerd. get some legs bro. also that haircut with tucked in shirt, looks so feminine. way not attractive. you're basically a girl.

>> No.14558939

I concur.

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