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I use to bathe in the waters of Chesapeake bay and roll in the sands of the outer banks just to get my denim to be pretty

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Nigger why are you making this thread again? For fucks sake.

>> No.14549817

What is going on here?

>> No.14549920

dmv swag

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Why would you soak your jeans in a year's worth of your piss bottles?

>> No.14550229

It's starch turning the water yellow..

>> No.14550239

That's ammonia. It gives the jeans a nice stonewash finish you can't purchase from the store. I found it to be the best stonewash. Do *not* ventilate. It ruins everything. You must stay in the room to slightly agitate the water every 30 seconds. Do it for about 1 hour and 30 minutes, twice in only 1 day. I know you punks out there love that distressed acid wash vibe at the knee. For that you need a little bleach added to the ammonia applied with a little old basting brush on each kneecap area of the pant.

>> No.14550245

Why though? How could that possibly affect the denim in any significant way?

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Bro, cut to the chase and skip all the extra exercise. Do go swimming in the chesapeake bay though (fresh air exercise and remineralize the body we were once sea creatures eat algae).

long story short

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And don't forget to close every window and door, so the air doesn't come in, retards

>> No.14550311

helps get rid of lice.

>> No.14550339

Also to add to your points, you should get a little hydrogen peroxide in for the washed look, then wash that off with acetone.
upon finishing you should dry it in the heat, ovens are best suited. make sure you stand next to it for the hole 30 minutes, otherwise you might miss the perfect spot to take out

>> No.14551769

you know you can just put them in the washing machine right?

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Nigga why are you trying to literally kill people

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why would you do that

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reminds me of that time i filled a bathtub with piss and reddit immortalized my thread


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