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What are you on about?

>> No.14541768

Nigger are you ok?

>> No.14541770

we 2008 now

>> No.14541782

why would you soak your jeans in piss?

>> No.14541783

That's just the starch from the denim.

>> No.14541883

That's ammonia. It gives a great stonewash to the jeans not sold in any store. The perfect balance. Be sure not to ventilate. It ruins the effect. You will love it.

>> No.14541972

based and roman pilled

>> No.14542006

So piss basically.

>> No.14542022

sick fades

>> No.14542068

Are you just gonna post old memes and not tell is who you are?

>> No.14542069


I did, it's right there in the name

>> No.14542078

Add a bit of bleach for an extra kick.

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>> No.14542126


It says UnpopularTripfag

>> No.14542271

I’m very interested. Do you have any pics of results or know where I can find some? A quick google gave me a bunch of acid wash.

>> No.14542274

>Be sure not to ventilate. It ruins the effect. You will love it.
Nigger how gullible are you? How did this not give it away to you

>> No.14542276

Give away what? Does it not matter if we ventilate it? My bathroom has no windows anyway.

>> No.14542280

Having bleached jeans before I thought ammonia would give a different effect. I’m not worried about the process.

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Ah /effay/ is still stupid as fuck.

>> No.14542322

that's krautchan's Michael Brandini. He is a homo.

>> No.14542324

That guy once had sex with another male krautchaner at a meetup

>> No.14542325

Dude, how can you even be so sheltered? Like, grow up. Gosh.

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I'm making a comeback, expect pissjeans daily for at least a few more years

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pretty sure ammonia smells like piss brother

>> No.14543765

exactly like cat piss

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