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>be me
>get perm
>go school
>get called noodle boi
>shave my head
>get called egg boi

>get a looser perm a year later
>still get bullied

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because youre a faggot

>> No.14539676

Because you have no balls.

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do YOU like your hair how it is? Why do you care what they call you? dress for yourself, not for others.

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You need to learn to make snappy comebacks or not give a shit.

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Zoomer faggot hair.

So much underage fags on this board. This is for 18+ only

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>His hair isn't naturally curly

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>Thinking eureka seven is good

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Sorry Anon, I don't think your hair is the reason you are getting bullied. Get yuge or be nice, easiest way to fix your problem.

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Its not bullying, its just like you really are a noodleboy when you do perm and an eggboy when you shave and you shall accept it.
Dont make this thread again or you are retarded.

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people who get perms are lame af.

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be less of a pushover and less ugly

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Just be attractive lol

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My dick got hard when pink hair girl was eating jam but other than that you are right, I dropped it a couple episodes in because it was shit desu.

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Why are you getting perms?

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