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>just turned 23
Anyone else too old for fashion now?

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Subtle,I like it, better than the other trolling attempts on /fa/

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I've still got a handful of months left. Wasted my youth chasing a STEM degree and not girls. I regret it

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You are never too old to look good.

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im 25...

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>25 and still wear slp

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>tfw 19
Suck it boomers

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24 year old here.I'm in the middle of my midlife crisis so fashion is important to me again. Although the young ones tend to snicker behind my back ;_;

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I'm 38. When I hit 40 I'll be practically dead and start wearing all beige outfits as is legally required of a senior citizen, but for now I prefer to look stylish, or "efay" as you youngins call it haha. I've included a picture of me my late wife took a couple of years ago on our honeymoon.

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/fa/ is full of zoomers Just follow instagram fashion accounts you like and leave this board

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20 yo here and I don't know if I'm a boomer or a zoomer now

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Just stop dressing like a gay high schooler and switch to menswear. You are now allowed to wear it without looking like an autist. It’s time to graduate from /fa/ to styleforum. Quality fashion is designed for older men.

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It doesnt' matter how old you are but how old you look. You might look like a balding boomer at 17 and nothing will make you look good or young, on the other hand you can be 35 and look 19 and it wouldn't matter how you dress as you wont look out of place

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