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laughing at children who wear colour edition

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so /fa/, when did you realise wearing colour automatically makes you a retarded child?

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those anorexic androgenics look pozzed in real life, honestly repulsive looking people

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you sound like a coping fatty, and thus your opinion is discarded

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this picture is like heroin to me. fucking nice.

these are nice too.

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Black is the ruiner of form, you just look like an amorphous blob

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Eastern Europe I’d guess

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that's because you're fat. normal being wearing black don't look like that, so stop projecting you grease guzzling fatass.

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people*. fucking hell

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This fit gets posted constantly. Not good.

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fucking whitoid ruined it

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Is he wearing those double layered shirts? Can anyone explain how these shirts work?

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doesn't look like it tb h

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id on shoes
such a nice picture

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what shoes are those? I know they're derby, but what brand?

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Ya looks like a rick unstable tee. Has a single seam down the back iirc
How do all black bros deal with any amount of dandruff or hair or random little specks that accumulate? :\ My dandruff isn't super intense but it becomes more noticable on the last few days of my hair wash cycle

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don't you jerk off to trannies or something? go away boomer

Rick's double layered shirts are exactly what they say -- two t-shirts that are sewn together at the seams. The magic of friction produces the wrinkled/whatever that is effect with the two layers rubbing up against each other. Incidentally, they're also extremely warm due to the insulation properties of air [that is trapped between the layers].

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I'm Jelz. But it's all frame / hair / face / tats. If he wore all white, he'd look just as good

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this is the worst trend
>tight jeans
>pulled up to high waist
>cuffs too high up
>tactical belt
>tucked in shirt

looks so bad

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Are the double layered shirts like the image on the left or right? The red being the inner layer.

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like the left one.

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How does the inner layer stay up?

Any designers make these kind of shirts for less than $500?

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rick on sale for around 150, its the best ones

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Imagine thinking all black should be done any other way

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Imagine saying this on a fashion board

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not quite
the other layer is twisted 180 degrees and its not 2 tees sewn together, its made from single piece except for the sleeves of course

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What sites should I keep on eye on?

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ID on shoes and pants?

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How do i into an ll black wardrobe? Basic reqs?

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one of my all black fits (ignore the sole ty)

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Why didn't you get the komyuter in triple black? Also build quality on those is ass

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Imagine thinking that those little twinks playing dress up are gonna get more respect and women than an absolute chad

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please untuck your socks you mongoloid mouthbreathing troglodyte

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While black is the best color to wear, monochrome black looks too artificial and tryhard. Just include a non-black element for contrast

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all your clothes have to be black

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>still on fashion board btw
>looking for respect
>looking for women
What has fa come to

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>respect and women
>saying this on a fashion board

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Is that why all the skinny people itt still look like amorphous shit? At least play with texture and finish.

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Bostonian waterproof derby and Uniqlo dry ankle length pants

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>Not paying respect to the original man in black
You faggots are beyond repair.

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pants ID?

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id on jacket?

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Do you have the exact shoe model? Can't find it

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https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F273921242122 best I could find, they are honestly just very cheap and crappy shoes, better off finding a leather derby and waterproofing/conditioning it yourself

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I'd dump more but I'm a little busy at the moment. Maybe later on

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Is this okay?

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Something incredibly expensive by BBS.

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no, looks like you quickly threw something on in the morning, same with the hair.

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I just got out of the shower ):

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sweater is 2 sizes too large

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i hate seeing this picture because there's nowhere that sells the same jacket

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the only trendy part of it is the chains and the ring -maybe-. other than that it's standard look for goth/industrial/~dark techno~/etc dudes.
though the dude in the photo does look like a eboy fuckwit, but w/e the outfit itself isn't too bad, stop sperging

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Only if you're doing it wrong. There are many shades of black to play around with, then there's texture and drape.

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Some bastardized version of Dior AW04 and a shitty video game? This is so bad.

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that's Miyashita, idiot
that jacket isn't being done justice with that stupid tee though

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ew get this shit out of here gooks are not effay

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this pic is so edited it hurts. gooks try to be anything but themselves

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Anybody have any all black cowboy/western stuff? I think that would look really nice but can't really find any examples

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Fuck you igor your claim to internet fame is having a username on an anonymous tajikstani drug trafficking forum

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like this?

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I'm from near the area Johnny Cash grew up and have grandparents who knew the man, but black button-downs are not a good luck.

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sauce on jacket ?

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The same pics over and over... Boring.

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It's better to wear some color then mismatched black piece

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Sort of but something you could actually wear each day. This just screams movie costume to me, appreciate the effort though

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any recs for a raincoat that isn't too expensive?

>> No.14541259

Burberry Trenchcoat

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What do you think on trying to match the shades and reflectivity of your blacks?

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>isn't too expensive

>> No.14541397

you can find one for like 40 bucks on grailed

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Sorry Y3 parka

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>40 bucks
Too 'spensive

>> No.14541713

plus shipping you end up paying more. Worth it I'll say

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Come on, if you're going to wear high-platform boots at least don't cuff so high. Aggravating to see.

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ID on pants and shoes

And these boots?

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