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I really want to fuck art hoes, pic related. What aesthetic should I go for in order to attract art hoe pussy?

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Just take a shower, bro.

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vintage skateboy shit

sadly i can't get arthoes i just get basic bitches because i dress like a eboy

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vintage tee over striped shirt with cuffed dickies, converse, and your keys on a carabiner. skateboard mandatory. the grimier you can look, the better.

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wtf art hoes dont want e-boys?

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no not really
they can if they just have some edgy and unique aesthetic

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what the fuck is an e-boy. that shit sounds retarded. i hate teenagers.

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Just work out and you can fuck anyone

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>What aesthetic should I go for in order to attract art hoe pussy?
either be really attractive + charismatic & know there fan bands
or be semi-famous in your local art scene. anything else & no matter how much u pander to them. they wll ignore u
this. before I started getting into the papers for my sculptures & films. only normie girls wanted me cause i was diff
art girls would blow me off

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>I started getting into the papers
Local papers?

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Find it on urban dictionary you senile boomer cunt

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Be pretty and sell weed/xans/coke. Curtain cut is optional but preferred.

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yeah + local instagram hotspots

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I can't believe that's actually good publicity. In my town the only artistic things that get exposure in the local paper is when a retarded kid does something.

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summerfags detected

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sounds gay as fuck you 13 year old nigger worshiping tranny

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According to my female friends, "skinny white boys who look like they haven't slept in 3 days"
"Tall guy with curly hair that listen to bladee" well there's some answers

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>this is what /fit/ believes

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Have sex if you can still get it up

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Yeah, I'm 26 & I've never heard of it. Is this one of those retarded young things like "the floss" or "fortnite"?

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Yeah I only started getting genuine art hoe attention after a FWB posted a clay torso bust I made of her on IG. Started getting a heap of DMs and adds

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Basically this

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dilate you low test shemale, cucked by your internet addiction and socially crippled because of smartphones, listens to nigger music FAGGOT

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I know you are joking but man it hurts to see people in their 20s acting the way boomers do; "I don't know what an internet is and I don't want to!!!"

The world changes every day and zoomers have arrived. Billie Eilish and Clario are considered cool. Ethots and eboys have been around for a a decade now. Pretending to be dumb won't change that.

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this is me

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Hello, time traveler

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what are billy ellish and Claro are they pop punk bands or something

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Cropped trousers
Oversized t-shirt tucked
Nike air force ones
Dad cap
And be thinspo/tatooos

there u got it, thank me later.

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which ones?

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It’s not worth it. Just dress for yourself, and you will naturally attract hoes that are right for you desu

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sorry, but what is an art hoe?

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Round ones.

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be very very attractive. they have high standards

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Softboy look. I pull a decent amount of art hoes and I tend to wear thrifted stuff, especially Hawaiian shirts and colourful striped button downs, dress pants and slim fit jeans, dad caps and canvas shoes. I usually attract queer UwU types though because I'm a tight twunk daddy.

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art hoes aren't worth it. idk why you faggots are obsessed with them. i've fucked a few and honestly, mental illness and potential stds aren't worth it.

they are hot though and a lot of them have experience

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I have a friend who looks like this, also has an qt art hoe gf.

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