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Are neo-nazis effay?

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wow I've never seen a /pol/ thread on a blue board before

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useless pieces of shit

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dress like a real nazi, faggot

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no, this is boring

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>risking a public indecency charge and possible sex offender label for a pointless statement
Wow, neo ((nazis)) are dumber than I thought

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It's (((three))) parentheses. Don't ask me how I know.

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Not even slightly but they probably think they are simply because it’s ~edgy~

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no, they're insecure betas

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>ugly metal style large print black t-shirt
>enormous belly
>black bdu pants
>cheap leather jacket unable to close
Take. A. Wild. Guess.

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No such thing as neo-nazis, who you are thinking of is called antifa or some such

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>No such thing as neo-nazis...


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Neo Nazis have always been CIA/FBI/KGB agents hunting down the far right or controlled opposition.

Authentic National Socialism however is extremely fashionable

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no u

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/fa/, faggots, /pol/ retard reporting in,
what the hell does 'effay' mean ?
I don't speak /fa/ggot

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“Neo” nazis are not a real nazi movement, they’re either just LARPing or prolly misinterpreted by the society. The movement that is closest to nazism is the antifa. The view on race doesn’t matter, it’s the mentality that is similar. A racist can be libertarian and he would be far from being called a threat.

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Antifa means anti fascist. They’re the literal opposite of neo nazis dumb fuck.

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L O L wow.

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Just being racist with no ideological basis for your beliefs, no coherence or creative aspect is not very fashionable. Being an actual national socialist is /fa/ though

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>literal opposite
af != fa
anti /fa/

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>they’re either just LARPing or prolly misinterpreted by the society.
they're infiltrated and controlled opposition

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No, but the original Nazis sure were.

Say what you want, but you can't spell fascism without effay.

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