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My band are looking to become more fashionable. What are some effay instruments?

The guitarist just bought pic related, currently the most effay instrument in the band.

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what genre do you play

telecasters best guitars

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The Black Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass is the most effay bass I've ever seen.

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looks like something someone in a nu-metal band would play desu

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Atmospheric Patrician Hop

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god offset fender's arent fashionable anymore, they're just done to death, i've had 2 and sold 2, the bridges are so shit that fender recommend you buy a mustang bridge and stick that on. if your guitarist is having problems advise him to do that

pic related my 2 guitars

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you're retarded that's a fucking p bass

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Looks too pleb-bait metal band to me

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>Images and discussion should pertain to fashion and apparel.

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it clearly has an offset waist

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alembic anything

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Instruments are fashion accessories when used on stage you dumbass. Use your head.

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non bassist detected

that's a jazz bass with a p bass and j bass pickup. notice the slanted body and thin neck taper, those are jazz bass features.

also P bass is much more fa
i'm saving up for a jamerson bass but gonna go clean not relic

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the contour doesn't make it a p bass, retard. it's an active p bass with the split bridge pickups.

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>made to look like an idiot so arguing semantics

the contour does make the guitar dumb fuck, when fender sell HSS strats they still call them strats, they don't call them jazzmasters or jaguars

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Acoustic guitars are more effay than electric, just get a used ibanez/martin and make sure it has scratches on it

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I know it's Squier, but I love this.

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literally only fags plays jaguars, and usually fags that sucks ass on the guitar

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Martin guitars, endorsed by Jesus himself

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>JAZZ BASS literally zoomed in in the middle of the picture

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some literal faggot I know described this guitar as beautiful

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For me it's the 1979 Gibson Flying V

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based opinion

recently bought one and oh boy

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my friend owns white SG and it looks really nice

the cherry one looks awful

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shit thread
non fashion, go back to >>>/mu/ subhuman

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For bass, appearance wise its gotta be a Rickenbacker

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based retard

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yeah you don't play.

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it is, that piano black finish and ivory stripe around are beautiful, irl it looks 100 times better than photo you posted
and it's not even that expensive, like 1200 eur if I remember correctly

definitely not, that picture just sucks, try to see it in store or what

you just kys

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i think it can look really cool out of context, i think playing heavy rock guitars can be cool if you DON'T play heavy rock, miles kane plays a SG and he looks fa as fuck with it

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this is sexy, i love rickenbackers but they're so expensive, everybody tells me they're shit to play as well but boy that fireglo is just incredible

i'm planning to get a sunburst p bass body and stick a fretless jazz bass neck on it. i basically want this with a jazz neck
i love the look and sound of precision basses but feel like im missing out on a neck

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love this fat-sounding nigga

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Damn son

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the gibson sg will for me be forever associated with the mid 00s emo scene

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Anything worn out or repurposed like a musicmaster or other student models

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*teleports behind you*

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that's extremely tacky and ugly, jesus

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Almost all strats, with few exceptions.

Sfg or sonic blue offsets.

Baked maple neck superstrats (check out polyphia)

Tasteful Les pauls, plaintops are usually better on average.

Teles occasionally but a bit hit or miss.

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Suck my dick desu, i only get compliments

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only good post in this entire thread

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I have a strat just like that and want a firebird badly. Based taste, anon.

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Thats true but holy fuck they're expensive

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and jack black

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but mr s i am not coo enuff for band

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Bass: Musicman, Dean, any
Guitar: Musicman, Gibson, any

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Telecasters are the instrument equivalent of Levi's 501s.

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This is really nice, man.

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>actually not a jaguar damn its not that hard to tell apart

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Tele gang in the house.

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>chink shit
nothing personnel, kid

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Based. I'm not a big fan of selmers horns when I played them though.

Pic related is a special edition yamaha and its honestly the best horn I ever played on. Everybody was talking about eastman 55th streets (and if I had to do it again id get one too) but this thing blew the rest out of the water.

Shame they are expensive as fuck

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Forgot pic :)

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matt watson? from supermega??

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super based

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Is God himself, Tom Verlaine (Television)

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haha yeah i was just fucking around, Television played near me recently but I wasn't able to go. Pretty pissed at that

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also real talk the Jazzmaster is a great looking guitar, bought my first recently

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Good thing that's not a Jaguar then.

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Very sexy tele, anon. Always loved that kinda pickguard on sunburst guitars.

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Fretless j bass of course with no pickguard. You get a nice clean aesthetic, and a great tone.

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I love them too gonna swap over to an ebony or rosewood neck after I install some new pickups.

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very nice
is this effay?

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i've never been a fan of the brushed chrome sax look, unfinished/antique brass is much sexier

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Make space for the GOAT, everyone always comes up and compliments this thing after gigs.

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Ibanez sr1206 premium

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Boomer here. I play the most hated guitars on the planet


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Maple fretboards are more effay than the other varieties.

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Jazzmasters/jaguars are cool but I feel they're very played out at this point. Look into vintage Jap guitars from the 70s on eBay for more underground cred.

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whats an effay acoustic then

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imagine being this guy

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Is that the guitar player from Iceage

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moar brass

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say the subhuman playing faggy instrument

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picked this up a couple months ago

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Nice Jazzcaster.

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me? i play a mc-808

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offset tele but thnk u

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We in the GOAT Firebird club. I went for the studio model because I don't like the wood in the middle and in 2017 they did shit colours but the studio was nice. What's the weight of it like is it top heavy? My Firebird must be chambered body because the thing is so light

I'm saving up for a three mini humbucker non reverse firebird in blue to complete my collection

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You boys had your fun now let the big boys take over

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That's a jazzmaster body with Tele bridge and control hence the name jazzcaster

Don't buy into the fender parallel universe marketing scheme

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/fa/, i need help
this is my current guitar, i know sunbursts and binding are really tacky so ive been debating repainting it
what color should it be? is it fine as is? or should i keep and/or buy another guitar?

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another pic, i think i will put pickup covers on regardless
just wanted to show how fucking orange this bitch is
plays like a dream tho

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had bass lessons as a teenager, teacher was a literal fat nigga with this exact bass

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>yfw rickenbackers are neck through
also dont be a baby all this neck size bs is nonsense takes your hands 2 seconds to adapt. Michael League gets along just fine on a baseball bat neck.
t. rick owner
take a look at: roger waters precision bass, 60th anniversary (2011) precision, american elite if you can put up with the shitty j pickup and lastly and most least-ly the 70s fenders. please dont buy a 70s fender.

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my preferred taste is the blue one

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Only the Cream Fender Stratocaster is /fa/.

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the tuning slide looks very penile

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Yeah, mine is fairly top heavy, but I adore it. Neck-through is nice, and I love having 3 full-size humbuckers in contrast to the usual mini-humbuckers that most Firebirds have. Can recommend. The one in the picture is a Firebird 7 that I bought in 2016, they made a red one in 2006, I think. That one had three mini-humbuckers, great guitar.

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the greatest

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i really like the look of this mid-90's fender. its lower range is almost non-existent but it has a narrow nut width and pretty small frets so it's really easy to play

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fine as is. refinishes change the sound.
also, adding covers will make your PUs microphonic. unless you add some plastic shit.

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only this version

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Only faggot here is you son.

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i'm not talking about neck size, idk i've never played a rickenbacker, but everyone i know who has played a rick has told me they're shit. for example i have a friend who was literally given a 12 string rick guitar and still says he hates it and is planning on giving it back lol. I love their look though, i'm very tall so neck width, length etc doesn't bother me
my fave is the natural wood finish they did a couple years back that shit looked hot, had no idea rickenbackers would look so good in natural finish

i love the 3 pickup look. i didn't realise when i bought my firebird studio that they had humbuckers instead of minis, i love the sound though they're extremely hot i had to adjust the distance because the neck pickup was just hot as fuck. i want a firebird non reverse for the 3 minihumbucker look. I like red and blue and i honestly can't decide between them which is the main reason i haven't bought it yet. cardinal red looks amazing and so does pelham blue, one's more flashy but the other is more classic. i just can't pick

can i also add that george harrison had the best taste in guitars. everyone knows that amazing telecaster but this les paul is incredible, no idea why gibson don't release this colour on les paul

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Whats the Strat?

>> No.14350954

also my biggest gripe with firebirds is the lyre piece doesn't go all the way back, it really annoys me. is that pic your guitar? i'm gonna get gold hardware on my firebird non reverse, looks classy as fuck

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>Instruments are fashion accessories when used on stage
No it's not, it's an instrument. Use the one which does the job the best. You'll never make it.

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instruments are like handbags, functional, yes, but they're bought to do different things and to make you feel better.

noobs arent gonna wanna learn on a guitar that's shit to play, sounds shit and doesn't inspire them to play. whenever i buy a guitar i consider how i'm gonna look playing it alongside everything else. one guitar i asked to play it with a strap on cos i knew it'd look better with a strap on than me sat down and wanted to be sure.

>use the one which does the job best
with technology in amps, pedals and production, this is a stupid question. why wouldn't everyone play those hideous guitar organs, or use those weird pedals that make cat sounds or violin sounds instead, you can make any guitar sound like any other guitar nowadays, it's only the purists that say it has to be straight from the amp, and then what amp?? a selmer little giant or a boss katana lol use your head mate stop being such a contrarian. guitars are cool and like handbags to women if you dont like gear porn then go back to your traps

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I'm an acousticfag, so I can't really change the tone of an instrument, but I get where you're coming from

>> No.14351108

You're right about getting a guitar that looks great as it will inspire you to play more, but I'll be damned if I don't have a guitar for each job I need it for. Tele/strat for my psychedelic, funk and more Gilmouresque stuff and My SG and PRS CU 24 for my heavier rock and metal stuff

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but i mean there's always more technology, for acoustics they've created a submarine pickup? sounds like a gimmick but still i get what you mean, acoustic is all about playing well rather than hiding it lol

im with u on buying more guitars, my first guitar was a strat, played disco with it for like 6 years and was totally ignorant of what a strat is "supposed" to do until i bought a firebird, then the strat became obvious to me, like peter green, gilmour, all that sensitive stuff. its strange how buying something different makes you appreciate and understand what you already have, buying a firebird completely changed the way i play a strat

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I'm considering buying this one, is it fa?

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Make way, all you dick sucking faggits!
God tier effay shit cumming thru.
On your knees and praise glory
Behold the Wangcaster!

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Nah, mine’s a Pelham Blue non-reverse with 3 full-size humbuckers, posted a picture further up in the thread.

>> No.14352362

Only if you can pull it off

>> No.14352383

you have to be a literal subhuman retard not to know this is among the best looking guitars ever

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*blocks your path*

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Nobody mentioned the accordion?

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lipstick pickups and masonite bodies are effay as fuck

>> No.14353476

>”refinished change the sound”

Imagine being one of those guys, jfc

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Very based, have one too and love it.

For me, it's the guild m20

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What is happening here?

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Yeah. That's a nice guitar. Vintage
look as been in for a while. But all
guitars a fashionable.

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Jesus. The levels of bad instrument taste in this thread is astonishing.

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I’ve been playing a Hofner violin bass for years

>> No.14354072

can I get you a kangol hat to go with that bass

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File: 3.41 MB, 4608x3072, gibson-les-paul-studio-fireburst-w-gold-hardware-481808.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14354902

Shit taste. 1950s Kay hollowbody arch top are way nicer.

If you want a sleep, raven rm680.

>> No.14355480

*plays wonderwall on ukelele*

>> No.14355562

>instruments thread
>it's only guitars

>> No.14355657

See also: Tele w/ no contours vs a Strat w/ contours.

>> No.14355662

Opinions on offset Teles?

Thinking of selling the Strat I started to build in HS to build one. (Like the look of offsets but Telecasters can make the tones I want for the myriad of genres I'd use it to play.)

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>offset guitars

pick one

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Fender Duo Sonic???

>> No.14355808

nice. daphne blue is a sweet colour surprised more people dont get it

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The gang's all here. I have a modded Gretsch Pro Jet being delivered tomorrow too.

nice taste, my m20 is my favorite guitar.

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File: 1.29 MB, 2048x2048, DADATLSBKGS-1-FR.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

D'Angelico Guitars

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File: 59 KB, 770x425, moog-grandmother1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Get one of these bad boys and the ladies will be all over you.

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File: 2.65 MB, 4032x2268, 1558649212780647529054297665993.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lel I see you're a man of taste as well.

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