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- 6 feet or higher
- noticeable jawline
- dark features
- won a physical fight
- had sex

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I'm 5'9 but fit the other requirements. Good enough?

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>be me
>fit everything except I've lost the only fight I had in my life.

Well technically he lost it because he had a lot of problems after it at school. Also I was alone and he was with couple of older guys so that was the only reason I haven't punched him first

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that last picture... that guy has some nice breeding hips

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Sure hope so, this Italian leather was expensive as fuck

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isn't that suede?

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>- 6 feet or higher
>- noticeable jawline
>- dark features
>- won a physical fight
against my younger brother lmao
>- had sex

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he would unironically would look better as a trap

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Nah, don't know why the quality fucked up, this should be better.

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>- 6 feet or higher
>- noticeable jawline
eh average
>- dark features
what does this even mean
>- won a physical fight
>- had sex

post some good leather jackets then bitch

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its not lol

learn the very basics of photography. light should never be in your back

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> 6 feet or higher
No (5'9)
> noticeable jawline
yea, but keep a beard (pic related)
> dark features
well, Indian
> won a physical fight
won some, lost some
> had sex

Do I qualify?

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>- 6 feet or higher
>- noticeable jawline
I mean no one ever accused me of not having a jaw, probably yes.
>- dark features
Unable to understand that one.
>- won a physical fight
Most of them, actually.
>- had sex
Haven't won this one though.

Why am I even posting it, I don't like leather jackets.

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I don't have dark features but I fit everything else.
When do I get issued my jacket?

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do whatever you want, you'll never be fashionable

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phillip lim gang stand up

yes to all except jawline could b better 3bh

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cool shirt, w2c?

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I guess I'll kms

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it's an old club monaco sweater i got off grailed. the texture is p rad

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>don’t browse 4channe

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what jacket is this?

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it's this from a few years back


definitely my fave jacket esp since it's restrictive w regards to who can actually pull it off

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btw this is the body needed to pull off a leather jacket +/- 10lbs or 5%body fat

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>dark features
this post was made by gang america

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lol my roomie is like 5'6". i'm like 180 lbs in that pic so do the math dumdum

don't live the copelife vro

also aesop is cheap if u break it down on cost per use since their suggested portion is so small DUMDUM

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>dark features
Almost every SLP model is pasty as fuck though
Also, SLP being for "tough guys" is why it's become a huge fat LARP

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So you think slp is for pussy boys?

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Leather jackets aren’t limited to the specific and niche SLP stuff

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Leather jackets look shit any other way

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To a degree yeah, it's more for skinny weirdos who listen to too much music more than ultrachads. This is evident when you look at where takes his inspo from

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Makes sense. His clothes are supposed to be youthful so that's why he chooses such frail and "boy-like" models

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Manlets can look fine in leathers, plenty of motorcycle/car race drivers are manlets

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>5'7 in shoes
>defending the price when I was making fun of you for buying into the brand, not the price
>aesop on my skin, leather jacket on my manlet torso, feelin the wockstah vibes as I walk out the door

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Why are there so many Toronto anons on this board?

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>dark features
lol pls

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I think pale skin goes well with dark jackets.

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lol i fucking love aesop quit being sawlt.
i feel like you're a manlet chingchong projecting lol

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Cuz you're an insecure angry virgin

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>esp since it's restrictive w regards to who can actually pull it off

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How do I fix this? I don’t speak /fit/ but I think it’s my “lats” that are the problem?

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I bought an acne oliver leather jacket when it was 60% off. I was so excited because it looked amazing in every photo/video I'd seen of it. When it arrived I realised that leather jackets never look good on babby faced manlets like myself. Sad. I was so disappointed. It looks like the perfect jacket, but leather just doesn't suit me at all.

It was also bulky, but I guess the leather would need to have been broken in.

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does F40 mean female size 40?

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I've never liked the L01, looks too stiff, the L17 looks more flowy and nice. L01 looks tryhard as fuck.

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I'm 6'3, but never had sex, I wish I had someone I liked, but whatever, everything else I'm fine.

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>dont be a chink with a large head
you ever notice how big their heads are in proportion to the rest of their body?

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- tuck your shirt in

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>- 6 feet or higher
>- noticeable jawline
>- dark features
>- won a physical fight
>- had sex
So nobody in /fa/

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fuck off normalfag

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>- 6 feet or higher
>stares at you in 5'4

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- don’t wear it with school shooter boots

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post more pics

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I'm 6'1. Never won a fight but I've had plenty of sex

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I think anyone can pull the leather jacket look off. Just make sure the cuffs end at least to the palm of your hands.

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i think you need short arms to wear leather jackets, or maybe the small fit is the look idk

i'm 6'6, skinny as fuck and have long arms and all leather jackets fit really short on the arms, it looks stupid on me

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>I've had plenty of sex

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So not you?
>be /fa/ggot
>find pic of someone wearing clothes you don’t like

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Height is mostly a meme
But good that you’re at least 5’9

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>6 feet or higher
>noticeable jawline
>dark features
>won a physical fight
>had sex

If only I wasn't manlet height.

>> No.14346297

>Height is mostly a meme
Keep telling yourself that, kek

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So White and Native American guys have the best reply rates? The former makes sense but the later is a bit head scratching. Thought Latin guys would be higher.

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to cop or not to cop

Diesel, but can't justify a 500 maple dollars for my broke ass. love it tho

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fkn hell why does this pic rotate

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yeah, anal sex, you totally look like a bottom

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How come they're higher rated than blacks here? I thought BBCs slayed everywhere?

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No. OP forgot to add be white to the list.

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Black girls are thirsty.

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Didn’t know women are so thirsty for Indians

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I'm Indian and two of my cousins are married to hippie white women, one of the legit looks like a plainer faced Emily Blunt. They're both poorfags and ugly even by Indian standards so I really don't know how it worked, or why a foreigner would choose to live forever in this shithole.
I guess anything's possible if they can fuck blacks, kek

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>implying diesel is good
absolute state of this board

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When you’re white, there is no upgrade, lads. Don’t mix.

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No, this is an upgrade

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does 181cm count?

>> No.14348709

>ripped pants
>fake scar

Well, it kinda suits you

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confirmed for being a teenager

>> No.14348791

Im a 174cm hispanic male with crazy hair growth can i do it ?

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File: 409 KB, 824x1296, Did anon fall for the 4chan anti mix race propaganda _383d6e34b423daf5ab90fbb5d5c5e577.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is stupid.
Actually white bois in leather jackets look hilarious and get taunted on the street

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Looking good. What is it?

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>same stats from 20 years ago from dead sites like yahoo personals or okcupid

white boys are pathetic lmao

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How did that midget manage to find a jacket that small?

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me in 2015 when i owned a leather jacket. ignore the shitty boots and jeans

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tfw you will never be son of a wealthy asian

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>dark features

>> No.14352850

What is "dark features"?
I meet all the rest of your arbitrary requirements though.

>> No.14352856

i dislike you already

>> No.14353361

i dont look like that anymore so im totally with u on that one

>> No.14353439

>those hips
I'd be glad to +1 your sex counter

>> No.14353893

>6 feet or higher
>Dark features
>Won a physical fight
There are no winners in physical fights
>Had sex
It's practically summer anyway, what's with all these leather boot & leather jacket threads?

>> No.14354130

I'll put it out there that having broad shoulders is the most important part of rocking a leather jacket. Guys with attractive faces but narrowish shoulders def look out of place.

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>Wearing a leather jacket with sneakers ever
fucking disgusting

god tier face, will look good in anything

checked off everything except dark features and still look like garbage in a leather. Ugly boys unite.

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