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Fast fashion is all about being sexy for cheap and it's no doubt a problem in the fashion industry. Just a waste of resources. I'm not perfect myself, I'll get stuff like underwear and accessories from stores like Uniqlo. I just want to see if anyone in /fa/ shares any similar views.

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What are you asking? Also yeah I get all my underwear from Uniqlo. Thinking of copping some UUUU tees

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Uniqlo is fine for most of the plain color basics. Not everything needs to be a high end brand to look nice.

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Asking on /fa/'s views on fast fashion

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It's not only about looking nice, but taking consideration on how much fast fashion stores waste in materials and labor

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Our taste grows in a fast pace, you’d be easily bored by stuffs you buy, so why even bother buying expensive shit? I’ve even stopped wearing stuffs that I bought a year ago. I keep changing my core aesthetic.

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Not everyone can afford grass fed free range organic homemade hipster bullshit clothing.

You made this thread just to feel better about yourself. Do we just expect poor people to wear rags? God forbid people without money feel good about how they look.

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I am Uniqlo's whore. All the other "fast fashion" companies like H&M and the utter shite at the mall are actually a notch lower in quality typically.

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Buy less clothes, when you limit your purchases you have less remorse.

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I will buy less clothes, by the time I’m done with fashion as a hobby.

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I don't mind it and DESU Uniqlo is on par with the gap for basics I think. You'll look nice and ready for work if you dress full 'qlo and pretty casual too. It's nice for a one stop shop kind of thing. Though I got some of their socks and the longer ones were nice and fit my Boulder calves but the short ones were fucked. Hit or miss

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