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How do you pull it off in the West without looking like a LARPer?

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you don't
If you don't realize people in Japan don't typically dress like this either these days you'd look like a larper there as well they'd probably be more good natured about it though

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That's why the thread title says "Traditional", retard

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either way it changes nothing
You're gonna look like a larper no way around it so just accept that or don't

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You're one of those people who think they're extremely smart and that their supposedly informed opinion MUST be shared with everyone, right? Listen here you little shit, I don't want to literally dress the way people in Japan did 200 years ago, I want to emulate the aesthetic. This could be an interesting thread, but you keep insisting on polluting it with your inane comments

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I don't see what's so interesting about your vain attempts to co-opt another country's culture while also worrying about people laughing at you for it
You're worried about looking like a larper to others but you already are one in your mind just a kid playing dress up like plenty of people on this board and others
Fashion doesn't mean anything if you don't have real courage to express yourself

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Ok bro original opinion there

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>How do you pull it off in the West without looking like a LARPer?
You absolutely fucking cant

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My best attempt

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Find an oriental temple. Drive there or get a ride there. Don't fucking walk there, not even public transportation.

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Some anon a while back posted a samurai-core grid image similar to pic related, anyone has it?

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w2c a chore jacket like that?

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It's a Universal Works.

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Yeah, and he’s telling you the truth: it is impossible without looking like a larper

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No, but I (>>14270613 ) actually made it. Deleted it since though. But if you check out the black pants, they're the same. Other items were a long coat, a sweater with a rather prominent neck and a black umbrella.

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No, but I (>>14270613) actually created it. Deleted it since though. But if you check out the black pants and the A1923 boots, they're the same. Other items were a long coat, a sweater with a rather prominent neck and a black umbrella.

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Nevermind, I found it in the archive

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id on that confy sweater

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Are those denim pants?

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manlets beware

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modern noragis are great

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Be asian

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I’m actually impressed, this fits him well and he doesn’t seem to be overly skinny, neither is he a fat neckbeard.

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No filthy k*reans

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id on these boots please

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id on those shirts?

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>plebs impressed by a tailored suit

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>id on that confy sweater
Seconding this

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The K*rean fears the Samurai

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I didn’t say I was impressed with his suit.

I was impressed that he’s wearing one that fits well.

9/10 times these katana wielders normally wear a shitty cheap suit that’s too big

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OP is literally autistic.

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too expensive

some Alibaba chink shit that will never look the way it does on the photo

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I thought chinese people were worst

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Id on first pair of boots?

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step 1: be asian

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