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You can look great without wearing brands.

>You can buy great clothes in UNIQLO. If I were a young person, that’s where I’d shop. But labels are very much about buying into a poetic vision and being part of something.

-Rick Owens

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Uniqlo is cool but you can only buy so much from them since their stuff can be so basic.

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this the fashionboard, not the how to look like your average normie

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the oversized cotton tees with medium sleeves sold like hotcakes

managed to cop grey in my size but I would've liked navy better, might get one in the next drop if they're comfy

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What is there to discuss? You buy some basic shirts and t-shirts and match them with basic chinos or whatever. Doesn't really deserve a thread on /fa/.

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kill yourself

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Uniqlo U drop today. What you guys copping?

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Ordered 2 leggings from Uniqlo, same size, same colour, same ultra heat tek type shit. One fits perfectly. The other, if worn for a bit, starts to slide down my legs so I get a baggy crotch and have to keep pulling them up.

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Pleated pants are actually pretty good.

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Sweatshop kiddies make tailoring mistakes too, anon

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does uniqlo do sales often?

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as often as any other fast fashion store, they clear their inventory when the new season/collection rolls around

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I don't know about you but I don't buy important clothes from them.
Like I only buy tees, underwears, sock and leggings

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I bought the relaxed wide tapered pants. I'll have to see how wide they really are in person. I'll probably check out the pleated wide tapered chinos in person to see how they fit as those come with waist measurements instead if just S, M, L like the ones I ordered.

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Bought a lot of the new U collection. Love the pants selection, got 2 pleated chinos, a baker pants, and one relaxed trousers. Didnt have a proper wide/relaxed options in my current wardrobe so im pretty much covered now.
Also got 2 of the half sleeves and a denim shirt none of which are in my current wardrobe.
It would be very dumb of me to buy designer choices at such an early stage of developing my style when my basics arent even fleshed out.

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Post more about U drop faggets. I want to buy oversize T ees and considering denim jacket. Does some one seen it in real life? What is your impression? Sizing?

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Oversize tees are a boxier cut, textile is same quality as last years. I sized down to an M from L of last years tees which were not oversized.

The denim is good quality, but the field jacket felt flimsy, was still going to buy but the navy was sold out so ill have to wait. The denim jacket has very baggy sleeves and is also boxy.

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Btw the shirts/denim arent really very "boxy" but are shorter than the usual long drapy cuts.

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Thanks anon :^) I have couple of last season Tees, plain color ones and striped oversized, i gona compare the sizing when i get home to get the impression on those new ones.

I surprised you sized down from L to M tho, i usually wear Uniqlo M and they U Tees M were okay, i would not personally call them oversized. They just a little roomier i would say.

Have you tried denim jacket on youself?

Here is the photo i found https://www.instagram.com/p/BtUgVB0gEq2/

I wonder if it is autistically oversized and i should size down to S, or M will be just right.

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Their Uniqlo U wool sweaters are always top tier.

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It was too baggy for me on the chest area so I sized down. Length wise its actually shorter.

Yeah I tried the denim and its a weird fit with the baggy sleeves but the quality is really good. Might be good if you are going for a wide silhouette.

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just copped this

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and this
desu uniqlo U tees are amazing value

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Uniqlo U usually restocks after a little while right? There were some pants I was after but unfortunately they sold out pretty quickly

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field jacket feels flimsy when its the most expensive? fuk.

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The light wash for this season is trash. Bring back the same wash from SS18. It's to close to white.

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lol who is this for?
it looks like an outfit for a Netflix show

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Their pants selection this drop is easily the best with the variety of material and the wide/tapered fit is pretty cool and different. I heard restocks usually happen a few weeks in.

Yeah I expected it to be heavier/thicker but it felt quite thin to me.

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honestly uniqlo is pretty exensive for fast fashion. its not worth it

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Those 2 buzzwords are thrown around on the regular. You good bro?

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pretty much how it should be
however I did buy 2 pairs of jeans in 2013 for everyday wear and theyre still in immaculate condition

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What would you recommend is cheaper/better quality?

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I feel like COS has alot better basics but a bit of a price hike too, like 3 to 5x. The price hike is justified though due to the Steep increase in quality to uniqlo

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bro COS is shit, why would you pay for that much of a premium for fast fashion quality clothing

arent they owned by the h&m parent company?

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I wish Muji offered the exact same stuff as their Japanese online store compared to the limited selection on the U.S. site. For basics, I feel like their fit and quality is better but just a minor price increase compared to Uniqlo.

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Anyone have the U sweatshirt? What size u get?

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COS makes extremely good looking really simplistic stuff. sadly the quality is not that great, its literally owned by h&m

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wtf you cant buy black people anymore

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do you not understand how parent companies work, there's a reason why it's an entirely different entity and wasn't just released under h&m's "premium" studio label.

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But it's ripping off simplistic designer brands like Acne and APC. sure some of the price comes from the branding but if it looks very similar the difference will be in the quality.

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as much as i like acne it is not some holy grail for quality, that word is thrown around too much. i'm sorry but if your pants or whatever from zara keep "falling apart" after a week....?????

unfortunately the fashion industry in general is pretty much built on plagiarism, which acne has been guilty of once upon a time too. i don't go in cos enough but they don't seem that bad. it's kinda difficult to plagiarize basics

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Size up or regular?

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When is the Uniqlo x Rick Owens drop?

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sized up for an oversized look.

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