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Especially the jacket top left w2cop it?

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Looks like the Universal Works bakers jacket

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Thanks anon <3

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>Thinking Siddhartha, a European bastardization of Buddhism, is neofolk in any way at all
>Thinking Buddhism is any way related to the European folk consciousness
>Thinking edgy military larping makes you look cool to anyone but your internet pals

You don't ACTUALLY like this anon do you?

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It will be effay af when its autumn, even during spring time or late summer nights. Maybe not wearing those pants, but the jacket is effay

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FYI, they do a tweed version that's a bit more expensive but looks fucking amazing.

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oh its almost giving me an erection

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id on pants?

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It literally says on the fucking tag jesus christ are you fucking blind

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Why can't it be autumn forever?

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not all of us were blessed with your great vision.

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>European folk consciousness
Irrelevant babble. Neo folk is not folk. Hesse is more relevant to neo folk than your cheese wheels, clogs and braided hair.

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>boots with zippers
That's cityfag teenage nonsense.

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>Everything that I like is now neo-folk
At least try to justify your argument. Hesse is not neofolk in the slightest. He is just the standard depressed Kraut that was interested in eastern religions.
While you're add it, throw in everything else that has some vague pertinence to nature or old stuff. Neofolk is merely an amalgamation of petty Nazi fantasies that you aren't bold enough to explicitly express. Larping in Ivan's Meme boots and military clothing is not /fa/ in the slightest

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Indo-Europeans are from India, Buddhism is from India, therefore Buddhism is European

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> Indo-Europeans are from India

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Is this Heinrich-Harrer-Core?

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the reason it's all in one pic is because of the tibet expedition by the germans in 1938-1939

breddy inderesding

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You don't know shit. Esoteric nazism is a big topic in neo folk and esoteric nazism makes a deal out of Indo-Europeanism. See Himmler, Devi. Adding to that the fact that just a depressed Kraut looking for spiritualism in a nihilist vacuum is exactly what neo folk is about.

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>a depressed Kraut looking for spiritualism in a nihilist vacuum is exactly what neo folk is about.

Well, looks like you just admitted what the average NeoFolk poster is like: depressed by his own degenerate actions. Perverting eastern religions by appropriating them to foreign political ideologies is not /fa/ in the slightest. The woman in your picture unironically thought Hitler was an incarnation of Vishnu. It is beyond pathetic that you think that wearing grandpa's boots and reading the cool oriental texts is gonna get you out of a self-created nihilist vacuum, to use your own words.

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It's just a music genre, kid. I don't build my identity around some fag in a SS smock nor around some vegan in a Sari.

To clear up a slight misunderstanding I haven't created the vacuum. I just happen to live in it.

Pling, plong, martial maching sample, ding, it's the death of the west.

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>Pling, plong, martial maching sample, ding, it's the death of the west.
I kek'd

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>Haha it's just music bro
Why bother defending it if that's all you have to say. Truly the power of an aesthetic looking to be for European revival

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Defending what? What are you talking about?

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brand? name?

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>people thinking neofolk is about a revival of the past and not rather what it's like for the folk of modernity

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>a depressed Kraut looking for spiritualism in a nihilist vacuum

This and
>Germany went to war alone against the whole world and lost

Are probably the greatest things I've ever read on this godforsaken website.

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evan kinori

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Reminder that Bolshevik NeoFolk > Nazi NeoFolk

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imagine paying $600 for a sweatshirt

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Ikr think of all the cocaine you could get instead

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>w2c shirt?

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What's the brand?

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Barbour alliance backpack

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based & breadpilled

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Thanks I've been trying to figure out what brand that was.

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I'll have to remember that one.

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