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looking for right wing fashion ideas

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Neofolk maybe?

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Khakis polos and white button ups. Boat shoes and brown shoes. Get a boring haircut too.

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1. Stop being insecure about your masculinity
2. Make some friends

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President of the Iron Guard

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Cargo trousers an hoody

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1. Stop being insecure about your masculinity
2. Make some friends

also you cannot be /fa/ we already know how the altright looks irl lol

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Fa is a board of non white ugly twinks. Ask jn a different board, look at the people on this board, theyre mutts, they have no sense of love for country

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sorry I'm not inbreed anon. how was fucking your sister last night did you have trouble in the blowjob with her buckle teeth? also talk shit post fit

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>non white ugly twinks

don't you mean pol?

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they're so /fa/ look at the /fa/t ass in the middle what a god. born to be wide.

why did god didn't gave me their inbreedness? I need to fuck my sister to give this gift of social retardedness to my children!

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>Be at least 6'0 and muscular
>Basically any joggers with black on them in any capacity
>Black target shorts
>White target shirt, rolled sleeves. Don't tuck, let it hang
>If it hangs lower than the end of your dick you can't pull this off. Google "liberal fashion"
>Short sides long top hair
>Cap + Sunglasses
>Roll shoulders back and puff chest 24/7 (If you don't do that already see step 5


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I know right they're so fuckin muscular dude! based and redpilled!

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Alt-right is controlled opposition, its supposed to look bad by design

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Students for western civilisation have a good right wing look.

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Alt-right is controlled opposition, its supposed to look bad.
National Socialists dont like Trump, Richard Spencer, Andrew Anglin, Mike Enoch, Patrick Little, Bolsanaro, Trump, Lauren Southern, Red Ice TV, Weev, Tommy Robinson, Laura Loomer, Matt Heimbach, Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson or kekistan Reddit dorks. Please get over yourself

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looking for non-stereotypical subtle hints at nazism like Micheal Jackson wore

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thats cringy and you are a beta

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Here’s an interview with their leader.

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even back then they looked like autists lol

nah it was all voluntary autistic actions go kys

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Whatever helps you sleep at night

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so stormfags like dadcore. what /fa/ thinks is basic bitch as fuck huh. so obvious lol. you retards have 0 taste.

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o btw our homie knochensack is a leftist. sorry to disappoint stormfag lmao

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t. Seething commie

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Im a leftist too, idiot

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Knoch is not a leftist.

He is an anarch with right wing tendencies and a nationalist pathos view. Some esoteric hitlerism as well.

>inb4 troll

ask him

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Go for a very clean look. I like this suggestion >>13982162
Right-wing /fa/ is basically just being /fa/ while also actively avoiding looking like a degenerate hipster type. I don't like traditional looks on younger people, so you should just try to look like a well-to-do upper-middle-class person. If you wear a suit make sure to wear an American flag pin. I get a lot of complements on mine. Don't worry about looking like a dork.

I'd suggest worrying more about being /fit/ than trying to achieve some sort of non-existent right-wing fashion style.

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That's nice and all, but what's the sauce for the image with the sad grill fingering the wine glass?

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Unironically Refugee-core

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Kek look at those monkeys

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Why do we keep having these threads?

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Stupid bait image but a good point, what are these threads supposed to accomplish? Just dress traditional preppy or something that makes you look old fashioned but cool

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>Slavs larping as hitlerite natsocs
literal brainlets
If you're a Slav and have been brainwashed into shitting all over your history by the "b-but Hitler loved all ypipo and wanted to protect them against da joos!" meme then just give up lmao

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Michael was the best

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Could just be a generic fascist.

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dont talk about brainwashing faggot

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I want to throat fuck the one with the hood and lick the tears out of his cheeks

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/pol/ is a collective of stormfags who really really really really never shut the fuck up about their ideology and try a lot to spread it.

what they will never realize is that they're their own worst enemy because they only get through with the retards so said retrds do retarded shit and it goes viral, making them only more enemies.

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There are a lot of autistic rightwingers but I will give you the benefit of the doubt and give a genuine answer.
Firstly make sure your body is right, lose some fat first if you need to but start working on physique. Now incorporate older styles and materials like wool into your outfits. Black and brown are good colors for this and try to keep some kind of leather in there.
Sneakers are generally a no-no unless they have purpose.
Trends are, for lack of a better term, degenerate and so is dressing for women. Dress well out of a sense of pride and a fundamental appreciation of aesthetic value in life.
Dont buy from companies with unethical business practices and remember to support your nation and the nations you would like to see thrive.
Most importantly remember not to be a stereotype and avoid all colors or unorthodox/flamboyant fashion displays. Fashion is the expression of beauty through your body and your clothes. Beauty is one of the penultimate truths of the world and you must embody truth. Anyone who appreciates and values beauty can never be too far gone as no matter your religion, race or creed you can honor man's inherent love and recognition of the aesthetic. Reject degenerate or lust-based displays but never reject your fellow man's expression of beauty. To do this is to reject both his dignity and beauty itself.

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What fragrance are they wearing? Knize Ten?

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he is a leftist you retard you have no idea how much he supports DDR raised artists. hahahahah
and he has transgender friends, gay friends, a diversity of people. People that stormfags would never ever accept in their lives.

you're right about the anarch part but he told you to read Jünger for a reason you retard. Because Jünger was never actually an stormfag, he criticizes the anti-socialism of nazi germany and hitler. Very very directly even in his works.
You just read Storm of Steel, screw that not even that did you read /pol/tards don't read.

Anyway Jünger is a leftist so is Knochensack. You fucking moron lmao. The difference between you & Knoch is that he reads & he alredy knows not to be about pure ideology. I'm willing to bet he is into German Idealism which is highly super fucking highly leftist. Humanism, socialism, hegelianism all comes from german idealism.

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Wow, that's at least 90% women and children. Listening to /pol/, you would think it was all 20-30 year-old budding rapists/decapitators. Shameful.

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who the fuck is knoch

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A german that likes historical militaria and a fashion designer. unassociated with nazism and will never be associated with it he even had a fuck ton of anti-nazi pro german worker (socialist) posters in his house.

He is our boy, true /fa/mily and the only self made fashion designer to come out from here so far.

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He is not a leftist. Ask him.

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>the anti-socialism of national socialism


You have no idea what you are talking about. Knoch gave you a few tidbits of info and you're too autismal to actually get what he meant.

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o btw /fa/m you can report threads like this with "racism outside of /b/". get these /pol/ newfags banned.

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This is cute and all, but you do realize that there simply won't be any white countries in the future if things don't change? Have fun with a muslim Europe, a mestizo United States, an asian Canada, an asian Australia, and a black South Africa. Unless you believe in "magic soil theory," these future countries will turn out just like the hellholes these people came from.

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lol stormfags are really this retarded this fixiated, really you guys should go out and socialize. you were not here in 2010. you don't know him. what I'm gonna do is ask him for a single picture that he took in 2010 which needs no words really.

ah and nazism isn't socialism. Even Jünger explains why.

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I dare you to actually confirm any of this with knoch.

Oh wait you won't because you're too scared to have your little illusion destroyed.

>> No.13982938

You don't understand Jünger or the concept of the anarch at all.

You try so hard to make knoch seem associated to anything even though he clearly doesn't care about any of those things in the militant way that you want him to because it makes you feel good.

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I think I understand it better than you since I like Max Stirner myself.
you didn't even read Jünger like at all. Did you even read Max Stirner btw (a leftist, a young hegelian) aka the one who inspired Jünger write that?

stormfags everyone, brainlets for eternity it seems. I hope one day you mature and say "holy shit how retarded I was" it happened to me but 6 years ago.

>Oh wait you won't because you're too scared to have your little illusion destroyed.
LOL ok retard

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his posts in that screencap have nothing to do with anything?

you have no idea what you're talking about.

Literally just ask knoch on tumblr or insta or wherever he's at now if he's a leftist.

>> No.13982968

he is making fun of people who unironically think he is nazi or a nazism supporter. he doesn't like that kind of "fans" aka you /pol/tards.

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There is so much wrong with your post and your understanding of German history, poltics, ideology and so on. It's really not worth getting into it in detail, you're not starting from square one but minus 9. I suggest you just pick out a different subject to engage with.

Also name me one Jünger book you've read that wasn't Storm of Steel and give me a quick synopsis of leftist ideology in it. Genuinely curious how you derived at your conclusions.

>> No.13982976

Jünger is not leftist and neither is German Idealism, including Hegel (do you think the Hero, the Absolute I, can exist without a hierarchy for him to top?) Being misused and repackaged for later, leftist ideologies does not make race realists and proto-fascists leftist. You are incredibly dumb and this post in incredibly embarrassing. Also I have no idea what posters you’re talking about.

>> No.13982980

he's making fun of stupid 'fans' like you.

Fucking idiot. The posts he does are always tongue in cheek. He's posting some ugly reenactor because he's scoffing at the fact that idiots like you think they've got him figured out and would fraternize with him.

>> No.13982986

Max Stirner wasn’t a leftist. Stop applying your modern caterogies to every thinker from the past. I and anyone else could do the same thing and call them right wing. But Hegel absolutely was right wing.

>> No.13982994

*from a contemporary standpoint, which is what you’re working from so I will do the same

>> No.13983001

Still waiting on you asking knoch if he's a leftist.

>> No.13983004

Der Arbiter
On Pain

I remember perfectly in On Pain where he praises Bakunin for recognizing the revolutionary potential against reaction of the lumpenproletarian. But you don't know who was that guy either /pol/tards are just stupid miles stupid. Stormfags are literally retarded, but I get it its the inbreedness.

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>Hegel rightwing
>Max Stirner not rightwing
omg he is retarded

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My blade is thirsty. Seriously if I saw these buffoons irl id mug em and stab the shit out of them.

>> No.13983013

maybe he wasn't but his philosophy was basically deconstructing everything western society holds as valuable, not unlike a chap called marx

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>/pol/tards are unironically this mentally challenged

they are. I live in this universe I share existence with people this stupid lmao

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Whatever helps you sleep at night.

>> No.13983022

Max Stirner was from the same friends circle as Frederich Engels the best friend of Marx. Marx didn't got to meet Stirner. Stirner was a young hegelian, Marx was too young for that but his friend Engels wasn't.

I know because I actually read books. unlike /pol/tards.

>> No.13983024

all samefag trying to safe face at posting misinformation

Why is the left always going back to screaming and tamper tantrums about how everybody is a stormfag and nazi who disagrees with them

>> No.13983026

in awe of the size of this lad

absolute unit

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he was actually in favor of socialism because he was poor all his life and went to debtors prison twice. debtors prisons are banned now thankfully.

What Stirner hates is when something is dogmatic tho, he is absolutely in favor of socialism but he thinks it should be done by not giving a fuck in the anarchist way just by taking power upon yourself to grab the things and using them. Which yeah works but when the whole state is spooked it's unviable.

>> No.13983045

what the fuck are you even talking about

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I've read all of those and none are """leftist""" even if you go by side note observations rather than the main thesis. In Über den Schmerz he also delights in the sight of socialist revolts dispersed by machine gun fire or the steel faces of the Nazi youth. Guess that cancels out your little bit and gives it plus one on the rightist scale.
You don't even realize how narrow-minded you are bending every man and thing and thought into binary categories derived from the fucking seating arrangement of the French parliament 200 years ago. It's absolutely baffling how you could read Der Arbeiter and think that this guy must love trannies so he goes on the left block where you and your liberal friends comfortably suck each other off.

>> No.13983056

That's trying to prove that Hegel is right wing by your modern criteria? You American by chance? Right = Libertarian, Left = Socialist? Is that why you don't understand?

>> No.13983069

Still waiting for you to ask knoch

>> No.13983074

No. I'm german although I actually have family in the US and /pol/tard american idiots don't dictate whats modern criteria lmao. The whole world does.

>That's trying to prove that Hegel is right wing by your modern criteria?
The opposite. He wasn't like at fucking all and Hegel was also like the main influence of the Dialectical Materialism of Marx lol...

>> No.13983075

Wear a julius ceasar costume to feel TRULY ROMAN

>> No.13983079

Du bist im LEBEN nicht Deutsch. Nicht mal annähernd.

>> No.13983084

>The opposite. He wasn't like at fucking all and Hegel was also like the main influence of the Dialectical Materialism of Marx lol...

It's crazy how many words you use to say absolutely not a single thing.

>> No.13983085

whats the hoodie?

>> No.13983086

you will get triggered out of your ass another day /pol/tard. I need him to make me something anyway which I'm going to buy from him and I get paid today just a picture one of his old ones that you didn't saw when it was 2010 since you're such a newfag probably got here like in around 2015 at best, most /pol/tards are newfags got into 4chan more likely than not when Trump became a thing.

Knochensack had a lot and I mean a lot of anti-nazi posters decorating around his room I remember this perfectly. There is a big reason he likes the artists he likes in general, his main inspirations are Germans who never really had any sympathy for nazism.

>> No.13983093

If you're talking about the guy on the swastika he has got that up because it looks neat. Nothing more.

I dare you again, ask him if he's a leftist.

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>toilet water

State of virgin whiteboi

>> No.13983098

Why is this cretin so ass blasted?

>> No.13983104

>are Germans who never really had any sympathy for nazism.


Like Arno Breker and Arthur Kampf? He posts fucking Löns on his insta

Just because he posted a few pics of Bruno Paul once you're blowing it completely out of proportion.

Knoch is not a leftist and he would tell you exactly that if you actually asked him. But you wont.

>> No.13983115

Jordan Peterson has soviet artwork all around his house. Are you saying he’s a commie?

>> No.13983120

how about we post more right-wing fashion instead of getting defensive, some of these look unironically good

I know it's hard to deal with complexity when your IQ is 85 and your ancestors had 70 but you can be right-wing without being fascist. Some of us just don't want the government to take from our pockets and redistribute as THEY see fit. I know, it's hard to deal with that fact. If we were in charge you couldn't use your government checks to buy Jordans and your EBT to buy junkfood.

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Ahja, sicherlich. Die Aussage dass private Interessen unter dem Deckmantel des Freiheitsbegriffes geschützt werden, ist natürlich 100% zertifiziert links. Es käme mir auch keine autoritäre Gesellschaftsform, welche persönliche Freiheit anderen Interessen unterordnet und als rechts bezeichnet werden kann, in den Sinn. Nein, nein, so etwas gibt es nicht. Alles nur freie Marktwirtschaft und freie Liebe und freie Kunst und freie Presse und freie Wahlen dort wo die rechten Ideologien herrschen.

>> No.13983130

You don't know what either of those terms mean.

>> No.13983141

Du verschwendest deine Zeit. That guy is not german and never was.

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The lolbert appears

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People who shit on taxation are exactly those sub IQ 85 people you are crying about.

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can you read whats on knoch's apartment window? or you will pretend that you're illiterate?

>> No.13983167


That's not his apartment You fucking idiot. He's been posting this shit as a joke BECAUSE he isn't leftist.

>> No.13983168

That's the inner courtyard of a place with about 45 flats.

>> No.13983170

Brown shoes don't go with that suit

>> No.13983172

fuck off


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now you just making excuses /pol/. yeah you guys are really that retarded. Ok dude.

reported I hope you losers get banned since you guys have no life getting banned from 4chan does affect you emotionally you will have one of those days where you contemplate suicide due to loneliness due to having no escapism (again). lol fuck newfags man

>> No.13983187

Look how it shrieks away in anger and confusion.

>> No.13983190

You could argue that it's unempathetic to not want your resources redistributed to others, but not low IQ.

You can't just say things you don't like are low IQ. When I said low IQ I specifically meant low IQ - as the studies show. You could argue the merits of IQ testing, but that is a different conversation.

>> No.13983204
File: 64 KB, 638x558, 12C8F2FB-46CA-4406-81E3-E8010EBC9AB3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

newfag detected

/fa/ has regularly used fascist inspo and joked about how Jewey and numale the industry is. Knoch is worshipped for his milspo and Third Reich aesthetics, boot threads have been daily for 6 years, skinheads and undercuts started here 3 2 years before they became mainstream. At some point, every oldfag here had a "Hitler Youth" cut.

You 15 year old autistic fucks who just discovered you get a pat on the back if you say something politically correct and Punch Le Nazis on tumblr or leddit shit up every thread by acting like self elected hall monitors and prefects telling people off for using mean words or making reference to something you read was bad on Vice. If you don't like something, piss off, and take your edgy commie larping and terrible taste with you.


>> No.13983213

Ok 'dude'. Since you are too much of a faggot to actually ask him I'll do it myself.

>> No.13983219

Well, you have a very interesting concept of leftism. I recommend you start reading the Sezession, an excellent left-wing journal from Germany. Perhaps you would fit in well with the Identitäre Bewegung, a left-wing youth movement that is always happy to welcome intelligent young men like you.

>> No.13983251
File: 84 KB, 900x1600, 78146df7-fbd6-4396-979b-0389ce7438a0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stop confusing him.

Here you go.

>> No.13983266


>> No.13983271

National socialism shares elements of both the left and the right, idiot

>> No.13983280

Exactly and that's why this idiot doesn't understand it. It doesn't fit his binary world view.

It's NATIONAL (Right wing, conservative, patriotism, human idealism) SOCIALISM (Taxes, health care systems since the kaisers time, support for the poor and the working class)

>> No.13983289

Proletaryan ;)

>> No.13983291

now ask him are you a nazi? why you don't do that /pol/ why so half assed?

>> No.13983293

>Anti-statist and pro-worker axioms are exclusive to the left
Low IQ spotted

>> No.13983297

because no one claimed he was a nazi

>> No.13983299

Influence does not prove Hegel a leftist. You haven’t read Hegel, and certainly not Fichte.

>> No.13983302

military inspired.
formal (straight up wearing a suit when called for).

Make sure your fits aren't too baggy (looks sloppy) or too tight (looks gay/left wing).

Whenever possible by from brands that are made in North America or Europe. If on a tight budget go to white-owned vintage stores.

>> No.13983305

That quotation denotes a right-of-center brand of the ethics of government. You need to read the works of the authors you brutalize.

>> No.13983306

Fuck Hegel, fuck Fichte, fuck Nationalism and FUCK jannies

t. MS

>> No.13983309

hegel is cool

>> No.13983312

THIS is the idol of /fa/?

>> No.13983314


>> No.13983316


>> No.13983317


He's not a leftist period. Fuck off now with your stinking ass back to where you came from you pretend-german

>> No.13983321
File: 488 KB, 1180x1920, tumblr_pf9upgSp3X1rvhwhbo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This thread is shit

>> No.13983323

And Hamann is way cooler. Hegel was an idealist not only ontologically and epistemologicallly speaking but also in the colloquial sense. Like Kant he expected too much from humanity, (so much so that one could say he didn’t “know” man) and generally ignored the problems brought about by conferring power inferior peoples. With such an abundance of inferior people now, is it any wonder that Hitler was the last Hegelian hero to ever live? and may indeed be the last?

>> No.13983324
File: 19 KB, 399x384, 1541965541980.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>using penultimate incorrectly

>> No.13983334

>that pic

They all have the fluoride stare :v

>> No.13983338
File: 421 KB, 812x1440, knoch eating.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kill yourself 'dude'. You've been crying on and on about how he is a leftist and when you hear it directly from him you backpedal and want me to ask him if he's a nazi. Fuck you kid. He's been very clear on the fact that he detests modern degeneracies. You didn't understand Jünger or the concept of the anarch at all. Knoch is right leaning, existing in an overly left society without having it influence him and without labeling himself a nazi.

>> No.13983341

naaah. something tells me you're not telling me all the truth /pol/ always hides shit they're unironically the literal jews they blame in character and personality.

I'm very sure especially now that he is a brand name, a designer he isn't comfortable by being posted by literal nazis worshiping him. I'm going to talk with him about all that but in due time I don't like bothering a homie his friends circle speaks for itself. He is friends with a gender queer guy who makes camo jackets, etc, etc.

I mean it's not like this will stop /pol/ from shitposting everywhere banning them does but still something interesting to know.

>> No.13983351



You said he was a leftist, he said he isn't.

Fucking ask him yourself. You are full of shit until you post a screenshot ITT of yourself asking him.

Just because he has gay friends doesn't mean he can't be a nazi either you dumb binary thinking robot fuck.

>> No.13983352

>detests modern degenerates
>has gay and queer friends
lol ok dude

>> No.13983371

Who? Literally who?

If you start listing other tripfags from 4chan you could not be fucking reaching any more.

You've never actually talked to the guy before if all you post is conjecture based on what you see on fucking 4chan of all places.

Just because he treats people of different types with respect doesn't mean he has to condone what they do in their private space.

>> No.13983381

>there were no gays and transvestites before 2018

How out of touch(retarded) are you?

>> No.13983383

You will find many people with queer and coloured friends in all parts of the new right. I mean, it's literally 2019. Rightwingers of today is hip, cool and progressive. The difference between the left and right today is that the right is strictly anticolonial and keen on preserving the diversity of peoples all around the world while the left is hellbent on eradicating all cultural and ethnic differences and turning the globe into a European social-liberal colony of brownish-grey slave humans worshipping their god Science.

Are you saying that all queers are degenerates? You're a shitlord desu and you should go back to /pol/

>> No.13983394

This. I’m a Eco-Fascist and I have a Paki and a half jew half Chinese friend. Also a faggot. You can still be civil and friendly even if you have political aims.

>> No.13983395

This is the dumbest post of all the garbage you have posted in this thread today.

>> No.13983414
File: 118 KB, 550x416, mussolini550.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

couldn't she save us all the effort and get 'nothing about me is interesting' tattoo'd on her forehead

>> No.13983427
File: 1.49 MB, 2112x2813, 695C1325-375B-4B96-A798-52F13B21B8DE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.13983438

Why can't the right make good threads?

>> No.13983446

because the left comes in and ruins them, like everything else

>> No.13983448


>> No.13983449

Good. Right wing fags should face opposition wherever they go.

>> No.13983455

It triggers them how popular leftism is getting and it's really all thanks to them no joke but /pol/ makes more enemies than friends every time. I unironically think that the anti-social disorder is high in their board.

>> No.13983457
File: 182 KB, 800x1236, F10CA6CE-0908-4DAD-8959-E7F8356ED75F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not much opposition so far

>> No.13983459

Ah man, you really showed those fascists, huh? Alinsky taught you well.

Maybe you can take some zany screenshots and post them to /r/chapotraphouse and they'll let you into their secret discord that requires you to take a 120 question exam where you must swear your allegiance to the Party

>> No.13983463

Can't we all just unite in our love of Knoch and of being an Anarch and stuff? :^)

>> No.13983464
File: 28 KB, 128x125, 519896343968481300.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chapo is gay and I don't know who Alinsky is.

>> No.13983468

hitler is such a brainlet

>> No.13983470

It's actually the other way round. Leftism is declining in the new generations thanks to (ugh) pewdiepie and the like

>> No.13983477

This. The right wing is very successful on youtube

>> No.13983479


>> No.13983481

You mean how popular it had gotten over the course of the past 50 years. Youths today are becoming much more right-wing and lefties to them represent the decadent old order of yesteryear that is desparately trying to cling to its power.

>> No.13983498


>> No.13983505
File: 639 KB, 1280x1393, 75EA7FFD-3768-4662-B951-2AE56972B909.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.13983515

Their arguments first attack character (see the first thread),

Their arguments move to an apathetic, "meh, you're no longer worth my time".

Meanwhile, they are fucking livid inside and it strengthens their hatred of the other side.

It's how we get freakouts like this:


It's just years and years of pentup hatred from too much social media.

>> No.13983520

Me in the video lol

>> No.13983541


>> No.13983574

Why does vice send this frail cuck everywhere

>> No.13983615


>> No.13983623

God bless Mosley

>> No.13983657
File: 369 KB, 986x1210, C81D293B-D4BB-4BDA-9F7D-D85333D3BB17.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

don’t support the (((fashion industry))). wear linen, wool and leather. don’t wear cotton or any synthetic material. make sure your clothing is entirely handmade. don’t support (((textile factories))).

>> No.13983662

Where the heck does one buy these high waisted sweaters

>> No.13983664

This is unrealistic and radical but good advice.

>> No.13983666

Stay mad faggot

>> No.13983673

w2c pants?

>> No.13983692

You tell me dude, Ive had off-white fabric to sew the skull on for a year now and all the sweaters I find are cheap and thin

>> No.13983697

Richard Spencer has some good fashion though desu

>> No.13983701

Literally reddt though

>> No.13983717

A nigger mugging and stabbing? Whoa

>> No.13983722

Who the fuck is this cringe cunt? JFC this is abominable.

>> No.13983730

I think he sold them on tumblr a while ago.

>> No.13983745

okay armchair fashionista

you go and judge a guy by one single fit with 1000+pics over almost a decade of content

>> No.13983747

>this faggot spamming pictures of himself like an absolute autist

>> No.13983751

Damn. What's the guy's name?

>> No.13983757
File: 48 KB, 168x345, guess ill die.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be me
>have a factory
>make clothing from locally sourced wool
>use human operated machinery to spin wool and sew clothing
>employ a couple dozen good men and women to manufacture and sell
>love my employees
>love my community
What have I done wrong?

>> No.13983765
File: 2.65 MB, 935x1226, 1461204586063.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The only guide you need

>> No.13983770
File: 103 KB, 1280x841, 1461183853227.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13983774


>> No.13983911


>> No.13983934

Marx was literally older than Engels.

>> No.13983949

That's a sick shirt, no lie

>> No.13983960

he's pretty well-spoken

>> No.13983969
File: 170 KB, 719x719, 53c6d561-6126-48ed-981f-a4552df85ad2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13984012

yes they are. the right wing is intrinsically anti-worker. read a book nigger

>> No.13984016

The individualist right is anti worker. The collectivist right isn’t.

>> No.13984018

Do you know what NSDAP stands for nigger?

Guess not

>> No.13984038

*-**-Welcome to the T H I R D position-**-*

>> No.13984067

Any idea where you can buy those slavic nationalist t shirts?

>> No.13984070

It's funny because he might have just realised that he isn't as much of a leftie anymore as he once thought he was.

>> No.13984085

he never was

>> No.13984105
File: 213 KB, 1280x940, dead kike storage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13984113

Buzzcut, thinspo and baggy top? Effay as fuck

>> No.13984118

Meant for

>> No.13984137

a board filled with frail weak men interested in "fashion" is mostly left wing

what a surprise

>> No.13984141

This thread is filled with one left wing faggot and the rest is something else

fuck off nigger

>> No.13984146

And even the one leftie is actually a cryptofascist sleeper

>> No.13984150
File: 16 KB, 214x297, Unbenannt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anyone got the source for this painting?

>> No.13984154
File: 338 KB, 648x644, hmmm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13984171
File: 46 KB, 622x394, Unbenannt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol mfw
anyway thanks i guess

>> No.13984184

It's funny how little this image says. Literally "Cry me a river, you white losers!"

>> No.13984200

10/10 fit

>> No.13984205
File: 437 KB, 380x574, whiterexDELET.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Depends on Where you live. If you live in Europe, Brands like white rex, Beloyar and Rusich might easily be availiable from your countries local nationalist store. If you are in NA I know that R.A.M. has a "The Right Brand" Store online where they bring White Rex stuff in. But it's all sold out right now, they might refill it in the future:

>> No.13984229

hahahaaha you guys are all fucking losers are you actually discussing politics on a fashion board? youre all going to forget this when you wake up tomorrow and nothing will have changed

>> No.13984250
File: 171 KB, 580x580, fascist gf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13984326





Look, it's the samefag with the same words!

>> No.13984696


Sounds pro worker to me.

>> No.13984728

Baldies like him are perfect for the bat. Literally a new baseball that I can't wait to crack open and lick the sweet juices off the bat.

>> No.13984735
File: 190 KB, 960x720, 8ix0a51gdxq01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why the fuck is it that the only thing women can contribute to any culture is their body. literally every thread i see about specific subjects there is always a post of these culture vultures using sex appeal to give them some kind of value in said community.
usually they know jackshit about the topics and just use entry-level imagery to signpost their own """individuality""".
are women even capable of forming their own identity?
>pic related

>> No.13984745


>> No.13984749

You men created these standards. Maybe if you guys let off a bit they will.

>> No.13984751

>bin laden is behind them
>fucking planes going towards his head

>> No.13984763

men created standards that women should be free from consumerist ideologies and have enough culture to form their own identify
women perpetuated the idea and used their sexual appeal to advertise to weak men that the only thing they can offer is cheap sex
its easier to look the part than actually BE the part so women settle for the former because their views on what they believe they should be are so skewed by their own faux paus perception of reality

>> No.13984780

the girl in your pic is wearing a hoodie and blue jeans, how the hell is she trying to use sex appeal to do anything? shes not even that good looking in the first place lol
it could just as easily be a dude in your pic and im sure you wouldnt say a thing

I dont know why virgins try to blame every issue they have with society on women. Like if we were on a different part of the internet, tumblrina type place, im sure people would be bringing up the same issue but blaming it on a completely different group of people
"why are the only females that get any attention in man dominated niche subcultures the ones that show off their body and create some sort of sexual appeal?" or some other dumb victim sounding agenda

alt-right, and sjw's are 2 sides of the same coin. people who think they are special snowflakes in a world against them, blaming their problems on any group that doesnt support there twisted beliefs
in the real world both are made fun of equally.

>> No.13984794

Its basically

If you hate women so much why aren't you gay?

>> No.13984812

a guy wouldnt pose like that, if he wanted people to know he listened to a band like death grips he would discuss the music not attach them to his image for social media.
not a virgin, i just dont fuck women outside of a proper relationship cause im not a dumb fuck who only wants cheap sex out of boring uninteresting women
im not against women, just these women who use their body as the precipice for their identity. what the fuck ever happened to modesty
my sister pretends to be an artist and posts matisse, magritte and any other "quirky" artist to her social media platform daily because she has no actual identity and needs to fill it with something else so she just takes what other people have legitimate interests in and attaches them to her own image. she doesnt know jackshit about the frames or history of art.
the both of you have misconstrued my message. i have nothing against women, just jezebels and sirens

>> No.13984818

I bet you're middle class and white because that specific group has no culture or individuality whatsoever.

>> No.13984820

lower midclass latvian, but i can understand where youre coming from

>> No.13984834

Lmao @ you mr internet tough guy

>> No.13984847

are you baiting?
shes sitting down with a middle finger lol
If you honestly think anything deat grop girl is doing is sexy or out of the ordinary, than you prob pop nose bleeds when you a girl walks bye your middle school classroom.
Do you not think dudes have social media accounts where they share their interests?
They do.....
Every time I get on facebook to message my dear grandparents, I have to deal with gross ass dudes I went to highschool with posing by their dirt bikes, images of their favorite vid games in a stack, shitty ass metal or country music memorabilia, dumb tattoos of of their favorite hunting brands.
even in death grips, which im a big fan of conincidentally, you see dudes attention whoring all the time with tattoos, posing by places deat grop has done music videos, and more.
Like you and i do not live in the same world

as for your sister, I dont know why you think that is a trait specific or more common in women. Your describing like 90% of people. NPC is a meme for a reason

>i have nothing against women, just jezebels and sirens
>the only thing women can contribute to any culture is their body
kay pal

idk man, im drunk and rambling, sorry
have fun in latvia

>> No.13984889

dw bruv im drunk and rambling too, which i can say contributes to how i have poorly worded my arguments. i did not mean to attribute womens sexuality into the way i spoke about death grips girl but i only wished to use her as an example of signposting individuality, which i can argue is more prevalent in women, but is also found in cases of men.
here i wish to concisely express myself as i would a sober mind (apologies for reusinig words);
>entities lacking inherent cultural independence and virtuous personality traits often rehash entry level imagery pertaining to the aesthetic values they wish to attract.
>regardless of sex, cultural identity has degraded so far so that perceivable character has become nothing less than an advertisement purely for sexual relief due to the ever present ambient pornography hyper engrained into modern society

>> No.13984896
File: 177 KB, 1024x682, the power of pol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13985441

OP here

Just came back to this thread and I am loling

>> No.13985442

kill yourself

>> No.13985455
File: 493 KB, 1600x1323, Adolf Hitler Arthur Kannenberg Harz mountain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13985457
File: 381 KB, 540x410, 87YqqhUISyvDMPhUqruD6Pf8wsXf2iUfPtiO-j5C7hk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13985472

it's a pretty funny thread desu

>> No.13985537

You talk like a fucking cringey retard lol

>> No.13985577

Either whites will reproduce with them in which case you can't do anything because it's their personal choice. Or, whites will produce less children, in which case they are themselves to blame.

>> No.13985603

>you can't do anything about people's personal choices
>laws and borders are voluntary
>behavior is independent of culture
I get individualism as a political orientation with a specific goal but you should realize that it's not a valid way to see the world. People are not individuals, they are social beings.

>> No.13985649

Who makes this ? I wanna see more

>> No.13985741

I read that and did a doubletake, but after looking at the image I actually agree with you. Well said.

>> No.13985755

>collectivist right
nearly all nationalist movements of the 19th century were socialist or incorporated socialist ideas in their propaganda. The whole point of nationalism is a collective identity on ethnicity, not class. An X nationalist prefers poor X to rich Y.

>> No.13985762

Either kurds will reproduce outside of their group which is their choice, or they will have fewer children and will die out. If you point out that these conditions are manufactured in a way that gets rid of Kurds, it kind of sounds like genocide.

>> No.13985770
File: 71 KB, 536x794, shitler.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13985787

there's quotes of Hitler proclaiming himself a christian and there's quotes of Hitler saying christianity is a weak religion invented by Jews to pacify whites. Quotes taken out of historical context are meaningless. I'm not saying Hitler was a marxist but you can look at similar nationalist movements in hungary, poland, czech, france, romania at the time and you will see what nationalism means.

>> No.13985891

I'm talking about these tards that claim "Muh Superior White race about to end"

>> No.13985969
File: 129 KB, 901x1200, DSz08-yXUAEGlnr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you Dick, very cool!

>> No.13985990

You need to actually delegitimize the equivalence. We know already that you don't like white people and it's no shock that you don't hate kurds. It's just not an argument.

>> No.13985994

Man, now I wish I had something to cover the head of my own Dick.

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