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i know you guys love these

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fuck off to >>>/tumblr/

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calm down and pick a gf

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the one that has the biggest ass

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all bad

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is this some kind of "I'm 15 and I'm a quirky individualist and an artist" type of shit?

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basically /fa/

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>i know you guys love these
where did you get this impression?

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I'm almost 40 and therefore old enough to enjoy these unironically now. Post more if you want, I'll look at them and smirk while smoking my pipe and reading the obituary section of the local newspaper. Ah, the smell of recycled paper!

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-.- wtf

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because of the response it got last time

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nice tee actually.

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it's a 50/50 split of utterly based and utterly shit

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if you are a 15yr old girl

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w2c t-shirt?

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But everyone carried Smith & Wesson revolvers

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i choose to be gay

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What’s the point of the others if you don’t spend any time with them?

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pick a bf (or outfit)

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>tfw polyvore is dead and you can't share your moodboards

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these are literally the same guy

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based and thiccpilled

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>le suicidal ∪w∪ dude I'm like so depressed xD
Absolutely ruined

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why stop at the 80s? no 70s boys, too old for you hmmm ;^) Ah the innocence of youth

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I need more Neofolk, the ambiguity feeds me

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anyone know where to cop that flannel

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There's nothing ambiguous about you. You're just an edgy loser.

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What if my fingers are actually always cold?

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I like these. The combination of folk, nature, and a hint of militarism are great

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this aesthetic has a name, neofolk

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do people in the usa actually dress like in these pictures?

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neofolk is almost as bad a larp as terrorwave

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No, the dorks who claim they dress like this are just pretending on the internet because they think it makes them look cool.

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to be fair its a music genre not a fashion style. the image is really just making fun of a specific person that goes by Death in June

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I know what it's supposed to be but it's still pushed on here every day as some sort of major lifestyle

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This, I'm pretty sure /fa/ is the most underage board

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W2c sweater

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You might have diabetes or something

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Unfortunately I have come to realize this, especially with the dumbass drain gang shit

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Cringe but Simone then Olivia.

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What is it about these that make me cringe so damn hard?

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Never seen something so gay and autistic at the same time

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>Never seen something so gay and autistic at the same time
Truly peak effay

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>when irl I could've had all these 3 and chose none

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Probably the fake dramatic tumblr-esque quotes. That's literally what these are, shitty quotes with random le qwerkee xD stuff and art hoe clothes.

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so The House of the Devil then

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I want to fall in love with Olivia. <3

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>80s boy
Is it like a 50 years old sugar daddy?

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These remind me of those I Spy books from the 90s. Very nostalgia-inducing.

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metalhead wannabe musician
love 88mm tortex myself tho

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the real cringe is your namefagging

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is neofolk the new "uwu born in le wrong generation"?

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>tfw no gf like that

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surprised to see this16 yr old girl instagram cringe on here

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Simone then Olivia

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There's typically a cross-street of major urban centers (usually ex gay hubs. Ashbury, Montrose, Greenwich, etc.) that support a contingent of unemployed, kept children of petty bourgeoisie. They like to pretend to be movie and book characters, dressing in costumes and trying to cover up the fact that they spent all their lives in upper-middle class suburbs, and receive checks from their parents. These are your "art hoes".

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Probably associated with the hacker known as "4-Chan".

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What pants are those?

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