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I finally got my bed after 8 weeks of waiting! Post pictures of your apartment/room/house

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literal faggot

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i fuccs wit that

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i likey

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projector is so based, also what bed?

kinda reminds me of this pic

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upgrade desk family

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yeah, ikr, i love my projector. The bed is from a swedish site..


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Can i live with you guys?

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i like it small, i dont need a bigger one desu

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This is nice

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Is there a good site for apartment/living space inspo? I need to really redo my apartment, its nowhere near where i want it to be

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I don’t like that couch >:(

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this reminds me of the main character's apartment in high fidelity

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I feel like you need a better stand for that projector, like a nice tall stool, and maybe a proper bedside table to keep things like that laptop off the floor, but that's just me.

> squashed cushion

I had my mattress on the floor at my old apartment and it got so gross so quick. Get a frame, even just a simple slat like OP, and you'll be happier. Or go full Japan and get a futon to roll out.

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Your apartment is gay af.

Nowhere to put my head against. Desk has space for NOTHING

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w2c bed stand?

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imagine liking to live under construction

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>using hdd as a coaster
weird flex but ok

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a lil messy and not perfect but here's my living room

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Best lightbulbs for comfy ambient lighting? Or does it more depend on location and the type of lamp?

Where do you guys get your home decor from? I’m in desperate need of a decent floor lamp. Pic related I guess

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Too much stuff on the walls, but pretty cozy nonetheless

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what should i do if i have bed bugs?

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>i'm gay btw teehee

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Slap 'em

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Throw mattress away

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Is 33sqm too small for a one bedroom apartment?

I need to move out and the housing market is out of control

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How much per month?

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$200K AU

So I think about <$1K/month home loan.

The idea is to live there for something like 2-5 years then move somewhere else and rent that out.

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based, I would mount the projector to the ceiling and push the bed way to the wall. That way you can sit upright and and rest your back against it.

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Definitely! I haven't really got time to do so yet - since both bed & projector are new!

I´ve seen your apartment a few times here, its sweet af!

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thanks m8

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having a ton of plants in your living space looks aesthetic and comfy but i find its not that fun in practice

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with a room like that ur only option is to go fullblown gay

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no axolotl/10

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my front room

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That's why you go with fake plants.

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want to know how i know you're British?

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>fake plants

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What's the problem? They can look like the real ones without having to water them and attracting insects.

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the whole appeal of plants is that they are alive. If you want an interior deterioration piece get a sculpture or something.

They change and adapt to your space.

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epic, based

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But the appeal to me is the green.

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get real plants feggit

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Remove that lamp at once. God, they're so fucking ugly

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How can 'muricans even compete? Looks comfy

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>buying something that will eventually die
>not percieving everything as the same

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let me bet you are an american

>implying they will die if you are not an idiot

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Pay me. You're extremely off.
And they would die in the climate I live in for sure.

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guys literally live in an apartment like this and see no problem

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Small room, ikea furniture etc.

I've only lived here a few months so haven't bought much stuff

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that looks pretty minimalist and comfy
i dont see the problem with it

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Lots of plants here. Caring for them is quite easy, even if you have many all around your house like I have.

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more pics brôther

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Don't listen to the materialist mutt. Less is more
What's your favorite plant sp?

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Highly /fa/

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>l-less is more!

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No matter how much stuff you buy, it won't fill the void inside your hollow self. You need to change your approach to life, anon. All the best

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Yeah, this isn't /comfy/ enough for me. It's definitely cool, but I would constantly feel like I'm in someone else's place.

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Why do people think oversaturating shit = good decoration?
It’s literally the opposite

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This is cool, but I agree with the floor lamp comment. It looks like a tit.
Can you post more pics of your fish tank? What's in it?

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How do you water the balcony plants and how long does it take?

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I like it, but it needs plants. The room just feels bare.

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The only options in 2018 are oversaturated shit or a drab gray prison cell.

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Just to push I needed to clean up today.
Thanks anon.

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So that is around $140k US for 355 square feet. Is that normal for Australia? I pay $990 US ($1400 AU) for 1200 square feet (111 square m).

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>sutter home
I see you. Don't ask me how I know that's the chardonnay.

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Those cords on the floor are giving me conniptions. Do you have a death wish? Put a rug over it or something.

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>white walls
>mattress and shit on the floor
when will this meme die?

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axolotl and white clouds

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That's cool as fuck.

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Lovely. Can you grace us with some close-ups?

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You can watch movies on white walls, you know.

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nom nom

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This is really cool. Love that they have large external gills because of still water.

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love the projector - I'd say get a screen, but it might take away from the aesthetic lol. Really like the bed too, whole room is real good. If I were you I'd get some big pillows and rugs so its comfy to sit around on the floor

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Wholesome, thanks man

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anything close to Melbourne / Sydney is where the prices are insane.

For a 2-3 bedroom house/unit they go for about $400+ in the suburbs

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A mí tambien me gusta Tycho

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I'd have to object to your bed on one detail: you'd always accidently hit you feet or ankles on the frame. Other than that it looks good, but you need a solution for that

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Got you friend


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cool. what's the projector? how's the latency like??

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I been thinking about a screen, since the wall has alot of texture in it.. but, as you say,that would damage the aesthic in the room. That idea about mats & pillows isnt such halfbad idea!

So far - haven´t happend once ;)

viewsonic px747-4k - It might be some milliseconds but nothing i personally can notice. So for me the latency is zero to none. I bought it with intention to play games on - all reviews says its perfect for that.

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Why does everyone on /fa/ sleep on a mattress on the floor?

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dude space all your wall decorations are just sitting in clusters
spread it out, remove negative space

>> No.13966064


PH lamps are pretty popular around here, indirect light only so comfy af

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dude this legit looks like some future dystopian black mirror shit with no colour

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>So for me the latency is zero to none
Some people say they don't even notice the latency on LCD panels, from what you say it could be as high as 5ms...

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Tried to treat my bed, and personally it was a bust, especially when they spread to other areas. Just throw out the mattress, dude. It'll save you a big headache. Spray down and clean the bed frame, vacuum the fuck out of the room, and do this continually until you no longer see signs of bedbugs, then replace the bed. I hope you have somewhere to sleep in the meantime.

Why haven't you researched this?

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good points my friends i will see what i can do and will report back should mention i have a roommate though, so this is shared living space
thank u

soulless desu
put some plants on the coffee table in front of the mirrors and something above the tv or some blankets just something
the mattress isn't on the floor though?

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Yeah, maybe? But i paid over 1 grand for it so should perform well - also - if you wanna play competitive game - you wouldnt want a big screen as this anyway to play on, rather a 144hz. I´ve one, and i dont notice any latency difference between them

>> No.13967743

That probably has more to do with persistence than refresh rate.

If you put a 200hz lcd next to your 144hz lcd, I can guarantee you will see the difference.

But that isn't latency. Just because you are at 200hz doesn't mean you have 1/200th of a second response time... Not to be pedantic, but it's not the same thing. Even 1ms is incredibly noticeable, especially when added to your input chain. Maybe because the refresh rate is low you don't even notice the shit latency.

But yeah, if you play competitive you will get a 144hz 1ms lcd or 160-240hz 0ms crt.

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Lol is that fucking Martin from Double Toasted?

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A shorter bed makes the room look bigger. It looks better in a big room. Also bed frames are like $50. Fuck it. I need one for my L E V E L S though

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The leaves look really healthy. Do you spray them with distilled water? I've heard that gives them a better shine.

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>Also bed frames are like $50.
You're on the board where people drop 1000 USD for an outfit, and you're worried about a 50 dollar bed frame? I'd say that 50 bucks is worth not getting dust and shit all over your bed.

>> No.13969303

>He waited 8 weeks for some 2x4s and a few 8x2s
Literally why?

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Haha really, that's like $100 of wood, screws, and stain

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Nice apt OP.
Did you make that bed stand yourself?
Also what kind of matress is that?

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I'd be too worried about cracking my toe or shin against the bed.

>> No.13970017

>i'll light a candle but not stand my books up, tee hee

Sometimes things are a little too staged.

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Which type of woods does /fa/ recommend to have? Mixing them in diffrent furniture makes the whole thing look kinda off in a way. Right now I use beech for most of it. But its a pain to find nowadays.

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There's a hole in your table.

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>mattress on the floor?
thats all poor fags can afford.

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my favorite wood is purple heart

Teak. mahogany and maple are also great

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I wish we could have just a single one of these threads without them being shitted up by fucking HomeGoods tier garbage

>> No.13971293

Bit cluttered for my tastes but very nice

>> No.13971314

show your room faggot

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then why don't you post something 'good' you whinging cunt

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What is it with le artsy hipster fashion fags and having a mattress on the ground as a bed? Is it supposed to be some trendy bohemian thing where it looks like you don't care or something. Sleeping so low to the ground fucking sucks and it looks stupid.

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>> No.13973161

as someone that has slept on construction pallets for 2 years let me tell you the aesthetic isn't worth it. Being low to the ground is nice but the back pain isn't.

Also people will tell you it looks cool but they actually just think its sad.

>> No.13973164

Garbage mid century shit + meme chair. Tasteless use of furniture.

Garbage spot for a bed. Would be a bitch to get out of if two people are sleeping there + it should be facing the door. Shelves right on top of the bed make what is already stupid worse.

Pretty cool design but honestly looks more like a period piece set for a TV show or movie. Going full mid century or full any era in 2019 looks too contrived and most of the time suggests the owner is a massive douche who is absolutely dying for someone to comment on it when they enter the room.

Shitty couches but decent overall. Those shelves look stupid. Get rid of them and replace the TV for something bigger.

Pretty cool. Shitty office/workstation and shitty chair.

Nice. Looks cozy. I hope you paint or do some type of art otherwise that paint covered bedside table would be stupid. De-clutter it.

Dumb meme consumer whore shit.

Dumb meme consumer shit. Literally just a record hoarder.

Pretty cool.




Meme shit. Putting anything that requires maintenance in your room like fish tanks and plants is retarded.

Clean your room, dilettante.

Reddity meme plants. Fuck off.

Soulless basic shit. 1/10. At least it's clean and presentable.

Imagine the smell.


Everything is squared and the colors suck. It looks stupid and unappealing. This room shows that whoever designed it has absolutely zero creativity.

Late 20s artsy cat mom blogger core. No one probably wants to date you.

Painting as a coffee table is contrived and cringe.

Put your bed on a fucking frame and buy a bookshelf you faggot. You aren't a lost generation writer living in early 20th century Paris or a struggling painting prodigy. You probably work a garbage wagie job.

>> No.13973167

Cozy. Shit couch.


Remove the plant, otherwise nice.

Looks nice.

Very nice, but le mattress on floor looks stupid as fuck.

>That frame.

>> No.13973229

The setup makes a nice first impression with all the minimalism and clean lines. Having to move that setup would leave some nasty holes in the walls and floors from all those weight supporting screws. The speakers are way too close for any proper stereo listening.

>> No.13973256

This is the only room I like so far. Every other room looks like it is trying too hard is trying to be like that girl that poses with her leg up

>> No.13973260

why are you so salty

>> No.13973263

i am literally so fucking jealous i desire a NEETpad
_ dis close to dropping out of skewl and selling the boipus

>> No.13973271

Le artsy slob

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Do you still have all of the /mu/ meme albums on the wall?

Sweet appartement though. Is that an aquarium on the left?

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I have a high ceiling and a plant hanging from it. I have to risk my life every time I water it. I have to lay down a towel, stand on on a table, on my toes (sketchy af) and even then I barely reach it.

Then it rains for an hour.

Worth it though, I get amazed comments every time.

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this will save your life anon, i have trailing plants coming from the ceiling beams and this is the best thing for it

>> No.13973370

There are 326 million people in the USA, stop being a moron.

>> No.13973375

What are some good places to look for inspiration? I'm very new to this.

>> No.13973460

ID on mouse?

>> No.13973570

it's the exact same plant in every lamp

>> No.13973699

>Painting as a coffee table is contrived and cringe.
it's a mirror :^)

>> No.13973790

id on plant?

>> No.13973885

Eat my shorts go look at an ikea catalogue you fucking goober

>> No.13973890

My only issue is that coffee table in need of some TLC. A cleaning and a bit of polish or wax would make it gorgeous. Also, cute doggo.

>> No.13973966

how is a room supposed to look asshole??
why don´t you teach us.

>> No.13974743

>Grandma's house core

Imagine the smell

shitty couch





>> No.13974907

jeebus, that's retarded. Hang that thing lower so you can reach it and water it over the sink.

>> No.13974935

>I’m rich
>but insecure

That seems to be a trend

>> No.13974941

mx master

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>> No.13975060

Cyberpupper is based

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>> No.13975146

>""""apartment""""" is just a bedroom
>foam mattress on piece of plywood
>cant even lock his bicycle outside
>probably doesn't even have a driver's license.
>paying around $1500/mo for a single room

Cities. Not even once.

>> No.13975169

its okay, just doesnt seem like a lot of thought was put into it. comes with time, try adding a plant or some personal shit you care about

>> No.13975174

one of the only apartments that actually look lived in

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my indoor plant game is the worst in the thread, but my lease is up soon anyways. o well

always liked this 1 even though its filled to the brim with random shit

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>> No.13975219

there is no work in the rural area or fast internet, or tools to make your personal projectos or FASHION. lol fuck off hillybilly go fuck your sister you primitive fuck.

>> No.13975556

>coping because you cant afford to move out of your shitty hometown

>> No.13975559

>double bed
virgin spotted

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File: 341 KB, 1280x1280, 1541290666164.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You got me.

>> No.13975702

Found the building

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>All of the mattress on the floor dickheads in this thread.

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File: 1.46 MB, 2160x1440, bed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.13975725

post your room

>> No.13975735

>white everywhere
Wow you have great taste op

>> No.13975739

Good job fucktard you created an Ikea room
Real original

>> No.13975744

>desperate need OF A FUCKING FLOOR LAMP
I'm in desperate need of money and you're shitting yourself over a lamp. Kill yourself.

>> No.13975777

then get a job you bum

>> No.13975785

Sorry man I live in a fucking shit hole. It's hard to find work here. I need money to buy a lamp goddamnit! If you hate your lamp, lemme have it so I can give it as a birthday present to my daughter.

>> No.13975793

literally why are you on this board

>> No.13975797

I want your shitty fucking lamp

>> No.13975802

hobos browse 4chan what a surprise...

>> No.13975807

I literally lmao when these faggots dont pay tens of thousands of dollars on furniture

>> No.13975826

what function does that green chair by the door serve? looks like a waste of space imo anon

>> No.13975827

To sit on

>> No.13975847

the one next to the tv?

>> No.13975848
File: 1.63 MB, 4128x2322, bst.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

reporting in

>> No.13975864

Any chair

>> No.13975929

>Watches Mad Men once

>> No.13976140
File: 772 KB, 2000x1328, 1523587634854.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13976351


>> No.13976533

>he puts plants in the bedroom
You guys seriously don’t do this right

>> No.13976668


>> No.13977305
File: 454 KB, 541x683, 1481316911682.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

cause I don't like to run out of seats when I have a group of friends over, but I also think it would look better with some plants in it's place...

>3 (?) eames meme chairs

2midcentury4me but still looks comfy and tastefully arranged

>> No.13978110


>> No.13978434

W2c mattress?

>> No.13979494

Sleeping low to the ground won't give you back pain. See a specialist, your old wives tales aren't helping you mate.

>> No.13979554

I hate the way this apartment is constructed

>> No.13979609


Perfect blueprint, my layout would be different though.

>> No.13979612

Oh shit, I'm going there tonight to see a show

>> No.13979614

>Sleeping so low to the ground fucking sucks

Though I believe a mattress needs air circulation under and around it, as you are getting your body perspiration into it over time.
I have an airbed so I don't have to worry about that.

>> No.13979622
File: 88 KB, 500x376, super-dai-galaxy-cosby-gurren-新文加行迎圣月京你学节乐京-948188.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>electric indoor barbecue

>> No.13979626

>not breathing oxygen

>> No.13979629

very nice. what country if i may ask. looks familiar

>> No.13981038

It really bothers me the blinds on your windows aren't horizontal at the bottom

>> No.13981044

>Do you like Huey Lewis And The News?

>> No.13981561

>he doesn’t sleep nude in an oxygen tent that will give him sexual powers

I hope you guys don’t do this

>> No.13981692

Then get a plant that's native to where you live. Start with one and do research on how to take care of it.

>> No.13982188

Should I get a studio apartment?

>> No.13982264

How are people able to get a hold of places like these? In what cities are these apts the most common? What are they even called?

>> No.13983336

This place looks cold. It reeks of exhaustion. It looks like a place you'd crash at completely mentally drained at 3AM.

>> No.13983376


>> No.13983504
File: 122 KB, 500x396, computer-no-computer-sure-would-pass-turings-test-but-lets-1603945.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cole grill indoors

>> No.13983622
File: 144 KB, 1032x688, 1518299398886.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

warehouse lofts if youre a rich cunt

>> No.13983653

>Get rid of them and replace the TV for something bigger.
Do you actually think he lives there? Guy posts like 20 images and you think they are all in the same place and he owns it?

>> No.13984248

wtf i love chomsky now

>> No.13984473

incredibly strange flex

>> No.13984533

i Feel like i have seen this before and I always love it.

>> No.13985396
File: 755 KB, 3090x1010, asddd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Going to probably by pic related table but not sure what kinda chairs to get with it, maybe one of these but still thinking of the colors. Any ideas? Vitra DSW would be dope but currently out of my budget.

>> No.13985438


>> No.13985448

that's one shitty post, the layout itself is cringe

>> No.13985449

he fucks that hole

>> No.13985463

Pretty cool design but honestly looks more like a period piece set for a TV show or movie. Going full mid century or full any era in 2019 looks too contrived and most of the time suggests the owner is a massive douche who is absolutely dying for someone to comment on it when they enter the room.

That's Dexter's apartment, from the show Dexter

>> No.13985688

I live in Denmark so I get no direct sunlight in my apartment most of the year. What are some nice, leafy indoor plants that can cope with this?

>> No.13985703

Fuck all of you and your stupid hipster apartments.

>> No.13985710

This is the only real photo in this thread, literally everyone else is LARPing by taking pics of "fashionable apartments" from google.

>> No.13985807
File: 2.36 MB, 1500x2347, living room (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

put a fluffy carpet on the floor. otherwise looks great
love the plants. I would like to see the room during a day

my living room + desk/ working space in the corner of the room

>> No.13985887
File: 345 KB, 1536x2048, 33146670_1780005218734668_3461353666135457792_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my mini apartment
old pic, i have a bed now

>> No.13986003
File: 70 KB, 755x450, img_home_10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.13986006
File: 16 KB, 400x300, Premium-Tower-Suites-San-Luis-Ejecutivo-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13986038

good taste

nice place if it was furnished

god i cant wait to live somewhere with nice wood floors and big windows

>> No.13986070
File: 93 KB, 755x450, img_home_13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13986076

Nice IKEA chair in the living room. I’m writing this message comfortably seated in one like that.

>> No.13986127

>that speaker placement
You'd think someone autistic enough to have this kind of hi-fi setup would know better.

>> No.13986208
File: 200 KB, 750x990, BF85540A-3632-4405-8587-E9D3C2CB177A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i haven‘t noticed that my room has been posted by someone else before
However here is a Messe recent pic

>> No.13986234

how the fuck do you heat it

>> No.13986260
File: 393 KB, 640x360, Garfield.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13986266

What core is this?

>> No.13986268

I think the rich ass yuppies that have money to rent such a gigantic industrial loft would have enough money to have underfloor heating installed.

Either that they just have the regular heater on full strenght all the time.

>> No.13986270


>> No.13986298

any of you with social anxiety? how do you cope while living with roommates?

>> No.13986352

do you tug dick in your 1000 dollar Eams lounge chair or your speedy, mesh, geeks-on-wheels, computer chair?

>> No.13986439

how can you be poor in switzerland

>> No.13986469

top tier

>> No.13986543

>tfw rural Utah has fiber


>> No.13986582

those look like some good dogs

>> No.13986942

Id blow my brains out living in those four empty walls :)

>> No.13987097

thanks. my aesthetics autism is crazy

>> No.13987104

forgot to change the file name on this one buddy

>> No.13987156

* eames

>> No.13987307

gay flag

>> No.13987323


>> No.13987708


>> No.13987739


>> No.13988241

Fuck the haters this is rad.

>> No.13988567

post your house faggot

>> No.13988647
File: 67 KB, 960x960, bed base.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You could try to do a little diy and hide a bed base in the pallet: you now have the low-to-the-ground-aesthetic but you won't hurt your back.

>> No.13988664

>Mattress on the floor.


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