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I want to design myself a subtle uniform that I can wear and interchange small parts depending on the temperature/weather. Anyone have any experience with this? I just want to have a tiny wardrobe with high quality, long-lasting pieces instead of 6 gazillion different things I never even bother to put on my body. Also fascist inspo general I guess.

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my roommate does this by having similar style pants (not expensive) and he wears hanes undershirts under his nicer shirts so they dont have to be washed as often so they last forever

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I generally do the same thing now. I have a couple of tops I like and just put an undershirt on so I don't have to clean those nicer components often. Of course I have too much time on my hands so I want something that's even more orderly and refined.

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Read on fascism, it is 90% aesthetics

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Pick a metal, a leather color, and neutral fabric colors you like.
Knoch for example uses a lot of olives and mori kei but you might be a goth and go for nazi grey.
For me it was black sharkskin and brass with browns, blacks, and cream fabrics for my core clothing.
The secret to making a consistent uniform look is establishing the accessories that will always be worn like belt, wallet, watch etc.
You dont want mismatched stuff in your pockets just look at EDC autists for inspo.
I personally put brass buttons on everything so i match usually but you can overdo it and look larpy.

Tl;dr Limit your clothing palette to like 3 colors at most and 1 metal, have interchangeable coats that match the core accessories and clothes.

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>mori kei

what are you smoking

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i like this idea

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I personally would come up with a set of like 3 uniforms and slightly change them, this is pretty much what I do it works great

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This is good advice. For me it's:
Shoes: black leather boots or white sneakers
Pants: black jeans (will buy some dark blue ones or grey soon tho)
Top: Right now I wear random t-shirts under a sweater. Black, grey, navy, burgundy, dark green (that's where I vary the most in color)
Jacket: Alternate between a blue bomber with a fleece collar (removable for extra possible variation) and a black denim jacket (might replace for a black leather one If I find one that's not too cringy)

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CuX: we love fascism

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this except i’m moving to brown and brass but have to keep some black/steel for formal wear

do you have any suggestions for what watch to wear with a brown/brass combo?

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colorized version for you fren

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>greasy hair
>retarded pants
why does this image get reposted? don’t you faggots have any taste?

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Im a poorfag I dont have a watch yet or know good brands but I was gonna get chunky solid brass with no leather cause its not as utilitarian, there has to be affordable navy and diver's watches that are brass.
Also the compass and tritium on my keychain glows green so Id try to have green tritium markers on the watch.



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next level

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OP, I've been trying to do the same thing for some time now. The two main problems I stumbled upon are

1) being able to look good in both casual and formal contexts

2) fucking summer

In regards to 1) I am looking to create an extremely casual suit aesthetic, but I am not quite sure yet what to do for the blazer analogue. In regards to 2) summer just leaves very little room to build an outfit around

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I think if you’re going to manage something like this you can’t go too far to a casual/formal extreme

if you wear a polo with a sweater over the top you can just wear the polo in the summer. You can dress up a polo/sweater and you can dress it down but youre going to have trouble dressing down a button up shirt or dressing up a hoodie

henleys are a good option imo, boots are great but sneakers not so much

if you’re going for super casual you might have your work cutout for you

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>march of the chads

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I live in the south at the beach, my solution to this was getting more linen and shorts that look good tucked in. this looks good with polos, button-ups, and a few t-shirts

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I can most def see short ghurka shorts come into style.

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Black mock neck jumper, black shoes and any kind of pants, like this guy>>13938226
but I usually prefer darker colors.

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why has fashion fell apart after the war
now its just full of fuccbois desu

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Yeah it needs to be pretty moderate. The problem is that if you want to go the minimalist route you basically need a base layer, then a jacket, and then a coat that you can move through depending on the climate. But when you wear a jacket below the coat, it needs to be a matching outfit to look good, and for that to be guaranteed all year round it is easiest to go monochromatic: hence the suit aesthetic. Personally I've been considering a kimono jacket, but it's really hard to find something which doesn't look like LARP or is bad quality

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>that minimal, subtle yet powerful captain's uniform
based as fuck

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OP, I basically do this. For summer I wear a pair of dark summer pants with a bright airism T-sleeve above which I wear a dark and rather loose T-shirt. For colder summers I swap out the loose T-shirt for a dark silk shirt.

For autumn & spring I swap out the airism undershirt for a basic heattech one and either wear the dark silk shirt with a dark wool jacket that matches my pants (sort of like this >>13940698) or I swap out the shirt for a pullover when it gets colder, at this point I will also switch the summer pants for a pair of wool pants.

For winter I wear basically the same, but I add a coat, long john's and swap out the heattech shirts depending on how cold it is getting. Also obviously a scarf and gloves as accessories.

I have one pair of shoes for each season and two pieces of clothing for each top (so 2 T-shirts, 2 shirts, 2 pullovers). Pic related, my pullovers look similar in style to this.

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Trash in an otherwise good threads.

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Aquinas spoke of the mythical City on the Hill. Soon that city will be a reality, and we will be crowned its kings, or better than kings: Gods!

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sort of decent

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How do you call these suits or tops/blazers? >>13940698

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I am sad this thread didn't take off, OP. Was interested in seeing some uniforms, esp. how people modify them throughout the seasons.

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if u want to experient with a capsule wardrobe it's probably easiest to start with the basics

i only have 1 type of boxers, socks and black t-shirts to simplify doing the laundry

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